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Played for Comedy

Played for Drama

  • Jakayrta's more violent interpretation of The Land Before Time, Land Before Time: Twilight Valley has a decent amount of groin attacks along with other dirty tricks. Everything under here is in the category.
    • This is lampshaded by Deimos's statement: "The final tenet is fight dirty. This isn't a duel nor is it a time to be fair. Gouge your opponent's eyes, gang up on one opponent, use groin attacks, whatever it takes it defeat your opponent."
    • One chapter has an enemy dinosaur bound to a tree and beaten severely, including several kicks to the groin.
    • Another chapter has Ducky's mother, armed with twin sticks disable another dinosaur by striking his weapon arm with one stick, tripping him, then kicking him in crotch.
    • The most brutal groin attack in this story involved a dinosaur kneeing his enemy in the groin, ripping out one of his opponent's eyes, tripping his opponent and almost literally ripping his opponent's head off.
      • They're reptiles. How does that even work?
      • Research be damned! It's too much of a good story to let facts get in the way.
  • In the Harry Potter fanfic The Birthday Present, Bellatrix Lestrange tortures Snape with a Cruciatus curse to the groin area, which leaves him impotent.
  • The titular Arestis in Arestis' Childhood kicks her vengeance-driven attacker in the groin.