Guest From the Future/Awesome

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  • Kolya's flight over Moscow.
  • Werther's You Shall Not Pass Heroic Sacrifice as he holds the space pirates back.
  • The pirate Jolly U comes into the hospital, claiming to be Alisa's father. Alisa is scared, but decides not to arouse the pirate's suspicions, and hugs him. Then Alisa and Yulia escape.
  • Yulia's grandmother brushing off a disguised Rat and then deciding to send Alisa to Yulia's school.
  • Alisa and Yulia come up with a Plan to find out the right Kolya.
  • Alisa shows just what a future human can do by jumping 6.20 meters in gym class.
  • Fima and Yulia organize the children, find Alisa, and hunt down Kolya.
  • Marta Erasovna, the gym teacher who has been looking for Alisa, goes into the house and finds Jolly U, who tells her to stand to the wall. She grabs him by the arm and throws him out the second-story window.
  • The pirates have captured the Mielofon, and think they have won. They go into the basement of the old house and open the wardrobe so they can use the time machine. The wall is solid, but then it opens, revealing a white light. Polina, the woman whom Kolya and Fima were chasing at the beginning, arrests the pirates, revealing their true forms.
  • Alisa's parting gift to her new friends is her revelation of their futures.