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    Episode Summary

    This week's episode kicks off with the arrival of a new member, the blonde Bieber-cut sporting Sam Evans. Mr. Schuester starts them off with a duet competition, and the winner gets a dinner for two at Breadstix. Kurt thinks that Sam is gay, but he's not absolutely sure, so he asks Sam to duet with him. Brittany and Santana plan on doing a duet, but Santana freaks out when Brittany wants to do a romantic duet. Instead, Santana plans her duet with Mercedes. Finn warns Kurt about being too forward with Sam, and explains what exactly was wrong with Kurt's behavior last year. Rachel decides to do a good thing for other people, so she decides to throw the competition so that Sam can win and stay in the club.

    Meanwhile, there's trouble in Mike/Tina land. Tina wants to win the duet competition, because it will be the first date that they have that isn't dim sum with Mike's mom. Brittany asks Artie out, because she has finally figured out that he's not a robot, and they decide to duet together. Finn warns Sam about how he'll be bullied if he sings his duet with Kurt. Sam sticks by his decision, and gets immediately slushied. Quinn cleans him up with the bathroom and they flirt. Kurt and Burt talk about Sam and Kurt's Stalker with a Crush behavior towards Finn.

    Santana and Mercedes perform, kicking off the competition. Kurt tells Sam that he won't perform his duet with Sam while Sam is in the shower. Rachel tries to figure out how to lose, and Finn proposes a bad song. Tina suggests to Artie that they do a duet together. Kurt decides to do a duet with himself. Sam flirts with Quinn some more, and Quinn is her typical Tsundere self. They choreograph their duet, which involves Quinn standing behind Sam while they play the guitar, but then Quinn freaks out and backs out of doing a duet. Mike is also freaking out because he can't sing, but his song goes over well. Finn tries to talk Sam into performing with Quinn, while Rachel talks Quinn into performing with Sam. So the Quam duet is on. Artie tries to teach Brittany how to do runs, and she doesn't do that well. Artie confesses to Brittany that he's not still over Tina. Brittany convinces Artie that if he sleeps with her, he'll make Tina jealous.

    Rachel and Finn decide that not only should their performance be bad, but it should also be offensive. They dress up like a priest and a nun to sing a (bad) romantic song. Then Sam and Quinn sing their duet. Artie gets mad at Brittany and they drop out of the competition. The glee club votes, and since Mr. Schue didn't say the magic words every experienced teacher knows[1] everyone votes for themselves, except Finn and Rachel, and Quinn and Sam win. They go on their official first date at Breadstix. Rachel talks to Kurt and they end up dueting.

    Songs from this Episode

    • "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" by Elton John, performed by Rachel and Finn
    • "River Deep, Mountain High", performed by Santana and Mercedes
    • "Le Jazz Hot" from Victor Victoria, performed by Kurt
    • "Sing" from A Chorus Line, performed by Mike and Tina
    • "With You I'm Born Again", performed by Rachel and Finn
    • "Lucky", performed by Sam and Quinn.
    • "Happy Days Are Here Again/Get Happy", perfomed by Kurt and Rachel.

    This episode contains examples of


    Sam: My name is Sam, I am. No, I do not like green eggs and ham.


    Finn: We watched Grease and that was pretty good, but when we watched Grease2 and I fell asleep.

    1. You can't vote for yourself