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  • This fucking thing. Seriously, why? You're about to wash your hands, why do you care what's on the soap dispenser? Are we all so hell-bent on turning into Howard Hughes that we're actually worried about this?! Check this out for a more piquant viewpoint.
    • Sounds like someone's never been to a public washroom.
      • (1) Even in a public bathroom, it still doesn't make sense; you're touching the thing to get soap out of it to wash your fucking hands. Once you've got soap in your hands, who cares what's on the soap dispenser? (2) This isn't meant to be used in a public bathroom. This is meant to be used in your house.
        • (1) Sure, who cares what's on the the soap dispenser... other than the next person using it? I'm generally not a fan of the public washroom experience, but that doesn't make me Howard Hughes. Wearing tissue boxes on your feet and avoiding handshakes at all times, now that's Howard Hughes. (2) I know it's for home use, so again, other people are using it.
          • I get what the OP is saying. You're about to wash your hands, so who cares what you get on your hands BEFORE you wash them? No matter who the next person using it is, the intent of putting soap on your hands is to wash them, so they will wash the soap pump germs away.
    • It's nice to know other people realize this stuff. Seriously, most of the products out there that are supposed to get rid of germs in incredibly stupid places are just well, stupid. Germs are everywhere people, they're not going away any time soon.