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We have met the Government Conspiracy, and it is us! The main characters are The Government (or at least the head of it) - in The White House, Whitehall, the Governor's mansion, or elsewhere. Variations range from Sitcom to Prime Time Soap with political trappings to heavy political drama Ripped from the Headlines.

Examples of Government Procedural include:


  • To a degree, Going Postal, and even more so Making Money.
  • Honor Harrington deals a lot with government activities including the party politics of various states as well as diplomatic and military affairs.
  • Hunt for Red October and its sequels are mostly thrillers, centered around the security departments like the military, diplomatic, and intelligence (that is there is little about the National Endowment for the Arts but much about the Navy). But they are technically about the government, and if a specialized part of it, what many consider the primary part.
  • The Vorkosigan Saga has such things involved as favor trading for pet projects, succession crises', etc.

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