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Despite the fact that the series is a harem series, somehow the author was able to sneak in a few of these.

  • Kiba is sometimes this to Issei like the time when he was really grateful to Issei for resolving his dark past, he comments that his chest was burning up. Ise just finds him disgusting when he's like that.
    • Kiba and Ise is Lampshaded by nearly everyone including even the author. It doesn't help that Kiba thus far hasn't shown any interest in anybody yet except his momments with Issei.
    • Just to give an example: after Issei's Training from Hell with Tanninim, Kiba sees Issei's new body and just utters "Nice body." This makes Issei blush and cover himself up.
  • On the Les Yay side, we have both Xenovia and Asia, who despite the fact that both love Issei, Xenovia's pretty touchy with Asia like the one time they were at the gym locker room, she undresses Asia personally.
  • On the Foe Yay side, we have a one-sided relationship with Issei and Vali.
  • And then there's Saji and Issei. Saji's powers work right only if Issei is with him because of the dragons that are within them. And then when Issei finally died, Saji cried a lot and swore that he would take down Chaos Brigade or die trying.