Genesis Climber Mospeada

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Genesis Climber Mospeada is an anime science fiction series created by Shinji Aramaki and Hideki Kakinuma. The 25-episode television series ran from late 1983 to early 1984 in Japan. MOSPEADA stands for Military Operation Soldier Protection Emergency Aviation Dive Armor, one of the transformable motorcycle-armors the series features. The other primary mecha featured in the show is the three-form transformable fighter called the Armo-Fighter AFC-01 Legioss, which is somewhat similar in design to the VF-1 Valkyrie variable fighter from The Super Dimension Fortress Macross.

In the 21st century, pollution becomes such a problem that scientists develop the use of hydrogen fuel called "HBT" as an alternative to fossil fuels. Due to overpopulation on Earth, humans have colonized Mars and the moons of Jupiter. In 2050, a mysterious alien race called the Inbit ("Invid" for Robotech watchers) invade the Earth; unable to fight back, humans are driven into a few small pockets of refugees, some of which manage to escape the now-desolate Earth to seek shelter on the moon. The Mars Base sends troops to fight the Inbit, only to fail miserably. The Inbit seem uninterested in other planets, and do not show any hostility unless attacked. However, they can sense the use of HBT, forcing humans to limit the use of the fuel near the Inbit. Now the humans of the Mars Base fight to reclaim their home planet and unravel the secret behind the Inbit invasion, before it is too late for both races.

Tropes used in Genesis Climber Mospeada include: