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Gorgeous Princess Creamy Beamy is a webcomic by S. Sakurai that began on July 27, 2005. It stars Satou Tsugumi, a middle school student who is secretly an alien princess from a race that gets stronger by eating junk food. By eating a special "Royal Jelly Donut", she assumes the guise of Creamy Beamy. The comic is a sideproject of S. Sakurai's, and does not have a regular update schedule.

It is a parody of Magical Girl anime genre and its conventions. While most magical girls are thin, Tsugumi is rather plump, although that can be accredited to the author's tastes. Many magical girl characters have a small, cute helper. Creamy Beamy has a highly unusual one: an alien disguised as a star-nosed mole, a species not normally considered cute. Also, whereas most magical girl anime aren't very violent, Creamy Beamy often gets severely injured in battle, even vomiting her heart in one panel (luckily, she has super regenerative powers, and it grew back).

Tropes used in Gorgeous Princess Creamy Beamy include:
  • Animesque
  • Author Appeal: Yyyeah.
  • Bloody Hilarious
  • Exotic Equipment: X Hoshibana has had problems with dating ever since he arrived on Earth. "It's always the same. I meet someone nice, we have a great evening, but then we get back to the bedroom and they just freak out for no reason! What, is something wrong with one of my penises?" The female Usaginarians and Sucrans (confirmed by Word of God to have a common ancestor; "Sucra's made of cake, it'd be hard for meat creatures to evolve on it") also have this problem, with nether ink sacs and vaginas "chock full of spinnerets".
  • Good Angel, Bad Angel: Subverted; in this universe, they only have the shoulder devil.

"So who's supposed to tell me what the right thing to do is?"
"If you can't figure that out without an angel, then you kind of suck."

"Hey! You're not supposed to LIKE Cheesecake! You're supposed to be disgusted because she's so lezulated!"
"You guys do know that I'M gay, don't you?"

  • Unfortunate Names: Cheesecake Boeing 747 St Cherrywell. The middle name is explained by the fact that her parents are cargo cultists. As for the first name, her mother's name is Pretzel, so presumably it's a family tradition.