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  • Near the beginning of writer Jason Aaron's run on Ghost Rider, Ghost Rider has one. Well, a bunch, but this one in particular stands out. Ghost Rider has been fighting an escaped prisoner named The Deacon, a hulking behemoth who brutally murders people in the name of God. Ghost Rider has been getting the crap kicked out of him the entire fight... even his Penance Stare had no effect as The Deacon felt no remorse for killing "sinners". Finally, knocked to the ground and about to have a giant knife shoved into him, Ghost Rider holds up a very large Bible to defend himself. The Deacon stops and protests that Ghost Rider can't use the Bible as a weapon. Ghost Rider's response? He smacks him in the face with the book, then proceeds to beat him into unconsciousness with it.
  • So Ghost Rider has this whole arc where Lucifer himself has escaped Hell, his soul divided into 666 pieces and possessing that many recently deceased bodies. GR has to kill them one by one, but each time he does so, the remaining ones get stronger, which would leave the final one in full possession of his demonic powers. How does Ghost Rider beat him? He cheats. He left one of the hosts brain dead, but kept the body alive, so when the time came to face the "final" Lucifer, he was only at half power.
  • Beating Death itself in a motorcycle race. By kicking her into a ravine.
  • Danny and Johnny stand alone against Zadkiel, who has usurped the throne of God and is essentially all-powerful. Hopeless, you say? EVERY GHOST RIDER THAT HAS EVER EXISTED would like to disagree.
    • Also, during World War Hulk, Johnny allows the spirit of the Ghost Rider to take full control. It looks like the Hulk's about to get his giant green butt handed to them, but GR simply rides away. Tony Stark wonders why this is, and knows that GR could've defeated the Hulk handily. Reed Richards says that it's because there are no innocents to avenge... except the Hulk himself, realizing with great terror that Ghost Rider's coming for them.