Harry Potter/Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets/Recap/C03 The Burrow

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Harry opens the window to talk to Ron and to also find Fred and George in a old flying Turquoise car They have come to bring Harry back to the The Burrow With them, Fred and George go downstairs to collect Harry's school stuff that is locked in the cupboard. They are about to leave when Hedwig screeches as Harry forgot her. Which wakes the Dursly's and Vernon Dursley crashes through the unlooked door before jumping at Harry screaming at Petunia that "HE's GETTING AWAY.!" Ron Fred and George help pull Harry into the car before flying away. Ron then asks Harry "what's the story" Harry then tells them about Dobby's warning and the cake fiasco. Fred calls it Fishy. The conversation then moves to The Malfoy's and then how Mr Weasley loves muggles and that's why he enchanted the car.