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"Guess what, you are a G-MILF. That is a GrandMother that I would Like to-<scene change>"

Apollo: Isn't she a little old for cute?

Trucy Wright: Apollo! Shame on you! Cute is eternal! Cute is timeless!
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

Vanessa Huxtable Mom, you never said who that was!

Claire: "Vanessa, if you live, past tonight to become a mother of five, a grandmother of two, and can still wear a size 8 dress, maybe then you'll deserve to know!"

"The main problem I have with the comic is the problem I had with the show. Hannibal is always hooking up with hot ladies, even though he's, like, 60. Come on ladies, he could be your father. Though it is Liam Neeson, so I guess it's understandable."

  1. She doesn't fit the trope though. Skwisgaar's just like that.