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  • When England use the cleaning magic and suddenly everyone's portrait undergoes Art Evolution replacing their narmy portraits...
  • Spain is GREAT at relieving the tension, such as, when seeing the nations locked up in a cell, calling it a Nation Zoo.
  • I can't be the only one who laughed at America's first avatar...
  • Buying your healing items and food from a toilet.
  • Sudden Death Pillow Fight
  • "Found Germany's whip. It's rather worn from use..."
    • And his attack torture. With whipping noises.
      • Added bonus that early on, he locks himself in a closet, Japan hands him the whip, and then the door is replaced with a steel door. Oh, and there are some suspicious noises coming from behind the door. And Italy is nowhere to be found...
  • When one of the Greys is in the same room as Canada, it ignores him. Looks like being invisible does come in handy.
    • Also, one of the options (sadly not used) at this point is to 'pour maple syrup' on the Grey.
    • "Pretend to be the piano."
  • Under England's Equipment, his accessory is a "Pathetic Scone". The description is "Something that was supposed to be a scone. Very pathetic."
  • Spain is great at breaking the tension: when he finds the other nations trapped in a cell, he thinks someone put them in a zoo. Later, one of the Greys shows up and he's terrified, while everyone else is pretty much used to it; then a second one appears and he's even more frightened, while the others are mildly surprised.
    • Yet another Spain example: When the nations are picking human names, he declares himself Antonio Hernandez Carriedo... and then finds it won't fit on the paper.
  • When America encounters his own mochi:

America: What's this revolutionary creature?! It's fantastic!

America: It radiates such an aura of intelligence!