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  • The movie soundtrack contains a cover of "Tell Me Something Good", originally a very NSFW funk song.
  • Also, when Gloria is performing her heart song, a boyband-esque trio performs I'll make love to you, by Boyz 2 Men. Another suitor for Norma Jean sings Let's talk about eggs baby,.
  • "I like big tailfeathers and I cannot lie!"
  • After the fishing incident when Gloria and Mumble slip down the ice together, they fall into multiple compromising positions. Not too subtle.
  • Mumble slaps Gloria's ass a few times towards the end of "Boogie Wonderland" ("No, it's 'MAMBO', OH!") and then her grinding against him. Definitely not subtle.
  • Curse Cut Short: Lovelace, in response to the barrage of questions Mumble is asking him, claims to hear the "mystic beings" telling him to tell Mumble to "Go f... - forth and multiply".
  • In the sequel, we get several young female chicks singing a penguin version of "Sexyback"
  • Will and Bill in the sequel. Just...Will and Bill. They did basically everything except for explicitly stating that they're a gay couple.