Gollum Made Me Do It/Quotes

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Norman Osborn: No! Not again...
Green Goblin: (in the mirror) I'm your friend, Norman.
Norman: You're not my friend, you're some...monster!
Goblin: No! The others, they're the monsters. Kingpin, the Hobgoblin, Spider-Man. They're all trying to hurt you, squeeze you, crush you.
Norman:...Yes. That's exactly what they're doing to me!
Goblin: And that's why you should let me stop them.
Norman: It would be wrong!
Goblin: "Wrong" is what they're doing to YOU, and what they want to do to Harr-y...
Norman: I - I can't!

Goblin: You can! You must! Let me out, Norman. LET! ME! OUT! NOW!

Two-Face: Guilty. Sentence to be carried out in...
Renée: No! Wait! What about his defense? He's entitled to a defense!
Two-Face: No defense. No one to speak for him.
Renée: Then I speak for him.
Two-Face: You're no lawyer.
Renée: You can't do this, Harvey. You told me you loved the law. You can't pervert it like this.
Two-Face: No one can speak for him, Renée! Don't you understand?
Gordon: You can. I want Harvey Dent to defend me.
Two-Face: ...Dent...? For the defense...?
Renée: You have to, Harvey. You're the only one who can defend him.
[Two-Face flips his coin. Good side comes up.]
Harvey Dent: Commissioner, you might step down. The defense calls its first and only witness... Two-Face. Did you...
Two-Face: You miserable, self-righteous, arrogant, pompous..
Harvey Dent: Sir! I'll have to ask...
Two-Face: Or what? You'll do what, you worthless...
Harvey Dent: Permission to treat as a hostile witness, your Honor.
Two-Face: And who do you think you're talking to? You stupid...
Harvey Dent: Thank you. Two-Face, did you approach James Gordon on day #124 of the Federal No Man's Land?
Two-Face: Don't you remember? You were there!
Harvey Dent: Did you offer him anything in exchange for your help?
Two-Face: We entered into an agreement, and you know it.
Harvey Dent: Were terms set?
Two-Face: No, no terms were...
Harvey Dent: What happened next?
Two-Face: Oh, you remember, don't you? We killed! We laid out the bodies of the Xhosa and the Wreckers and let the Blue Boys just...
Harvey Dent: Did Gordon ask for your help?
Two-Face: What? Of course not, he is a wimp like you, another wi...
Harvey Dent: As a result of the murders you committed, the GCPD gained significant territory?
Two-Face: You know it.
Harvey Dent: In essence you blackmailed Gordon, the implication herein being that the murders were committed at his request.
Two-Face: Right.
Harvey Dent: But they weren't. You took it upon yourself to... let's see if I can remember just how you put it... 'serve justice'?
Two-Face: No!
Harvey Dent: So any contract Gordon entered into with you was under duress, and therefore void.
Two-Face: No! No, no, he did it, he's guilty and you can't... you can't... you... can't...
[Two-Face breaks down]
Harvey Dent:...Defense... rests.
Two-Face: Not Guilty. Acquitted... it's my fault. Renée!
Renée: Right here.
Two-Face: Case... it was a weak case. You've got to say it.
Renée: You're under arrest. [Cuffs him]
Two-Face: Renée? Don't forget to read me my rights.

Renée: I won't, Harvey.

Who is this that speaks to me? / Tearing down my mind
My reality? / This must certainly be the one
What will I pay for this? / This evil synthesis!
I have forced you here / I'm hiding, right here inside you
Trapped in here so long / You'll find me growing in every man
I'm out of control / Evil enslaves my soul
I can feel you inside me
Of course you can
You're not stronger than me
I am you
I won't let you!
I own you!
No, you can't have me!
I won't let you destroy me / You took away my life
With your wicked seed / If you're able to take control
You'll bring damnation upon my soul