Hark! A Vagrant

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"I was told I make intelligent comics, and then I made a comic about a horse that pooped."
Kate Beaton

Hark! A Vagrant is a largely history-based Web Comic by Kate Beaton best known for its historical comics, which are one-shots of varying length focusing on historical events or figures. There are occasionally other kinds of comics, including one-shots of varying length focusing on literary works or characters, comics in which Beaton visits her younger self, a few comics about a pony called "Fat Pony", and a story about a sailor who meets a mermaid. There is little continuity and almost every comic is a standalone strip (the ones that aren't are obvious; they share a name and are numbered). Also, rather than use Alt Text, Beaton usually accompanies each comic with a short paragraph.

The strip ran for 403 instalments, with instalment 404 a thank-you message beginning "Hark! A Vagrant, such as it is, is an archive website now."

Tropes used in Hark! A Vagrant include:

"Sometimes? I pretend to be Neptune."

"OK so, try to find a place here that I haven't put my penis in. It's not easy."

Banquo: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Macbeth: (thinking) Kill everyone.
Banquo: Ha ha! Our kids are totally gonna hook up!
Macbeth: What?

Chopin: Unrelated, we are both on the cover of "Enormous Ego" this week.
Liszt: Only this week?

Kate Beaton: I think if Samuel L. Jackson was a woman, Chinese, and alive during the Tang Dynasty, he would be this woman right here.

Witch: Banquo's sons will be kings, yes
Each one will get handsomer and handsomer until King James I

Strong Female Character (while punching a Housewife in the face): Your reign of terror is over you cookie baking BITCH!

Protagonist: Doctor, there's a woman in the wallpaper.
Doctor: That woman has a feminist agenda. Tell her to get in the wallpaper that's in the kitchen.

Lady Macbeth: I wish I was a man. I'd kill Duncan in a second. Then I'd get a BONER.
Macbeth: Dang, that's manly.