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  • Most of the boxing matches have at least one of these. Ippo and Takamura could each fill a library all by themselves. Other boxers have their moments, too. Kimura actually manages to be the only opponent to frighten The Executioner Ryo Mashiba, one of the scariest boxers in the series, when he challenges him for the Junior Lightweight title.
  • In a flashback to Takeshi Sendo's past, he beats the living daylights out of three dozen high-school toughs by himself, earning him the label Naniwa Tiger.
  • The Battle of the Demons, Sawamura vs. Mashiba is thought by many to be the single greatest match in the series.
  • The Featherweight Champion Fight Date Eiji vs. Ricardo Martinez: Eiji, delivering his last blow: "I'll give you as many bones as you want . . . In return, give me your life!"
  • Takamura v. Mama Bear is probably one of the best non-fight moments in the series.
  • Takamura's match after the Mama Bear incident. The word had got out around Japan that Taka had killed a bear with his bear hands. So when he proceeds to enter the ring with a bear skin robe on complete with claws, everyone, including the opponent, assumed that he was lying his ass off. Takamura then takes off the robe to reveal three huge claw slashes across his chest. Cue EVERYONE losing their shit. You are now freaking out. Superb.
  • Takamura snaps. This is, beyond any doubt, his greatest scene and you know it.
  • Itagaki vs Saeki. Both of them first feeling each other out. Itagaki getting caught in Saeki's trap. Then this happens. Saeki can't touch Itagaki anymore. Reason: Saeki tries to read him, but Itagaki just made himself very unpredictable.
    • Saeki's composition for the rest of the fight qualifies to this troper as well. out of sheer pride for his reputation as the speed star, he finally forces himself to see through Itagaki's unpredictable movements, and continues forcing his body to perform even after Itagaki killed his legs and knocked him down. doubles as a tear jerker when Saeki discovers that no matter how much he struggles, he never stood a chance from the start