Hot Mom/Analysis

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    • In short, this trope applies if said mother is meant to be considered sexy in-universe, that is, to the other characters. She does not have to be attractive to standards possessed by real humans with normal skin tones, and bear in mind that a troper entering an example does not mean he/she finds her attractive, but is reasoning that she could be in-universe, or to certain groups within the audience. The trope does not apply just because you happen to find the character attractive, and, again, nor are people entering examples for that reason - go to the relevant pages for that! As mentioned, this definitely applies to the Western Animation section.
    • Note that it will depend on a whole plethora of factors. Some of the candidates will make you wonder just what the author or artist was thinking, and why anybody would fancy that character. And especially with regards to Western Animation, it may even vary depending on whether or not you consider yourself part of certain groups, for obvious reasons.

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