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    • Explanation: Though h3h3 may not the first to popularize the meme, it's a mocking reference to a recurring tendency among pranksters like SoFloAntonio to include unnecessary and at times random tags in certain videos to gain attention, especially in relation to kissing pranks. Similar tags include variations of "[GONE WRONG]," "[NEARLY DIED]" and "[IN THE HOOD]."
  • "You smart. You're loyal. You're grateful."
  • "Become a Living Meme."
    • Explanation: A reference to the Become a Living God video covered on the channel, particularly for the utter weirdness that results from learning that there are still people who consider themselves druids or wizards in the modern world.
  • "Are you crazy?! Are you out of your mind?!"
    • Explanation: At one point in the The Dangers of Social Media video, the actual clip shows a disgruntled father coming out of the blue and uttering those words. Sometimes spelled in the same, thick New Yorker accent that it's originally spoken.
  • "Chub 'n' Tuck."
    • Explanation: This is how Ethan tends to describes his fashion sense - or what passes for it, as seen in several videos.
  • "The Broccoli Assassin."
    • Explanation: A reference to the How to Clean Your Gamer Gear video, in which Ethan asks Hila to give his hair a bowl cut in order to become a true "Video Game Assassin," only to end up having broccoli-shaped hair. The video also has Ethan lampooning the wannabe-MLG stereotype and mocking the glorified infomercial host's desperate attempts to be Totally Radical.
  • VitalyzdTv and the Bang Bus.
    • Explanation: A somewhat NSFW reference by Ethan in the VitalyzdTv video to said prankster's farcical "performance" in a porn video that itself went viral.
  • "Wow, Ethan, great moves! Keep it up. Proud of you."
    • Explanation: In a clip found at the h3h3 intro sequence, First Lady Michelle Obama is shown speaking that line for a kid that's coincidentally named Ethan.
  • Anything to do with Patrice Wilson.
    • Explanation: Music videos produced by and featuring Patrice Wilson are a recurring presence in the channel. Said music videos are notorious for being moronically juvenile, unintentionally creepy and cringe-worthy in general to the point of making Ethan visibly uncomfortable.
  • Ethan abusing his wife for shekels.
  • Papa Bless.
    • Explanation: An affectionate nickname fans give to Ethan, which is suspected to have first popped up in the Papa John video in 2014.
    • Explanation: A line uttered by Ethan Bradberry of MoeAndET in a house fire social experiment video, reacted to by Ethan and Hila. Gained popularity because of its needlessly dramatic delivery and Ethan Bradberry looking like a sociopath.
  • Youtube Civil War (or #MemeGate).