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Hawkwind were one of the first Space Rock bands, formed in 1969 and still going strong today. Started out as Group X, later Hawkwind Zoo, before recording under their current name; also known as Hawklords for a brief period in the late 1970s.

While their style is at heart a combination of Psychedelic Rock and Progressive Rock with bits of electronic music via Kraut Rock, they have also been referred to as "proto-punk" because of their occasional Three Chords and the Truth moment and aggressive performances.

But you probably know them as "that band Lemmy was in before forming Motorhead".

They've had an insane amount of members over the course of their career. The more notable ones would be:

  • Dave Brock, vocals, guitar and keyboards, the busker who formed the band and the only constant member.
  • Robert Calvert, lead singer/frontman and poet between 1972-1979.
  • Simon House, violin.
  • Lemmy Kilmister, the guy who got fired for "doing the wrong drugs" and started Motorhead instead.
  • Michael Moorcock, guitar and vocals, better-known as a science fiction and fantasy author, and especially as the author of The Elric Saga.
  • Nik Turner, saxophone, alleged inventor of the band's name. No longer on speaking terms with Brock.
  • Ginger Baker, drums. Formerly with supergroup Cream and something of a coup for Hawkwind, he lasted for one tour and two LP's. Allegedly his vast ego was hard to contain, he still wanted supergroup pay and perks, and saw Hawkwind as his band rather than himself as Hawkwind's drummer. Clashed with the autocratic Brock and walked out/was sacked. Allegedly.
  • Hawkwind (1970)
  • In Search of Space (1971)
  • Doremi Fasol Latido (1972)
  • Space Ritual (1973) [live album]
  • Hall of the Mountain Grill (1974)
  • Warrior on the Edge of Time (1975)
  • Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music (1976)
  • Quark, Strangeness and Charm (1977)
  • 25 Years On — Hawklords (1978)
  • PXR 5 (1979)
  • Levitation (1980)
  • Sonic Attack (1981)
  • Church of Hawkwind (1982)
  • Choose Your Masques (1982)
  • The Chronicle of the Black Sword (1985)
  • The Xenon Codex (1988)
  • Space Bandits (1990)
  • Electric Tepee (1992)
  • It Is the Business of the Future to Be Dangerous (1993)
  • White Zone — Psychedelic Warriors (1995)
  • Alien 4 (1995)
  • Distant Horizons (1997)
  • 'In Your Area (1999)
  • Take Me to Your Leader (2005)
  • Take Me to Your Future (2006)
  • Blood of the Earth (2010)
  • Onward (2012)
Hawkwind provides examples of the following tropes: