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    The Warblers perform 'Misery' by Maroon 5, with Blaine (as usual) on lead. Kurt finds it boring and tells Blaine that he's sick of being back-up vocals while Blaine takes all the songs, which Blaine is surprised at. At McKinley, Rachel sings Finn her latest original song, called 'Only Child'. Her efforts still suck, and Finn politely tells her this. Quinn resolves to win Finn back, because she wants to be Prom Queen, but she needs a Prom King- and Finn's a shoo-in- but she needs to make sure that Finn doesn't start dating Rachel again. She resolves to keep Rachel, her enemy, close.

    Elsewhere, Kurt whistles to Pavarotti, and after Pavarotti fails to reply, Kurt realises that he's dead. At a Warblers meeting where Blaine suggests that they wear red jackets with blue piping rather than blue with red piping, Kurt walks in and announces that Pavarotti has died. He asks if he can sing a tribute to him and sings 'Blackbird' by the Beatles. Midway through the song, Blaine stops singing and starts staring at Kurt like he's been hit over the head with a crowbar, though he's actually just realizing that he's madly in love with one Kurt Hummel, finally.

    At McKinley, Will announces to the Glee gang that My Chemical Romance has issued them with a cease-and-desist letter, so they can't use MCR's song 'Sing' for Regionals. A flashback reveals that Sue was behind it, and it's the start of her revenge on Will for him taking away the Cheerios. Everyone starts wondering what to do next. Rachel suggests writing original songs, Quinn backs her up, and after a discussion, Will decides that everyone will write an original song and they'll decide which to use. Brittany and Santana have a talk. Brittany's upset that Santana's angry at her, but Santana's upset that Brittany blew her off for Artie. Sue interrupts them and after they blow her off, they open their lockers to find that Sue filled them with dirt, which falls on them.

    At a Warblers meeting, Blaine proposes that instead of having all the songs be about him, they have one song be a duet. The Warblers aren't having any until Blaine mentions precisely who he wants his duet partner to be, at which point they do a one-eighty that leaves viewers' heads spinning. Kurt is upset and says that everyone should get a chance to audition, but the Warblers vote that Kurt will sing with Blaine - Wes smirking all the while.

    At the Glee club's first song-writing seminar, Santana sings a song she wrote about Sam, called 'Trouty Mouth'. Given that the song is nothing but comparisons between Sam's mouth and the lips of various fish and amphibians, Sam is not impressed and Mr Schue tactfully rejects it as an option. Puck sings his tribute to Lauren, "Big Ass Heart", which gets slightly more approval but is also rejected. Finn agrees to go with Quinn to the prom, but after Regionals- and Rachel overhears their conversation. Oh, boy.

    While Kurt is making a casket for Pavarotti, Blaine approaches him about practicing their duet- "Candles" by Hey Monday. He then admits that the duet is nothing more than an excuse for him to be close to Kurt, and kisses him. Passionately, and for quite awhile. They break apart, and Blaine fumbles to say "We, uh... we should practice." Kurt, with absolute joy in his eyes: "I thought we were." And thereupon Blaine surges forward to kiss the everloving daylights out of him, in a way that suggests he won't be stopping said kissing any time soon.

    As all the Klaine shippers squee, faint in excitement, and break the Internet, the scene changes to the McKinley music room, where Mercedes performs her song "Hell to the No". Mr Schue agrees that it's an awesome song, but says that it's not really suited for Regionals. He asks what the Glee club's favourite songs are, and ignoring Brittany's contribution ("My Headband"), says that the best songs come from a place of pain. The club share with him Sue's latest attacks, and Schue gets an epiphany, naming their original song for Regionals 'Loser Like Me'.

    Quinn and Rachel have a talk in which Quinn admits that she's dating Finn, points out that Finn wants Quinn, not Rachel, and that Rachel is destined for better things than Lima- and Finn- no matter what she thinks, and so Quinn's really helping her by hurting her. Rachel begins writing an original song called 'Get It Right'. Sue admits to Will that she forged the cease-and desist letter from MCR, and tells him that she's made a setlist tailored for the judges of Regionals. Said judges are Rod Remington, a former stripper and current nun, and a stereotypical Tea Party activist. Aural Intensity performs 'Jesus Is My Friend', which the Tea Party judge loves. Kurt and Blaine perform "Candles" (although it's not entirely certain that they were aware that there are, in fact, other people in the room) and then Blaine & Co. launch into Pink's "Raise Your Glass", to a standing ovation. New Directions performs Rachel's song "Get It Right" and then "Loser Like Me", both of which are hits.

    The judges argue over the songs- the Tea Party judge says that Kurt and Blaine's duet is wrong for sending a 'gay is OK' message, that people shouldn't celebrate being losers, and that Aural Intensity should win. The stripper nun says that she liked the duet. Rod liked the New Directions songs, and finally calls for a vote. The results are announced by the governor of Ohio's drunken wife- New Directions wins! Yay! And then Sue punches the governor's wife. Blaine and Kurt bury Pavarotti. Blaine reassures Kurt, saying that while they lost, they got each other, and that's worth more than just a trophy.

    Will announces that they're starting a tradition of awarding a trophy to their most valued performer, and the first one goes to Rachel, who is overjoyed.


    • "Misery" by Maroon 5, performed by Blaine and the Warblers
    • "Only Child" by Rachel Berry, performed by Rachel
    • "Trouty Mouth" By Santana Lopez, performed by Santana
    • "Big Ass Heart" By Puck, performed by Puck
    • "Blackbird" by The Beatles, performed by Kurt and the Warblers
    • "Hell to the No" by Mercedes Jones, performed by Mercedes and the New Directions
    • "Jesus is My Friend" by Sonseed, performed by Aural Intensity
    • "Candles" by Hey Monday, performed by Blaine, Kurt, and the Warblers
    • "Raise Your Glass" by P!nk, performed by Blaine and the Warblers
    • "Get it Right" by Rachel Berry, performed by Rachel and the New Directions
    • "Loser Like Me" by the New Directions, performed by Rachel, Finn, Mercedes, and the New Directions