Hogs of War

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The Turn of the Millennium saw the release of this game, where Commanding General I. P. Grimly guides the player and his army of pigs through a devilishly difficult campaign single-player mode, while there's also a "free play" single-or-multi player mode.

The plot, mirroring how meaningless wars are, is as basic as it gets: there's an island filled with swill, and your pigs' country wants it. Of course, you don't get to the island before having to conquer an entire country. Guess what the premise leads to.

A sequel was announced, but it happened when Infogrames happened to go through bankruptcy and therefore became yet another case of Vaporware, next to Duke Nukem Forever.

Tropes used in Hogs of War include:

VICTORY! Tea and crumpets for leading generals!