Hetaween 2011/Heartwarming

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  • This will be sent to Hima-sensei after the event ends, so hurry up and add a marker to it if you haven't already!
  • This post and many others who feel the same way or something similar but haven't said anything or have but whose posts were not linked.
  • The fandom has joined every day during the event to dance to this playlist (updated daily), so that it's like we are all partying together, no matter what country we're from or what time zone we're in or anything.
  • Korea willing to admit that several historical figures were from China.
  • Apparently the world misses England when he's not there ranting, even nations who usually hate him. Considering he always feels so lonely and unloved, this is adorable.
  • Ukraine cheering up Poland, who was asked to leave his pony outside, by bringing him a toy horse.
  • Luxembourg didn't make it to the party because of his work but Spain, Romano, Belgium and Netherlands take the time to let him know they're thinking of him. Next year for sure!
  • At the end, everyone was so happy that even Belarus just smiled and shrugged it off when her group didn't win. It was probably the first genuine smile we've ever seen her crack.
  • People cheering for Canada when he replaces America as the emcee in the event. Glad to see that people don't always forget about him in-universe.
  • Might just be me, but there was something sweet about England's interactions with Australia and New Zealand. After years of seeing England's not-so-good relationships with his former colonies, it was just nice to see him speak to some who genuinly seem to like him - and New Zealand even called him 'Big Bro'!
    • Australia carrying a sleeping Wy home.
  • In one of his Q&A entries on his blog afterwards, Hima revealed that America really just wanted to dress up with England, and used the "first one to follow me on Twitter" thing as his excuse. The fact that he wanted England to be his Robin wearing the original spandex-and-pantsless version of the costume sent the shippers through the roof. And even though England protested, he wore it anyway!