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Wow, they have all of the memes. All of them! You're surprised Know Your Meme doesn't have an individual article just for Homestuck... OH WAIT

Please Note: This page is for memes exclusive to Homestuck. Please put memes that are universal across at least two MS Paint Adventures in the appropriate place!

  • It started out with "What's In the Box, Jack?",[1] which then launched so many spin-off threads that they all ended up condensed into one gigantic Image Manipulation thread. Then there's pretty much everything from Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff (which also has achieved memetic status within the series' own universe). Listing all the in-fandom memes would take the rest of this page... oh look, it does!
  • In universe:

EB: how do you know about jegus? do you even know what that is?
AG: I have no idea! It's something Terezi has 8een saying non stop for some reason.
AG: It is weirdly infectious.

  • On 4chan's /co/ board, due to the massive amount of shipping and general threads, "HOMOSUCK IS SHIT" has evolved into an all-around catchphrase for anything that's too invasive or clutters up the board.
  • UPDATE [2]
  • Turn that 0_0 into a 0u0!
    • Wait, no, that looks stupid.[6]
  • being 0kay with things [7]
  • All of the X. All of it/them.[8]
  • Also, BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEEEEEEEEEEP,[9] or pretending to drive cars
  • Anythiiiiiiiing repeating 8 times [10]
    • "Be in cahoots. CAHOOOOOOOOTS!"
  • OH NOOOOOOO [11]
  • Sloppy makeouts [12]
  • Shit and the handle's repeated breakups and reconciliations [13]
  • Everyone is Spades Slick [14]
    • Everyone is Lord English, who is already here! [15]
      • Nepeta is Lord English! [16]
  • BLUH [17]
      • GLUB GLUB HUGE FISH [19]
    • DERP
  • being STRONG [20]
    • STRONGjumping, STRONGgalloping, STRONGsitting, STRONGlifting, STRONGrunning, STRONGdating, STRONGhobble etc.[21]
  • ___ double reacharound [22]
  • complete bullshit [23]
  • Trollsonas [24]
  • Buckets counting as sex toys [25]
    • Referring to Valentine's Day as "Pail Day"
    • Is that... a bucket? Augh, I can't believe someone would post that kind of smut on a worksafe site! Have you no decency?
      • SIX SOLAR SWEEPS! NOT 0KAY! [26]
  • My Little Hoofbeasts [27]
    • NEIGH [28]
  • Basically everything in Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff. Particularly "I warned you about stairs", "flip it turnways" and SBAHJification.[29]
      • where doing it man. where MAKING THIS HAPEN.
    • (in my dream) I am the X. Its me.
    • THE X RUSE WAS A...........
    • dude you gotta FLIP IT, TURN-WAYS
  • 2X____COMBO!!! [31]
  • SWEET CATCH!!! [33]
  • Autistic Nepeta [34]]
  • "Tangle buddies" [35]
  • "Lousy goddamn stupid X".[36]
  • Good dog. Best friend.[37]
    • Bad dog. Worst enemy.[38]]
  • Doing an acrobatic fucking pirouette off the X [39]
  • You cannot beat X in a Y-off. He/She is simply the best there is.[40]
  • It's hard being a kid growing up. It's hard and no one understands.[41]
    • It's hard. Being a [insert thing here]. It's hard and nobody understands.[42]
  • Special mention should go to Nepeta, Equius, Feferi, Eridan, and Aradia for bringing cat, horse, fish, and frog puns into the fur-ray.
    • ribbit
  • THIS IS STUPID! [43]
  • Who's this douchebag? [44]
  • Got Tiger [45]
    • Dog Tier! [46]
    • And most recently, Cod Tier.[47]
    • Duck Tier for Doomed Eridan, who's God Tier outfit's hood makes him look like a Psyduck.
  • "It's not like X being real was ever a thing that stopped being true" and other verbose ways of reminding readers that something long-forgotten still has significance.
  • WV IS AN IMP! [48]
  • Worcestershire sauce [49]
    • The villain is a DOG WEARING SUNGLASSES.[51]
  • Everyone hates Vriska! [52]
  • Tavros is the worst troll.[53]
  • Your name is [something stupid here] [56]
  • H3Y D4V3. H3Y D4V3. 1S TH1S YOU? [57]
  • An extreme example: on the formspring Hussie commented that "There are major characters, and there are minor ones. If you're waiting for me to fire up NEPETAQUEST 2011, don't hold your breath." Now, the fans are making it hapen. Twice.


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  1. In comic, Jack Noir looks into a box. A thread was created where fans created their own versions of what he found.
  2. Explanation Standard reaction to an update.
  3. Explanation Explained here.
  4. Explanation A misspelling of the above
  5. Explanation Homestuck updates a lot and at odd hours.
  6. A reference to Aradia Megido
  7. A common response by Aradia to the events going on.
  8. A phrase referenced repeatedly by the character Vriska, beginning with "you've gained all the levels. All of them."
  9. Associated with characters driving cars
  10. Vriska's typing quirk (she's Scorpio)
  11. A phrase commonly uttered by Jade when something bad happens
  12. Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Also known as "sloppy interspecies makeouts"
  13. "Shit just flew off the handle" and variations thereof are a common phrase in the series.
  14. A parody of Epileptic Trees for Homestuck.
  15. A reference to the speculation over English's true identity.
  16. A further parody of the above.
  17. Common expletive used by various characters
  18. Used to describe Snowman and Vriska. A snowclone "BLUH BLUH HUGE WITCH" was used to describe Rose.
  19. A snowclone of the above referring to fish troll Feferi Peixes
  20. A reference to Equius Zahhak, who has Super Strength.
  21. See above
  22. A phrase that appears in the comic
  23. Another phrase that appears in the comic, usually preceded by "This is"
  24. Fans making troll versions of themselves.
  25. Trolls use buckets to reproduce.
  26. Six solar sweeps is equivalent to 13 Earth years.
  27. Trolls call horses "hoofbeasts". A reference to My Little Pony
  28. A reference to an Easter Egg flash
  29. Everything is based off various lines from the comic. SBAHJification is making something like Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff.
  30. A common phrase that appears in the comic
  31. Another common phrase.
  32. A Running Gag where just before a character does something the story switches to another character. Also used to create a fake end to Act 4.
  33. Running Gag where a character catches something.
  34. A typical abusive comment from Karkat about Nepeta led to this being a relatively common interpretation of the character.
  35. A reference to the Squiddles
  36. A Running Gag in the series
  37. Originates from when Jade feeds Becquerel a radioactive steak. It promptly became a snowclone phrase, "Good x. Best y."
  38. Jade applying said snowclone phrase to Bec Noir
  39. A Running Gag. The X is usually a handle.
  40. Running Gag.
  41. A repeated phrase in the comic.
  42. A snowclone of the above.
  43. Usually said after a Non Sequitur Scene
  44. Common reaction to any person a character doesn't recognize.
  45. On Hussie's Formspring, someone made this typo when attempting to say "god tier", and Hussie naturally couldn't let it pass without comment. "Getting the tiger" became an Unusual Euphemism for someone ascending to the god tiers.
  46. Jade has a dog motif and her God Tier form has dog ears. And the Fandom Rejoiced, bestowing upon her this nickname.
  47. After a fan requested a picture of a God-Tiered Gamzee as part of Hussie's charity fundraiser for Japan after the earthquake, Hussie drew a sketch of Gamzee in his God Tier outfit which included, among other things, an enormous codpiece from Bard Quest. Naturally, the fans ran with this.
  48. It was initially believed WV was one of the imps John fought in the Medium. He's not.
  49. From here.
  50. See the Pothole.
  51. From Word of God.
  52. The character has a habit of manipulating everyone, often to their detriment.
  53. Tavros is inept at trolling.
  54. Vriska was intentionally created to be the best troll, not only infuriating the characters but also the readers.
  55. See the Pothole
  56. Zoosmell Pooplord.
  57. Terezi paints Dave's glasses onto various pictures. She usually misses.
  58. It's a gay porn comic featuring Tavros, Eridan and Equius that was being spammed at 4chan's Homestuck General. It always started with a spoilered pic of the first page, and a spoilered text saying "1/18". Soon it started being parodied, including one version that had SBAHJ-style art.
  59. The character Eridan uses double "v"s and "w"s as his typing quirk (he's Aquarius) and is commonly characterized as being a desperate, dateless loser. And then he was revealed to be the "Prince of Hope". Mashing him with the line "Hope Rides Alone" from The Protomen swiftly followed.
  60. An answer to Ship-to-Ship Combat.
  61. 4chan /co/ meme originating from a gif where Kanaya moves her feet very fast. A later update was made as a homage to that meme.
  62. sober!Gamzee's Madness Mantra, which quickly became a spectacular instance of Hell Is That Noise both in-universe and out.
  63. Back in December of '10, a group of fans got together and began designing a Homestuck calender. When the topic of a crossdressing Eridan was breached, the artist designing the picture for March decided the idea was too good to pass up, so they decided to work it into their image.
  64. A Running Gag
  65. Kanaya being a Lesbian Vampire Memetic Sex God.
  66. Almost two years into the comic's run a fan who had only recently started the series asked a forum if anyone else had noticed Dave Strider's hair was in the shape of a stylized bird. Cue entire thread freaking out.
  67. They're shops of his death scene.
  68. Each troll has their own way of typing.
  69. Fat Vriska comes from a long series of trolling/counter-trolling Q&A on Hussie's formspring account about whether Feferi was fat or not that eventually degenerated into an expression of hatred & lust for fat people with Vriska as the focus.
  70. The comic revealed that Scratch likes the company of younger girls...and to Scratch every girl is "young"
  71. Terezi is blind.
  72. An unusual art choice in this panel makes Karkat look as though his entire body consists of a pair of really long pants. Pantskat is the most common name for the entity, but "Karkat Pantas" is also used on occasion.
  73. Derives from the same frame as Pantskat, "Cutnaya" comes from how the colour of Kanaya's sash is the same colour as the floor, so it appears she is lacking a midsection.
  74. After Eridan killed Feferi and Kanaya, a huge shitstorm started on 4chan's Homestuck General. Eridan's fans were celebrating his victory and unsuccessfully trying to justify his actions. One of Eridan's fans decided to make an analogy with a tsunami, saying Eridan was doing that to avoid said tsunami.
  75. All the original human kids reach the God Tiers.
  76. These two related memes emerged from some of Hussie's snarky Formspring responses concerning, well, anime; Hussie doesn't care about the animes, and so gave Discworld as a snarky response. It spent most of its time as a Formspring/MSPA forum injoke, and didn't get a nod in Homestuck itself for a long time, until Jade alchemised the Dead Shuffle dress and it's remarked that in it she looks like she's "straight from the animes".
  77. This came from a particularly hilarious line by Gamzee where he casually (and unexpectedly) asks Tavros to make out.
  78. Right after Karkat confesses his hatecrush on John, John replies with this line. It can be found absolutely everywhere.
  79. Following this sequence, a lot of AU fanfic/fanart portrayed Diamonds Droog as Aradia's adoptive father, frequently with other members of the Midnight Crew or the Felt adopting other trolls (usually based on exile/troll pairings).
  80. The punchline from a comic shipping Eridan and Nepeta together, itself based on a Questionable Content meme, has seen more than its fair share of usage.
  81. Two characters, Jade and Eridan, use guns in-canon, leading to a lot of fanart of them with guns. Since they're both expert marksmen, it's somewhat jarring to notice how rarely they're drawn holding their gun correctly, even in otherwise-good pictures, or in canon.
  82. A string of updates near the end of Act 5 have Karkat calming Gamzee down from his subjugglating madness by repeatedly "pap"-ing his face and shushing him.
  83. said Seahorse Dad to Eridan. In fanon, this is generally portrayed as the extent of their knowledge of the ways of love, moreso for Eridan.
  84. The logical conclusion to the above, mixing Eridan's ideal of of the above advice with a separate meme about a whale emoticon on an iPhone.
  85. Sometime around June 2011 someone posted a role-play log wherein they were role-playing Kanaya as a drunk, it boomed with popularity within hours.
  86. This image.
  87. From this drawing sent by Terezi to Dave.
  88. "[S] Cascade" featured one shot (drawn by fanartist Xamag) in which Kanaya had an interesting pose. The fandom ran with it.
  89. This meme is much older than that. It pretty much launched with this [dead link], continued with this [dead link], and then threw this on [dead link] for good measure. Later, the story of its conception [dead link] was released.
  90. Karkat's first line of dialogue
  91. When Hussie began creating the End of Act 5 flash he made a progress bar for it on his site.
  92. A joking reference to Christmas, using the building material from SBURB
  93. After a so-called "anti-Homestuck" blog decreed that Dave represented Satan, the idea caught on and there was an influx of fanart for the idea.
  94. Shipping Hussie with Hidekaz Himaruya is a fairly common thing that happens, possibly tongue-in-cheek to poke fun at the inexplicable hatred between the Hetalia fandom and the Homestuck fandom. It was popularized by artists Tannanana and Sclez. Hussie now knows about it, thanks to user himapapaftw, who, on September 6th (now known by fans as Hussieruya Day), sent him a link to the Hussieruya blog via Twitter. This was his response.
  95. Riffing off of this [dead link] wisecrack.
  96. When Hussie posted the EOA 5 flash on Newgrounds on the 25th of October (10/25), so many fans flocked there to see it that Newgrounds crashed. Then, when he posted a link to download it on Megaupload, the same event occurred. A livestream that was set up to play the EOA for everyone who'd missed it also crashed within minutes. Even Tumblr ended up crashing due to the sheer amount of fans posting about the flash. 10/25 has since been dubbed "the day that Homestuck broke the Internet."
  97. Originally said by Kanaya Maryam, it is used in response to an exclamation of Fridge Brilliance about something everyone else already understood.
  98. The standard response to discovering a new piece of hidden Foreshadowing, Fridge Brilliance or other evidence connecting to an event or another is skyward screaming Andrew Hussie's name. Needless to say, this happens a lot.
  99. His... thoughts about "women of a cerulean complexion".
  100. Betty Crocker is a villain in Homestuck
  101. On his now-defunct formspring account, Hussie responded to a question about a perceived slowdown in updates by pointing out that his overall rate hadn't changed--there were longer pauses between updates, but there were also more pages per update. Then he pointed out that at that time he had put out enough pages, quickly enough, that he could stop updating entirely for 13 years, and Homestuck would still have a higher lifetime page-per-day rate than any other webcomic currently in existence.
  102. The first pesterlog Dirk has is in fact Jake talking to his autoresponder- that is, his shades- which are shown resting on a sink.
  103. The widely used pairing name for Gamzee/Tavros is 'pbj', due to their respective blood colors. This prompted a non-Homestuck fan on tumblr to complain that after searching the 'pbj' tag he found a bunch of 'peanut butter and jelly demons fucking each other' when all he wanted was a sandwich.
  104. Dirk's Auto-Responder is an artificial intelligence contained in his shades.
  105. When roleplaying on anonymous chat services such as Omegle or Trollmegle (a Homestuck version of Omegle), someone mispells their introduction and exits the conversation in an embarrassed manner as a result.
  106. A number associated with Vriska Serket, also the sum of the digits of the Arc Number 413.
  107. Tumblr users post panels of the comic, usually where someone dies, with the song "Whatcha Say".