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Прекрасное далёко....

Guest from the Future (Гостья из будущего) is a 1984 Cult Classic Soviet Science Fiction TV Miniseries directed by Pavel Arsenov. It is based on the book One Hundred Years Ahead by Kir Bulychev, part of a series about Alisa Seleznyova, a girl from the future.

The series is considered a classic of Soviet sci-fi, and is often aired on television to this day. It exemplifies the optimism the Soviets had for science, technology, and futurism, as well as their faith in children. The film was followed by a sequel, Lilac Sphere. The theme song "Prekrasnoye Daleko" (roughly "Fair Unknown") by Yevgeny Krylatov has also become very popular. The star, Natalia Guseva, was inspired by her role in the film to become a scientist herself. The Fan Sequel Guest from the Future 2 may be seen here.

Tropes used in Guest From the Future include:

"It's some kind of fool who's in love. I don't feel comfortable listening to her."
"It's not entertainment; it's business."
"And we're not supposed to have satisfaction doing that."