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  • Ron, in the Half-Blood Prince film, shortly after Harry and Ginny return from the Room of Requirement:

Ron: So. Did you and Ginny do it?
Harry: (taken aback) What!?
Ron: You know. Hide the book.
Harry: Oh. Yeah.

    • In the same movie, there's Ginny going down on Harry. And by that, we mean kneeling in front of him... to tie his shoe.
  • The HBP film was chock full of this. Right after Dumbledore whisks Harry away from the cafe, he says something to the effect of, "I fear I may have robbed you of a wonderful evening." Note that Dumbledore's sort of implied to be able to see people's thoughts - not such a far-fetched idea given his own skill and the existence of Legilimency. And it's hard to think that, given the context, the girl's comment of "I get off at 11" wasn't a Double Entendre...
  • In the Prisoner of Azkaban film, during the credits (which are designed to look like the Maurader's Map), there are two pairs of feet in the corner... overlapping.
    • It also helps that if you look close the *ahem* outside pair of feet clearly squeeze in and out.
  • The wand-weighing scene in Goblet of Fire. Specifically, the talk about polishing.
  • We get a view of Hermione's cleavage in the second Deathly Hallows film. Of course having Emma Watson positioned that way toward the camera was completely unintentional.