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  • The Running Gag with Nepgear getting a series of progressively loopier titles in response to events that make her look awkward or foolish.
  • MAGES. trolls Vert on Neppit. Vert almost figures it out and this forces a flustered MAGES. to have to BS her way out of getting caught.
  • Kuma shows up at the Planeptune Basilicom, scaring the crap out of Neptune, who open and closes the door on him twice to make sure she isn't seeing things. Then Tekken shows up and explains he was her sparring partner in the mountains and the kids warm up to him like he's a really big teddy bear (which he turns out to be, in defiance of the trope about bears).
  • Anonydeath's every interaction with Noire, as he/she's the ultimate Loony Fan Up to 11.
  • Abnes getting the crap beaten out of her by the very kids she thought was defending. Even young Compa joins the beatdown.
  • Plutia and Blanc join forces to whip Mr. Badd into submission. Literally.