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WWE may have gone PG in 2008 but that hasn't stopped them from pushing the limits every now and then.

  • Santino Marella to Beth Phoenix: "When we were together, I faked every organism!"
  • When Santino tries to do the splits and fails, Beth can be heard screaming "Why there, God! Of all places, why there!"
  • The Divas' Costume Contest at Cyber Sunday 2008 took place just after the PG switch, featuring Kelly Kelly dressed as a sailor saying "I'll let you sail my boat any day" and Tiffany as a nun saying "I will personally take you to heaven".
  • Even before the PG switch Kayfabe brother and sister Paul and Katie Lea Burchill had a debut promo with Katie calling Paul the most beautiful man in the world and Paul saying "it's every brother's dream to make his little sister happy. And whatever Katie wants, Katie gets". The angle got dropped before it could get out of hand.
  • The Jerry Springer segment in 2010 had Kelly Kelly saying she was pregnant but when Santino was sleeping she needed someone to finish the job. And Jerry Springer says to Jerry Lawler, "don't you usually pick up your girls during Recess?" (an Actor Allusion to Lawler's reputation with underage girls).
  • Alicia Fox and Melina actually kissed in front of a PG audience. Ditto for William Regal and Zack Ryder.
  • From another Divas' Halloween costume contest:

AJ: I am a Ninja Turtle.
Matt Stryker: Well you're certainly giving me a splinter.

    • And earlier we have Stryker flirting with Maxine in an Ice Queen costume saying "you can certainly melt that outfit" and Maxine says "do you know what cold water does to a man, Stryker" and Matt then shuffles away with his hands cupped around his area.
  • The NXT kissing contest had Matt Stryker sarcastically say to Kaitlyn "yes, I know this is the first time you ever kissed two people in the same night". Kaitlyn begins wailing "It is! Please believe me!".
    • From the same episode she and Dolph Ziggler get caught making out in an equipment case.
  • During an I Quit match between John Cena and Randy Orton, Cena got handcuffed and Michael Cole remarked "I think he likes it that way".
  • From Triple H, "I'm bi a lot of things but lingual ain't one of em".
  • Holy hell Aksana embodies this trope. She's a Funny Foreigner who likes to show up in Teddy Long's office with some slow jazz music playing while she spouts all sorts of sexual innuendos. The highlights:
    • "Would you like to watch me with twenty men?"
    • "Would you like to do me with business?"
    • "I also know how to ride stick"
    • "Announcing isn't the only thing I can do with my mouth"
    • "I want my first time to be special as well, Teddy Bear"
    • "I only land on black"
    • "Do you need a hand with your job?"
  • CM Punk gives us this little gem during the Divas' season of NXT:

"Right now I'm not wearing pants and that's how I like to watch NXT every week"

  • The blatant Les Yay between Lay Cool was especially glaring for a PG show and it reached a new level when the two attended Couples' Counselling.
  • Layla has blatantly dry-humped Kelly Kelly and Natalya in matches. How any of them kept a straight face is anybody's guess.
  • Maxine's old catch phrase took new meaning during an exchange with Alicia Fox:

Alicia: I think you're more comfortable on your back.
Maxine: Really Alicia? I prefer to be on top!

  • The Bella Twins made a bet to see which of them could be Daniel Bryan's "first". This one didn't actually get completely past the radar, as according to Gail Kim, the network decided the storyline was heading into a non-PG direction so she was brought in as his girlfriend. Though they did manage to imply that the twins confused the word "vegan" with "virgin".
  • On Raw John Cena pretty much accused Eve Torres of being full of STDs (I'm disease-free and I wanna keep it that way).
  • Continuing with Cena getting crap past the radar, how can we not forget his recent rap against the Rock? It was awesome, by the way.
    • It's less getting stuff past the radar and more shooting the poor thing point blank then taking a flamethrower to the remains.
  • On the 5/14/12 episode of RAW, while having a long antagonistic converstion with John Laurinaitis, talking about the Pittsburgh Penguins, Cena told Laurinaitis to "go puck himself."
  • Many live events recently since near impossible to censor the audience... so if you listen carefully, they let loose with their " sailor talk" and they sometimes have signs. You can see what this means.
  • On Feb. 3, 2014 during the a match between Naomi and Aksana, AJ makes this statement when Naomi shakes her hips after Aksana face plants onto Naomi’s bottom.

AJ: This is, this is a PG program! How is that acceptable?
Michel Cole: It’s effective.

  • In Nov. 4, 2013 episode, Renee Young was interviewing Los Matadores when Fernando had to keep El Tortio away from Young because Tortio was “little bit horny”. They didn’t want Tortio injure Young.
  • Raw, Nov. 19, 2012: AJ enters the male’s locker to confront Dolph. While one of the guys shouts “oh shoot”, three guys are wearing towels and… well, it leaves the viewers what’s underneath them.
  • November 11, 2013; While Santino Marella and Los Matadores was in a match against 3MB, JBL asked if El Tortio was twerking when he tried to distract Heath Slater. During the chase, Slater fails to see Marella right behind him.
  • On the Valentine Day 2014, JBL asked Michael Cole when Santino Marella and Emma arrived, as Marella got his hand snake costume on.

 JBL: Is that snake on Valentine Day legal?

  • In 2006, Triple H tricks Vince into saying “I Love Cocks”… as in male birds. However, the term is also slang for genitals. It was further pointed out when DX messes with his microphone, along with a fart joke. How did the censors not notice that?
  • Although censored in later airings, on two episodes of Raw, Brie Bella clearly calls Stephanie McMahon a bitch. The first time around in April, Stephanie didn’t do much and just ran away. Yet, when Brie return as a fan in July, she calls Stephanie a bitch twice, much to the delight of the other fans who saw it. Considering Raw is usually a live event, it did get by the censors. You can clearly hear the reaction one of the commentators had because Stephanie didn’t back off that time.
  • A week after Stephanie was arrested, Chris Jericho decided it would be a great time to go for this ride past if Triple H not interrupt with this gem

 Jericho: filthy, dirty, brutal, bottom feeding, trash bag of…

  • On the September 8, 2014 episode of RAW, Dolph showed a “lewd” picture of the Miz getting body sprayed, while in the NUDE though pixilated; even JBL was offended and gave his Think of the Children plea.

 Dolph: There’s not enough spray tan in the world to spray into my eyes to help me unseen that picture.

  • September 28, 2014 had this awkward moment

 Vibrating sound is heard forcing Triple H, Randy Orton, Kane, and Stephanie McMahon checked their phones.
Stephanie: It’s not mine.
They looked at the briefcase; it was the source of the sound. Seth Rollins arrives.
Seth: It’s an electric razor.

  • What about this spoof of a male enhancement drug. How did that get approve for a PG Show?
  • Let's not forget Chris Jericho teasing Rusev and Lana.
  • Who can forget this moment where Chris Jericho calls Xavier Woods a “dumbass” despite being told it was a PG-Show? Naturally, there's a certain great one who called the unicorn horns on the New Day ''Llama Penises', on a PG-Show complete with 'bitch' being used. The censors might not had caught that, much to the amusement of the crowd.
  • During a Halloween 2016 episode of RAW, Enzo and Cass opted to dressed as Buzz Lightyear and Sheriff Woody for the holiday. It seems harmless, after all, it was Halloween except the latter of the duo is often often as "Big" Cass since he happened to be 7 feet tall and was the one dressed as Woody. Think about that for a minute, "Big" Cass as Woody.

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