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Good Luck Charlie is a family comedy that tries to relate viewers of all ages. Sometimes this involves employing humor not entirely consistent with Disney Channel's censorship standards.

  • From the episode "Charlie is 1":

Man: (to PJ) How old were you when you had your first?
PJ: (to Man) 2.

  • From the episode "Baby Come Back":

Teddy: (to her parents) You guys have fun, stay out as late as you want...but not too much fun. We have enough kids already.
(Bob laughs)
Teddy: I'm serious.
Teddy: (panicked) PJ?
PJ: What?
Teddy: You brought home the wrong baby!
PJ: What? I did not!
Teddy: Look, wrong parts!
(baby emits projectile urine)
Gabe: There's nothing wrong with those parts!

  • The episode "Ball Game" (found on Disney Channel On Demand) actually had the uncle MOONING the baseball players (and it appeared on the jumbo screen!) Of course, Teddy and Ivy cover his butt with foam fingers. And later this dialog:

Teddy: Then the police officer told us to please leave, then Uncle Mel told him to kiss something that was on the jumbo screen.

  • Earlier on, this dialog happens:

Uncle Mel: You're Bob's kid? He made you?
Teddy: Well, my mom is pretty hot.

  • In the episode "Kit and Kaboodle", we get this conversation:

Gabe: (when talking about how he's nervous around Kit) Did dad ever get nervous around you?
Amy: Oh, no, when your dad and I started dating, we didn't do a lot of talking. We mostly just...
Gabe: Just what?
Amy: ...Played checkers. Lots and lots of checkers.

    • Not to mention Amy's line:

Amy: That shit smells good.

      • Looks like they got away with a cuss. On a Disney Channel show that's supposed to be for families.
        • After seeing the episode with subtitles, she quickly says "Gosh that smells good." Say it and notice how the last two letters of Gosh and the first letter of That roll together make it seem as if you saying the aforementioned curse-word. So they, indeed, did get away with a cuss.
  • In the episode "Duncan's Got Talent" we get this, from 10-year old kids:

Jo: Let's not put labels on our relationship. We both know it's complicated.
Gabe: No kidding. I had this dream last week where you's complicated.

  • This:

PJ: I'm going over to my girlfriend's house to do...some stuff...
Gabe: *surpresses laugh* Maybe that stuff!
Teddy: Wait, how old are you?

  • From the episode "Snow Show, Part 1":

Teddy: Yeah, this family is big enough. You got that dad?
Bob: Why are you pointing the finger at me? Making babies is a team effort.

    • Also, Bob and Amy make several references to "doing it" and the other would say "getting married" right after, as if to clear any misconceptions.

Amy: We were so in love, so we "did it".
Bob: married!
Amy: Why are you saying that? Did you have the talk with them yet?
Bob: I haven't had the talk with PJ yet?
PJ: No, I'm good *walks out disgusted*

    • Teddy tells her mother she met the love of her life.

Amy: What do you know about him?
Teddy: His name is Brandon, he's super cute, and that's all I know.
Amy: Aww, he does sound perfect.

    • Amy and Bob find out that they aren't actually married. Bob implies that they are married in some views, most likely implying that they consummated their marriage, which in several religions means that one is married.
    • PJ is in a cabin with two naive teenage girls, who both jump at the chance to get him a nice HOT bath, and he says they both can.. Plus their pa is on vacation, until he comes home.. when PJ then rips off his robe, showing him to be naked, and runs back to the hotel, where this conversation took place.

PJ: (while naked) If a big scary guy with a beard comes looking for me, I was never here.

  • Examples from "Snow Show, Part 2":
    • PJ and Gabe figure skate with each other. PJ keeps referring to the guy and the girl from the video they are copying. Every time PJ says "the guy and the girl" Gabe says, "Say the big one and the little One." Their figure skating is very much so a routine for a male and a female.
      • It is often believed that all male figure skaters are gay.
    • Teddy has a vision of herself with the three guys she came face-to-face with. In the vision she is married to all three of them because she couldn't decide who she loved more. The vision somewhat promotes polygamy.
  • In "Driving Mrs. Dabney", Mrs. Dabney angrily honks the horn while giving Teddy a driving lesson. The driver's (unseen) response leads Teddy to joke that he must think she's number one. Mrs. Dabney begins to explain what he's really saying before being cut off with a stern "I know."
  • In "Charlie is 2!", Amy starts petting the miniature horse that Bob got and ask why his tail was rising.
  • In "Battle Of The Bands", Bob wants Amy to cuddle with him. Amy tells him that she's tired.
    • The song from that episode? The lyrics are all about liking somebody based on looks and being desperate. Plus, Teddy acts very seductively during the performance.
  • In "Dance-Off", Teddy explains to Emmett that she feels it would be inappropriate for her to go to the dance with him because she thinks of him as a brother. She then asks if Emmett had heard anything she had just told him. He responds, "Something about wanting to go to the dance with a brother."
  • In the episode where Teddy becomes the school mascot, Amy is kidnapped by a group of jocks from a rival school. She asks them to stop for a bathroom break, and when they demur, she says that she's "had four kids". They stop at once...
  • In "Termite Queen". Bob tells a man in an orange costume that he was angry at to "go squeeze himself". You don't have to think about it long to understand what he's really saying.
    • Same in "Scary Had A Little Lamb" when Teddy told Karl to reach into his own cauldron.
    • Teddy kinda looked like she was enjoying being the Termite Queen a bit too much.
    • There's something Freudian arousing about a girl popping out eggs, but YMMV.
  • In "Scary Had A Little Lamb", Teddy says that she went with the Mary costume instead of Little Bo Peep because the latter had "not enough Bo" and "a little too much peep."
  • The end credit scene in "Charlie Shakes It Up" has Gabe asking Teddy if she brought him anything from Chicago. Teddy says that she has, and when she opens her largest suitcase - out pops Rocky and CeCe from Shake It Up, with Gabe staring as he goes "You got me girls?" The looks the girls wear as they check out Gabe, and the way CeCe bounces around in the suitcase, makes this fly loop-the-loops through crap-past-the-radar territory.
    • Flynn was a bit subjected to the same thing towards Teddy minus the bouncing.
  • I'm surprised no one have noticed this yet, but in the 1st episode, if you look closely in some close up shots (if you watched this in clear HD), Bridgit Mendler's bra is a bit visible in some scenes. Somehow, these didn't get edited out in later airings, unlike The Suite Life On Deck's episode "International Dateline" where that one similar scene was edited.
  • From the episode "Sun Show part 2" really risky ones:

Bob: Teddy, I need you to pretend to be Mom!
Teddy: Dad, not a good time to be super weird.
Bob: (to Teddy) You're the worst wife I ever had!

  • Throughout the series the innocent word "club nugget" has been used as a curse word which sounds a lot like the nasty word "cunt nugget".
  • In a Super Adventureland episode:

Bob: You did it, PJ! You hit a home run!
PJ: A home run?

    • And also:

Emmett: If I told you I would kiss you, it'd affect your decision!
Teddy: Hell yeah, it would affect my decision!

    • From the same episode.

Teddy: I wonder if that's why the previous person quit.
Emmett: Hell yeah, it did.

    • Meaning that Emmett tried something sexual on the previous princess.
    • From the promo of the very same episode.

PJ: Ooh! My brownies are done!
Bob: (in a rather stern, what-the-hell-do-you-think-you're-doing voice) Brownies??!!!

  • In the first episode of Season 3, "Make Room for Baby," Spencer and Teddy end up attempting to get a job at Super Adventure Land as George and Martha Washington for a show. Spencer gets the role and Teddy does not, and jealous of the girl who got the part, Teddy dresses up as Benjamin Franklin and ruins the show. Afterwards, she has a moment with Spencer (with both of them still in costume) and the two end up discussing how they enjoy being together and then kissing, earning extremely shocked reactions from a family of guests passing by. Later on, the two are fired for creating "Historical Inaccuracies."

Teddy: Spencer and I were fired from Super Adventure Land. Apparently, Ben Franklin kissing George Washington was deemed historically inaccurate, although they did like each other..a lot.