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Missing Work

This work existed in electronic form only and no longer can be found anywhere on the Net, including the Wayback Machine. Lacking the original work, we cannot guarantee that the description below is accurate or that the trope list, if any, is anything approaching complete. Be warned that links in the text below may go anywhere, including unrelated sites, malware pits or worse.
If you have an offline copy of this work, please help the All The Tropes community by putting it back up on the Net and updating/adding the link in the text below. Thank you.

— The Mgmt.

HellBound was a Dead Baby Comedy by Maniac_wolfman, currently[when?] stalled in its last chapter, and is on what looks to be a permanent Series Hiatus. The plot centers around Guy, an incredibly unlucky college kid who loses his soul within minutes of starting a new job, as he tries to retrieve an ancient sacred relic in the hopes of getting his soul back. Along the way, he is accompanied by the violent demon Mel, her airheaded sister Kyota, and an idiotic thief named Baxter. Honestly, he probably gets more help from the sheer incompetence of the forces of good that are arrayed against them.

The entire original purpose of this entry was just to highlight the funny of strip #118, though it's best if you've read the preceding strips first. It lampshades the Punch Clock Villain and Faceless Goons tropes, plays with Let Me Get This Straight..., and then Crosses the Line Twice. Awesome.

Tropes used in Hellbound include:
  • But You Screw One Goat!: Kyota "Coveted her neighbor's ox, if ya know what I mean."
    • and by covet she meant intercourse
  • The Chew Toy - Guy and The Demon Hunter
  • Dead Baby Comedy - if decapitation doesn't seem funny to you, then you're doing it wrong
  • MacGuffin - ancient sacred relic #7
  • No Name Given - You never get to know the name of the Demon Hunter's female assistant. Who becomes attracted to Guy (it's mutual) and who has mime makeup permanently tattooed on her face.
  • Punch Clock Villain - more like "punch clock antagonist"
  • Talking Animal - Kyota
  • Orphaned Series - As of Feb 1 2008, the main domain is offline, so it's pretty safe to say this comic is gone. It came back up for a while, but that site now has no images available on the pages. As of 2019 the Wayback Machine copy of one archive appears to hold only the image of the first strip, and the Wayback image of another archive is known to be incomplete.