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Yaoi Fans and Yuri Fans are secretly working together...

To get rid of all the het fans and rule the world for themselves.

  • And then they will end up not breeding, thus causing all makers of romantic fanworks to die out in a few generations.
    • At least not the male Yaoi Fans or the female Yuri Fans. But they will respawn by knowl and opinion.
      • Most male Yaoi Fans are actually straight (they're just here for the story) and some female Yuri Fans are straight as well, so not exactly.
  • ... They're on to us... you know what to do now.

Het Is Ew is a natural reaction to overpopulation

Het Is Ew is a result of massive faggots

    • Its all the secret agenda of the bundles of sticks?

Het Is Ew is the result of too much fucked up animal queer cartoon porn