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"Hello, Dad."

A Doctor's daughter who played the Doctor's daughter and then had the Doctor's daughter. Got that?

Born on 25 December 1984 according to a Doctor Who wiki, this British actress is the daughter of Peter Moffett (better known by his stage name, Peter Davison, he played the Fifth Doctor in Doctor Who) and Sandra Dickinson (Trillian in the TV version of The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy). She has performed alongside her father on a number of occasions. She has absolutely no connection to Steven Moffat (note the "a") other than Doctor Who.

Known among fans of The Bill for her recurring role as Abigail Nixon, wayward daughter of DI Sam Nixon, appearing in 25 episodes. Has made some other drama appearances.

Asked producers to consider her for the role of Rose Tyler in the Doctor Who revival, but they decided she was too young and did not allow her to audition, and the role went to Billie Piper. She did a Big Finish Doctor Who drama before her big appearance in the show proper. She auditioned for a role in "The Unicorn and the Wasp", but the production team had a better idea...

So, in "The Doctor's Daughter", she played Jenny, the Tenth Doctor's 'daughter' (Opposite Gender Clone, to be more precise). She went on to play Cassie in the animated Doctor Who adventure "Dreamland".

Was in the flop that was Spooks: Code 9 and played Lady Vivian in Merlin.

Has a son Tyler, born in 2002. After their daughter Olive was born in 2011, she married David Tennant, the one and only Tenth Doctor. See the top of the page for the Cast Incest induced Mind Screw that ensues.

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