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    The show opens with Brittany's new internet talk show, Fondue for Two. Special guests: Mercedes and Tina. During the subsequent conversation, Brittany says that she's heard a rumour that Santana's a lesbian... and confirms it. Oh, this can't end well.

    Rachel asks Sam out to the prom, since they're both single. He declines her offer as he doesn't think he'll be going.

    Sue and Terri have a chat. Sue's decided to resurrect the old school news paper, The Muckraker. She's assembled a team of people including Brittany, Becky, Azimio and Jacob to run it, and tells them that she wants newspapers everywhere, and they don't care about facts.

    Terri makes Sue a suggestion- Sue is always trying to destroy Will from inside the Glee club, whereas Terri has a plan to get him out of the Glee club. Said plan isn't specified onscreen.

    April Rhodes turns up at Will's office. Her all-white performance of The Wiz was a flop, so she's going to make a show about herself, but she wants to use the auditorium as she's low on funds.

    Rachel asks Finn to do a duet with her at Nationals. He says no, because he thinks Quinn might get jealous. Rachel holds up a copy of The Muckraker and points out an item that says that Quinn has no feelings for Finn, skipping past one that says that Santana's a lesbian. In the music room, Finn confronts Sam with the newspaper- it says that he and Quinn have been meeting up at a motel. Santana walks in and starts screaming at Brittany for outing her. Brittany protests that Santana does play for another team- she used to be on the Cheerios and now she's in Glee. Santana asks if there wasn't another way for her to say that. Sam and Finn start shoving each other, and Will arrives to break things up.

    Will and April have dinner. Well, it's dinner with alcohol instead of food. Will asks April what to do about the fighting. April diagnoses Fleetwood Mac, and Will is excited because he's wanted to do a lesson on an album for ages, and now he's got an excuse to do so, with the album Rumours. Cue April performing 'Dreams' in the music room. Afterwards, Will announces the week's lesson: pick a song from Rumours and present it to the class.

    Artie and Brittany fight- he's stunned that Brittany would even want to date him, so if she's cheating on him with Santana, it's too much for him to take. Finally, he calls her stupid, and Brittany instantly dissolves in tears, because he was the only one who never called her that. Way to fuck it up, Artie. In a fantasy sequence, he performs 'Never Going Back Again'.

    At a motel, Finn and Rachel are on stakeout. Sam and Kurt emerge from the motel, and both are shocked. Elsewhere, Jacob snaps his own pictures.

    Finn and Rachel assemble all the Glee club minus Kurt, Sam, Santana and Brittany to dish the dirt on Kurt and Sam. Quinn refuses to play and insists that Sam is straight.

    Santana sings 'Songbird' to Brittany. Brittany asks why Santana couldn't do it in public. Santana says she isn't ready for a public announcement. Brittany asks her to come on Fondue For Two, so Brittany can ask her to prom, and Santana can accept. Santana agrees to.

    Rachel sees Sam walking past in an unfamiliar jacket and runs to confront Kurt- Sam is wearing Kurt's jacket, and Rachel's sure that they're together. Kurt thinks it's a bullshit assumption.

    Back on stakeout, Rachel and Finn see Quinn and Sam emerge from the motel. Finn is understandably appalled.

    Brittany interviews Will and asks him a bunch of humiliating questions until he gets her to admit that Sue put her up to it. He crashes a meeting of The Muckraker's staff and demands to know why Sue is spreading rumours that he's leaving to go to New York to help April. Sue suggests that he could be a better performer than he thinks, so maybe he should go for it.

    After seeing an article about Finn and Rachel hooking up in Finn's truck, Quinn and Finn have a screaming match which ends with them singing 'I Don't Wanna Know' in the music room. Quinn and Rachel fight over who will get to sing with Finn, and Quinn announces that if Rachel doesn't back off from her boyfriend, Quinn will quit the club.

    Emma watches Will and April perform one of April's numbers from her show. April begs Will to go with her, but he says he can't abandon the club now. April says that winning at Nationals is their dream, not his dream.

    On Fondue For Two, Brittany announces that Santana cancelled on her.

    Emma admits to Will that she overheard his conversation with April and thinks he should leave McKinley.

    Rachel performs 'Go Your Own Way', but she directs it toward Finn to try get him jealous. She and Quinn have a fight and some of the hostility gets directed toward Sam, and soon everyone is screaming at Sam until he admits his secret: His father lost his job, their house got repossessed, and their family is living at the motel. Kurt showed up to give him some cast-off clothes and Quinn was babysitting his younger siblings.

    Sue, April and Terri talk. Sue's going to have The Muckraker announce that Will's leaving for New York with April, and then try her best to make it come true.

    At the motel, Finn and Rachel turn up to talk to Sam. Quinn revealed that Sam had to sell his guitar, but the Glee club chipped in and bought it back for him.

    Jacob tries to interview Santana about Karofsky. Finally, she tells him that they're still dating and that they're excited about their Prom King and Queen campaign. She says that they're in love, in earshot of Brittany.

    In the music room, the club discusses the latest edition of The Muckraker, which says that Will's leaving for New York. Will denies it, and Sam shows up with his siblings. They perform 'Don't Stop', April shows up in the audience, and the episode ends.

    Songs performed in this episode (all by Fleetwood Mac)

    • "Dreams", performed by April and Will
    • "Never Going Back Again", performed by Artie
    • "Songbird", performed by Santana
    • "I Don't Want To Know", performed by Quinn and Finn
    • "Go Your Own Way", performed by Rachel
    • "Don't Stop", performed by Sam and the Glee club

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