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Godlike is a 2001 tabletop superhero Role-Playing Game created by Greg Stolze and published by Arc Dream Publishing.

The game uses Stolze's One-Roll-Engine, and in fact was the first system to do so. The ORE uses a standard d10 Stat+Skill dice pool, but instead of counting dice over a threshold as in the Storyteller system, it uses matching sets of dice. The number of dice in the set is known as the Width, and the matching number as the Height of the set, written as W×H. It is possible to have multiple sets within the rolled pool, so a 6d10 pool could have 0,3,3,5,5,5 for two sets: one 2×3 and one 3×5. Width generally indicates speed, while Height generally indicates degree of success.

The game's default setting is the European Theater of World War II, with the player characters taking on the roles of Allied supers fighting the Axis armies and supers. The game contains a highly detailed alternate history of WWII, assuming the presence of super-powered humans from the beginning of the war.

Tropes used in Godlike include:

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