Hiiro no Kakera

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Hiiro no Kakera (Scarlet Fragment) is a Japanese anime television series by Studio Deen. It is based upon the Visual Novel series of the same name. It has also been adapted into a one volume manga.

The story starts when a young girl named Kasuga Tamaki is summoned by her Grandmother to the small village where she lives. Things turn weird immediately when strange creatures appear before Tamaki in the woods. Well, it turns out that the women in Tamaki’s family are basically in charge of protecting the world and Granny feels that it's time to pass the torch to Tamaki. Not to worry though as she has got a little help; namely a a magical little fox and several young men from the family whose ancestral duty is the protection of the Tamayorihime. Yes, this is a Shoujo series, how did you guess?

Tropes used in Hiiro no Kakera include: