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  • Sawamura/Naruse.
    • Naruse always cares deeply for Sawamura and and for Sawamura, Naruse is his first friend after his dad left him and all of his friend abandoned him.
    • Naruse's reaction after Sawamura returns after disappearing for a few hours following a conflict with his disappearing dad? (it's a long story). Crying and hugs him tightly. Sawamura does not mind either.
    • Naruse and Sawamura stays in the same hotel room during the interhigh.
  • Sakurai/Naruse
    • Naruse respects and admire Sakurai so much that he always seems to blush whenever Sakurai is around or do a very cool basketball move.
    • during one of the interhigh match, Sakurai did a very cool basketball performance. Naruse's reaction? Blushing. He looks like a love struck teenager.
    • Played for laugh during the valentine chapter. Naruse accidentally eat Kiriko's valentine chocolate that is meant for Sakurai. In order to hook Sakurai and Kiriko together, Naruse, Mizuki and Sawamura make a replacement choco. Naruse personally delivers the heart-shaped chocolate to Sakurai. Sakurai's reaction is very priceless.
    • In the omake strip 'super basketman syu', Sakurai is portrayed as a Superman expy that is always ready to protects the weak (aka Naruse). The theme is made into one of the tankoubon cover, complete with the 'Syu, help me!' note from Naruse.
  • Kosuke/Sawamura
    • hooo boy, where should i start?? First, despite Kosuke's crude exterior, he is actually a gentleman who cares deeply for his friends. When Sawamura disappears following his fight with his dad in Sapporo, Kosuke personally search for him in the middle of the night, then sit with him in the park for hours listening to Sawamura's angsting. After the tears dries up, Kosuke and Sawamura walks together to the hotel (where the interhigh team are staying in Sapporo).
      • "I will bring him home safely" indeed. Well done, Kosuke! This troper actually see Kosuke in a much better light after the event
      • in that event, Kosuke is the only person who had seen Sawamura cry for the entire manga. (Sawa's crocodile tears does not count)
    • after he reconcile with his dad, Kosuke takes Sawamura to the interhigh match using a scooter.
    • Played for laugh: Sawamura disguises himself as a woman in order to please Kosuke (who pathetically does not manage to score a girl at all in Sapporo). The plan is to run away as soon as Kosuke does not pay attention, but Sawamura does not foresee Kosuke completely fall in love for his female alter ego. Hilarity ensues.
  • Kobayashi/Sawamura
    • they bicker like old married couple but deep down they respects each other's abilities and are able to cooperate when needed.
  • Mikami/Majima
    • Among the Tsukuba main team, their friendship is considered to be the closest. They are usually seen together and Majima has an admiration to Mikami. In the manga, their suspicious relationship is lampshaded by one of the team members (which cause Majima's anger, played for laugh).
  • Fujita/Sawamura
    • This couple might elicit a "BIG NOOOOOO" from the fans due to the shota nature. But to Sawamura, Fujita-san is a precious father figure and someone with a big influence to his growth.
  • Kuwata/Naruse
    • Kuwata is very friendly with Naruse even though they come from rival schools. Not to mention he even gives Naruse a good luck charm for the interhigh. Have i mentioned Naruse keep the charm in his pants?