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Games Workshop is the massive British juggernaut of miniature models...while that may seem like an oxymoron, it's true. The company is behind the popular Warhammer Fantasy Battle series along with Warhammer 40,000. It also boasts a licensed Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game along with UK publishing rights for The Call of Cthulhu, RuneQuest and Middle-earth Role Playing.

Games Workshop isn't limited to models though and other the years has released numerous board games including; Dr Who (1980s), Dark Future and Judge Dredd. It's had numerous third parties create computer games based off various Warhammer and 40k stories. On top of that they also have several books and comics based off their series and have entered the film industry with Ultramarines: The Movie and, of course, Space Hulk.

And of course with all this going on it's hard to keep the fans informed so they also publish their own Magazine White Dwarf which currently focuses solely on the core three miniature model series (Warhammer, 40k and LOTR:SBG).

If you're interested in Games Workshop miniatures you can normally expect two things. One; a very friendly (if not nerdy) group of people that will be more than willing to help put together the models, paint the models and then play a game with you and two; having no money. Coupled with their now aggressive stance on Intellectual Property Rights (where before they were quite lax) it has managed to attain a repetition of being, well, evil.

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