Hey You, Pikachu!/YMMV

    Everything About Fiction You Never Wanted to Know.

    Well, when you start with a game that's experimental as heck, of course there's going to be some YMMV.

    • Awesome Music: The whole soundtrack applies, but especially the opening theme.
    • Fridge Brilliance: After Oak makes you say goodbye, the second-to-last comment in the credits is "Hey, Pikachu is going home." Guess who's there when you get home.
    • Hilarious in Hindsight: Near the end of the game, you have to follow Pikachu while he goes out shopping. What's your stealthy cover? A cardboard box.
      • When you mention the PlayStation or Sega, Pikachu gets angry. Since becoming a third party, the latter has went on to be pals with Nintendo.
    • It Gets Better: With limited camera control and no ability to hold items, Pikachu's Discovery Days is easily the weakest part of the game - it opens up nicely after that.
    • Moral Dissonance: Professor Oak's order to release Pikachu in the end seems odd considering his goals involve people building friendships with Pokemon.
    • Sweet Dreams Fuel/Tastes Like Diabetes: The game as a whole. It all hinges on how much you can take a game whose entire premise is romping around with a baby Pikachu. Perhaps reaches the zenith during the credits: Pikachu's singing can either make a grown man blurt out a big "d'awwwww!" or suffer a heart attack.
    • That One Level: The pinata. That is ALL.