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In Video Game Settings, the Graffiti Town is a lighter version of Gangsterland where the action takes place in a modern urban area that has all the stereotypical elements of being "urban": tall brick apartment buildings with some wear and tear, elaborate and/or gigantic graffiti on the buildings, and tall chain-link fences. The stage music is usually in the hip-hop genre. Note this setting has to have exaggerated features of heavy urban areas, like downtown Los Angeles or New York. So Liberty City from Grand Theft Auto can't count because the environment is relatively realistic compared to what is described here.

Some basketball video games may have this as a court instead of the usual sports stadium.

Examples of Graffiti Town include:

  • Kerning City in Maple Story. Semi-derelict buildings? Check. Really impressive graffiti? Check. Hip-hop music? Check. Tri-fecta Graffiti Town.
  • One of the arenas in Robot Arena 2 is an empty lot in an urban district. The surrounding buildings are covered in elaborate graffiti that say the game's abbreviation, RA2.
  • Prison Planet Thantos in Bomberman 64: The Second Attack. Although it a post apocalyptic version with zombies, rogue bikers, and gaping chasms.
  • The World Ends With You
  • Jet Set Radio Future has Tokyo-To, where the player actually helps decorate the city with said elaborate graffiti.
  • The early stages in the Streets of Rage games.
  • Midgar.
  • One appears (briefly) in the anime opening sequence for Sonic Riders, although there isn't one in the actual game.
  • "Chicago: Stealth" from Perfect Dark, with the exception of most of the graffiti being in Chinese. (It is set in the future, after all.)
  • Early seasons of Sesame Street contained elements of this since it was originally marketed toward children in urban areas. Many of the "letters of the day" even appeared a graffiti as seen here.