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Ho Yay seems to be par for the course for Sunrise-produced mecha anime...especially its flagship franchise.

  • Gundam Wing managed to attain a massive Periphery Demographic of Yaoi Fangirls due to the chemistry between its five (young, male) leads. To exposit on the details would be madness.
    • Although most of the pairings fangirls come up with have little to no basis in the anime, there's a definite argument toward 3x4. For one thing, while each pilot has their female counterpart, Trowa's is his possible sister and Quatre's is Dorothy, whom he only meets once and upon that meeting is stabbed. For another, the whole character arc between the two starting when Quatre goes crazy after his father died is proof enough.
  • For less sheer madness, however, there's Mobile Suit Gundam 00, where we have the relationship between Lockon Stratos (Neil Dylandy, the original) and Tieria Erde... who are both "totally" straight as arrows! They even have private meetings where they discuss each other's feelings to prove their platonic nature. When Lockon dies, Tieria actually shows emotion due to his sheer straightness and platonic love for him. His last lines from the first season show just how much he loves girls.

Tieria:Now I can go to where you are... Lockon...