Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger/Headscratchers

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  • It's stated that one of the reasons this show is "not for kids" is because it depicts the Super Sentai series as fiction, and not real superheroes actually out there fighting evil. But, how does that match up with the actual Super Sentai series? Tokumei Sentai Gobusters takes place in 2012 of a new calendar system which we currently don't use. Obviously it's supposed to take place in the future, so...how does that help kids to think there are actual superheroes right now? At least Mirai Sentai Timeranger mostly took place in the present.
    • Go-Busters is actually set in a different continuity to Gokaiger, hence the Neo 2012 dating. It's a parallel universe, not the future.
      • If so, it should probably be explained in the movie. It doesn't make sense just to easily meet up on each other if they are, let alone all the Super Sentais, come from different universes.
      • Gokaiger takes place in the VS Sentai universe, so everything is ok.
    • The Problem is Akibaranger is going around pointing out all of Sentais Tropes, that's why it breaks the illusion to kids
      • Episode three involves heavy drinking, the monster of the week looking up Aoyagi's skirt, Moegi being a Yaoi Fangirl, and Ho Yay that's practically soft-core porn. Definitely not for kids.
  • How come AkibaYellow isn't getting her own Inordinate Power? Red gained two (Dekaranger and Jetman) and Blue gained one (Boukenger) so... I can understand the Law of Chromatic Superiority in Red's case, but it seems a little unfair considering what little time the show has left.
    • They don’t each have their own Inordinate Power. In episode eight Yumeria summons the Deka Cuffs when they each have one. Also in episode nine we see Nobuo use all three of them. They can all share the powers.
      • I know they can share them, it's just the fact that Yumeria didn't have her own Red Ranger episode to get one from that bothers me.
  • Why did Red Falcon give Akagi the Jetflyer? It was Aoyagi's development that summoned him.