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HeroClix is an exception-based miniatures game. That is, it uses simple basic rules where the powers and abilities allow you to break the rules.

The game features heroes and villains from The DCU, the Marvel Universe, and various other Indy Comic Books. The reason it's called HeroClix is because these it uses miniatures on a dial, every time a character is damaged you rotate it and it "clix".

The appeal of the game lies in creating teams of heroes, villains, or Hero-Villain team ups and fighting classic battles or dream matches, all to finally put that Popularity Power to the test.

It includes pretty much every Stock Superpower and a few less easily mapped ones. It uses a point system to price heroes, giving them a raw Power Level used to gauge the strength of a team by adding up the members' values. A 100 point team of five Elite Mook Hand Ninjas would still be an easy match for an experienced Daredevil and Elektra, but get creamed with the 200 point Superman. The game has pieces move as if on a chessboard (each being able to move in any direction) and ranged attacks have to draw lines of fire avoiding such things as smoke and obstacles.

It has gone through at least one major evolution, and possibly a couple of Armed with Canon incidents. One of the major flaws... well, limitations of the system was that heroes who exhibited several superpowers at the same time (like say Super Strength and Incapacitate, or Invulnerability and Regeneration) could not use both at once, because only one attack, movement, defense, and damage power could be activated at once. Also, the powers and point values didn't always line up with canon. The Armed with Canon incidents involved DC combining Invulnerability with Deadly Dodging, and the new system with Marvel annexing cards that give each character multiple powers as their backstory demands.

It also had a near death experience due to Wizkids, its parent company, going out of business, but was purchased by another company, NECA, and lived to play another day. More recently, it has also added Street Fighter and Lord of the Rings to the list of available figure choices, followed by Gears of War and Halo sets. There's also supposedly an Iron Maiden set in the works, too. Only time can tell what other universes may soon join in the fun.

Tropes used in Hero Clix include:
  • Area of Effect - How Energy Explosion, thrown Grenades and Pulse Wave typically works
  • CCG Importance Dissonance: Point values (and powersets) don't always line up with canon.
  • Everything Breaks - Unless it's Elevated Terrain. Certain powers will change it to grounded terrain however.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation - The Dark Lord Sauron can be harmed by holding the One Ring special object.
  • Healing Factor - Regeneration, along with some special powers and Traits.
  • Hollywood Healing - No matter how much damage a character receives, as long as they haven't been KOed they can theoretically be returned to full health in-game by use of Support.
  • Junk Rare
  • Luck Manipulation Mechanic - Probability Control.
  • Metagame - There are some figures that specifically target the Metagame such as Kid Zoom who cancels Hypersonic Speed or Dirk Anger who will make your opponent's figures not able to use their team abilities.
  • Mook Chivalry- Enforced. There is only one action per turn for every 100 points on your team, and soldier-level characters come in at 30-50 points a piece. Larger forces of weak members therefore have to go in a few at a time while smaller groups or individuals are free to attack with full strength.
  • Won't Work On Me: The DCU set's Quintessence ability nullifies negative status from being inflicted on the possessor, such as having a power nullified or receiving damage from pushing (exertion). The same for the Power Cosmic from the Marvel sets.
    • Traits have this effect as well for specific powers and abilities.
  • Power Nullifier - Outwit
  • Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny: With the current sets, a fight between Master Chief vs Captain America vs Batman vs Gimli vs Ryu isn't far fetched.