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From left to right: Robbie Merrill, Sully Erna, Criss Angel, Shannon Larkin, Tony Rombola

Godsmack is a Alternative Metal and Hard Rock band consisting of:

  • Sully Erna: lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards, drums, percussion, harmonica (1995–present)
  • Tony Rombola: lead guitar, backing vocals (1997–present)
  • Robbie Merrill: bass, (1995–present)
  • Shannon Larkin: drums, percussion (2002–present)

Erna was a drummer since the age of 3, and wanted to form a new band in which he would sing rather than play drums, resulting in this band. The name is partly inspired by Alice in Chains' song "God Smack", as well as an In-Joke about someone with a cold sore on his lip. After independently releasing an album and becoming a live favorite, the band signed to Republic/Universal and released their professionally-produced Self-Titled Album (a remastered and restructured version of their debut).


  • 1998: Godsmack
  • 2000: Awake
  • 2003: Faceless
  • 2006: IV
  • 2010: The Oracle
Godsmack provides examples of the following tropes: