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Played for Comedy


Lucy: Well, at least I got to kick one last guy in the balls!


Bash: You're the one who brought it up!

  • Asperchu receives one of these in his titular webcomic.
  • Casey and Andy. Casey picks on a short alien with a single eye on a stalk. The alien retaliates. Casey spends the rest of the day watching Independence Day. On the other hand, when Quantum Cop catches the aliens and they give him the Groin Attack, he's wearing a cup. And he writes them a citation, since he happens to know their legal system too.
  • Pokémon-X had this as one of the most popular comics. Lampshading Zelda's "Item Get" sequence in the process probably helped.
  • For Lucy from Bittersweet Candy Bowl this practically counts as a signature move. One particularly good (bad?) example here.
  • Utilized mercilessly in chapter 10 of Red vs. Blue: Revelation by Tex. For extra laughs, all six seven groin blows in the episode were focused on Grif alone.

Grif: What is your problem with my balls!?!
(later, after the final groin attack from falling down crotch-first on top of a concrete divider... )
Grif: Why don't you just... kill me?

    • Seven? I counted eight, possibly nine.
  • Knocked out early in Ansem Retort, where Sora kicked Riku in the nuts to see if he could still feel it after being cut in half...and then did it again cause he forgot about it.


  • In Autobot Burnout's Funnies (A photocomic on Transformers World 2005), a recent (as of February 3rd, 2011) arc has Battle Ravage defeat the Fallen this way, using his (Ravage's) girlfriend Tigris' Buster Sword. As a result, The Fallen ends up with a censor bar over his gearbox.
  • In Homestuck, a newly undead Kanaya in a recent update kicks Gamzee in the crotch so hard it knocks him out of his shoes and off a cliff. HONK!
  • In El Goonish Shive, Sarah delivers a very impressive one to Hedge.
  • Sally decides to try this on Jango Fett in Darths and Droids after the fire from his flamethrower goes around Mace Windu's lightsaber. I kick him where it hurts!
  • Female Example: Nosh delivers one to Sanny after the latter strikes a nerve in the stalled-out webcomic For Your Eyes Only. Ben then mentions how the trope normally applies to girls as Sanny writhes in pain.
  • In Beyond the Canopy, young Glenn punches a much larger bully, Thistle, right in the acorns. When Glenn meets Thistle again some years later, he's wearing an armored codpiece to prevent further injury to that region.
  • In the Sister, Sister arc of Elf Blood, Fliss delivers one to the female Death Elf punk. It has no effect, much to Fliss' protest: She's been kicked there before and it REALLY hurt.
  • Greg takes one in the family jewels as he gets mistaken for a stalker. He's down for the count HERE.

Played for Drama

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