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    Carly's new room will become the new set for the webshow scenes.

    Or at least will play a focal part in future episodes. Why go to all the trouble of putting the "room" together and so awesomely, if they weren't going to use it for anything else?

    • Pretty much Jossed. It's been in a few scenes, but none involving the web-show.

    Carly is extremely kinky, if not outright sexually depraved.

    She's shown sadistic/punishment tendencies with Sam (who, granted, doesn't mind) and humiliation aspects in her relationship with Freddie. However, it starts to get a little odd when she kisses the comatose Shane and some of the stuff she comes up with for iCarly is borderline insane. Yes, Sam helps but its shown that Sam doesn't work very hard or enjoy it as much as Carly. There's also some subtle but numerous hints that she's pretty controlling.

    Carly only likes Griffin due to projection.

    Carly likes Griffin because he's a bad boy. More specifically, he's the male version of Sam. Could she be projecting her feelings for Sam onto the similar Griffin? Later, when she finds out that he collects beanie babies, that image is understandably destroyed, and she's left with a boy that she never really liked in the first place, leading to the breakup.

    The goat either nipped Carly on her butt or peed on her that one birthday.

    Carly doesn't like to have that incident mentioned, so those things are what the goat may have did.

    • I say the goat nibbled on her in a very improper part of her body.

    Carly is Megan in disguise.

    After a "prank" goes too far, Megan accidentally kills Drake and Josh, leading to her fleeing San Diego for Seattle. She has Crazy Steve drive the getaway car. They create false identities for themselves in Seattle: Megan becomes Carly, and Crazy Steve becomes Spencer. Carly and Sam were friends when Carly was Megan because of their complementary personalities and because Sam supplied non-lethal weapons to Megan. This is why Megan went to Seattle -- she would have someone to vouch for her. The massive amounts of Les Yay between Carly and Sam are due to Megan/Carly's Heel Face Turn, which she only did to avoid raising suspicion. She didn't realize this would turn Sam on. In memoriam to Drake, Sam keeps his picture on her locker door.

    • And then, Drake appeared as a ghost in iBloop.
      • And the guy with the blonde wig and sunglasses in iReunite With Missy is actually Josh in disguise, left for dead but not, secretly observing Megan, plotting his revenge.
    • Somebody make a fanfic of this. NOW.
    • Well, Spencer is pretty crazy at times..What about Freddie though? His actor appeared in Drake and Josh once (the episode with Megan and the boy).
      • Wasn't his scene in Drake and Josh cut, though?
        • Yeah. It was cut, and not shown. You can see him in the background in a few wide shots, but that's it.
    • This would explain why Carly does tend to act like a bitch sometimes... (or actually, a lot of the time)...
    • The question this raises is who's the guy that they claim to be their grandpa?

    Megan gets amnesia, thinks she is a girl named "Carly", and runs away with a medicated Crazy Steve to Seattle.

    Also the cool Toplin was a fake persona made by Freddie. He falls in love with Carly since she reminds him of Megan but nicer.

    • And in iGet Pranky, Spencer doesn't want to help Carly prank someone not because of an experience he had fourteen years ago, but because he's afraid pranking will cause Carly to remember her life as Megan.

    The last time Carly had an asthma attack was at her mother's funeral

    That's why Spencer still had her inhaler years later; her last attack was so severe she almost died.

    iSAFW will be the episode where iCarly Jumps the Shark.

    This episode seems hellbent on insulting the major fangroups, and the writers of the show probably don't have the smarts to truly pull it off effectively. If it's bad, or even just 'not good' the community built around the show could abandon the show in droves. Especially if the Shipping aspect of the episode fails to live up to the hype or sinks both Creddie and Seddie.

    • Will end up being true if the writers and show follows through on the Author Tract against Shipping.

    Carly is Ranka Lee after the events of Macross Frontier: The Wings of Goodbye.

    After Alto and Sheryl reunited, Ranka tried to stay strong to forget about Alto, but failed to do so. So, she decided to leave all behind and opted to time travel to the past, but during the course of the time travel, her appearance changed and aged down to the age when She and Sam met. When she arrived in that year, she had nowhere to go and that's where Spencer adopted her and changed her name to Carly Shay (removing all traces of her connection to the Lee's or the Mei's), like how Ozma adopted her after the Vajra attack (This was during the time Steven Shay was still around before the events of the show). Then she met Freddie, which reminded her so much of Alto. But during the course of iOMG, Carly caught him kissing with Sam, and it reminded her of her relationship with Alto that didn't happen, and broke down and sobbed. Throughout the time of the5-episode Seddie arc, She had to stay strong for both of them, but fails to do so when she's alone. This will lead to Freddie figuring out why Carly has been like that since that incident.

    Carly’s aggressive claustrophobia stems from her memory of Mrs. Shay's funeral

    Like the above WMG, suggesting her last asthma attack took place then, this theory takes it a bit further. Poor 7-year-old Carly not only suffered a stress-related attack, but also developed and intense fear of enclosed spaces at the sight of her mother in a coffin, being lowered into the ground, and buried.

    • Personally I thought it stemmed from the 'space madness' she developed in iSpace Out whilst trapped in a very small room, that randomly hit her, had loud noises, smoke and two of the most annoying people on the planet (no offense but putting them in a small room together was bound to cause more arguments than normal, being stuck in that must have been hell).
      • This troper figured she faked her claustrophobia in "iSam's Mom" to get them out of the enclosed room (wouldn't you think of that in a situation like that?)


    Freddie is a hemophiliac.

    In the most recent episode, simply pricking his finger resulted in an unusual amount of unstoppable bleeding. What's more, his computer said that he was "prone to excessive bleeding" after testing his blood. This could also explain his mother's protectiveness of him, in particular her little issue with ticks.

    • That still doesn't explain his High-Pressure Blood.
      • High blood pressure?
        • Shortly after he took the test he ended up spurting blood all over the place. That's the high pressure blood.
        • Wouldn't that be contradictory with how he heals quickly like whenever Sam beats on him or the Britney Spears expy threw a fork in his shoulder?
        • Depends on where he got hit and how deep. The fork probably didn't need to go in that deep, and the shoulder is a beefy area compared to a deliberate prick of the finger to draw blood.

    Freddie and Nevel have the same father, and he changed his name.

    They are both geniuses. They are both far more sheltered than most tweens. And it would explain how Mrs. Benson happens to be single.

    Freddie doesn't buy all of that high-end tech equipment.

    He BUILDS it from second-hand parts that he either buys dirt-cheap or finds. The fact that all of his equipment is highly reliable even thought it's made from low-quality parts is a testament to Freddie's genius.

    • The computers, maybe. The cameras and stuff I very much doubt it.

    Freddie buys his equipment from the same place that Megan from Drake and Josh bought hers. Acme Products.

    Acme Products in this case being some kind of dodgy black or grey market importing from China, Hong Kong, Japan or Taiwan. How else could a pre-teen and a 13 year old afford all that equipment?

    Freddie is a test tube baby.

    • Given how obsessive Mrs. Benson is, it isn't much of a stretch that she would visit a sperm bank and obsessively study the profiles to find the perfect seed.

    The show will end with a Who's Laughing Now? moment for Freddie

    Finally tired of taking shit from Sam, he will either:


    Sam is Jewish.

    Sam has a cutout of some sort of Star of David necklace prominently displayed on the inside of her locker. Her mother dates a series of various professional men: psychologists, lawyers and, most recently, a rabbi. Sam is obsessed with ham and bacon to the point of fetishism. She often uses inflections commonly associated with New York Jews; she frequently saying "oy," and the other main characters do not. When she and Carly sneaked into a teacher's apartment to film her for their web show, they pretended to be throwing her a surprise birthday party. The teacher says it's not her birthday, so Sam suggests, "Happy... Hanukkah?" In the Christmas episode, Carly and Sam jokingly rename the reindeer, and Sam calls Blitzen "Blitzberg". When Carly questions her, she replies "What? A reindeer can't be Jewish?" A nurse asked her name to report her to the principal "for impersonating a sick person," and she made up "Rebecca Berkowitz." Think about it!

    • Actually, in "iSpeed Date" Rebecca Berkowitz is mentioned as an real person at their school, not just someone Sam made up.
      • Older Than You Think. The actual Rebecca Berkowitz appeared in that extended version of iSaw Him First, who even spouts the line "What did I do?" after the nurse threatens the escaping fake!Rebecca aka Sam.
    • There needs to be a Token Jewish Sidekick page.
    • This has been Jossed as of the episode iSam's Mom.

    Sam has loved Freddie since she first met him, but had to wait until he got over Carly before moving.

    Sam's 'sudden interest' in Freddie really isn't, which is lampshaded by Freddie himself in iDream Of Dance. The reason why Sam's only now approached Freddie romantically is because (a.) he's finally seemed to get over his longstanding feelings for Carly - or, at least put them in perspective (as we see in iStart A Fanwar and iSaved Your Life, and (b.) as we see in iOMG (and to a lesser extent in iCook) Freddie is now secure enough in his own masculinity to actually enjoy being around a girl who's physically his equal. (When it comes to romance, Carly actually is more immature/'girly' than Sam, as she's still caught up in her 'All Girls Want Bad Boys phase'. Remember, Sam's spent years on the beauty-pageant circuit, was good enough to win after being out of the game for over seven years, and only wanted to be 'girlier' in terms of being seen as more demure/submissive (like Carly) to win a certain guy's attention.) Freddie is a Dogged Nice Guy that Carly would eventually get bored with, but is actually a perfect match for Sam (in the vein of Uptight Loves Wild) - and is also more than capable of dealing with the drama of Mrs. Benson. The Fridge Brilliance comes when you consider that Sam has always had an interest in him, but has simply been waiting for Freddie to mature, grow beyond the idea that only a 'girly-girl' like Carly could be the one for him, and open himself up to the idea of what was right beside him all along - that he could also have a relationship with a girl like her.

      • Jossed. Based on Sam's explanation about the bike courier and him bleeding from the ears, the reaction of Freddie to that and Sam's rapid and commented upon by Freddie and Carly change in behaviour in iOMG as well as the fact that the change only happened when Brad showed up, suggests it happened fast, and happened between the end of iPity The Nevel and iOMG around the time they hired Brad to come work on the show.

    Sam's love for Freddie came very slowly

    It most likely started in iKiss. If you pay attention Freddie's thought that they should kiss (which was really voiced by Sam) was very much lead on by Sam. She wanted to try kissing him because she felt sorry for what she did and when the idea formed it kept becoming more appealing to her. After the kiss she started developing feelings for him that is reflected in her gradual recline to abuse him, as well as a few instances they seem to help each other. She is probably offended by her own feelings (when she finally realized she had them) and tried to deny them as much as possible. It becomes futile, and she is driven by everyone's (misleading) prodding to go for it to express her feelings in the awkward way she did, knowing no other.

      • I agree with this. It also makes more sense overall.
      • Jossed. Based on Sam's explanation about the bike courier and him bleeding from the ears, the reaction of Freddie and Sam's rapid and commented upon by Freddie and Carly change in behaviour in iOMG as well as the fact that the change only happened when Brad showed up, suggests it happened fast, and happened between the end of iPity The Nevel and iOMG around the time they hired Brad to come work on the show.

    Sam's father was abusive before he abandoned them. Her mother is alcoholic or a drug addict as well as a prostitute.

    Sam never mentions her father. This is because he was abusive towards Sam and her mother. He ended up in jail or was kicked out. Sam never has any money or food unless it comes from Freddie or Carly or Spencer. This is because what little money her mother makes gets spent on drugs or booze. Sam eats a lot because her mother is sometimes unable to buy food for days or weeks at a time, and she never knows when.

    Her mother's late nights are spent working on the streets, and the nights end with her mother collapsed on the floor from booze or drugs. Her pimp is probably someone Sam knows; their family has many relatives in jail or on parole. Her family is probably involved in drug running and prostitution rackets. Sam never wants to spend any time with her mother and never wants anyone to see where she lives. Getting to her place requires a bus trip, and it is in a low-rent/red light district. Sam has grown up tough because she has to fight off any of her mother's "clients" or boyfriends who try to get a piece of her as well. Her mother's driver's license was revoked because she was caught Driving Under the Influence.

    Carly and Spencer know about all of this; they allow Sam to stay with them and are not surprised when she turns up in the middle of the night. This happens when Sam runs away because is overwhelmed by her mother's drinking or drug use or when she really doesn't want to see the clients her mother takes home at night. Freddie has some basic knowledge of Sam's situation, which is why he is content to try to stop Sam from bullying him, rather than try to insult her back.

    Sam's recurring dream where a monster eats her soup stems from this. The monster is her father; the soup symbolises her innocence.

    • There's a problem: If Sam's family's so poor, how does Melanie manage to go to that rich school? If she got there by government welfare, they would've let Sam go too. And students can't really receive scholarships for middle schools. I know the characters were in 9th grade by that episode, but then if she only received it for high school (which isn't that likely), she would've appeared sometimes in the first season.
      • They explicitly said she was on a scholarship, so Melanie most likely worked her ass off to get it, and get out of the trainwreck that was her home life. Whilst Sam just sat back on her ass doing nothing but bitch and moan, and eventually bully other kids because of it.
      • Also, in refrence to the 'they would've let Sam go too', would you let Sam into a fancy school if you were its headmaster?

    Sam's Humiliation Conga in iSpeed Date was created specifically to appease the portion of the iCarly fandom who feel Sam's awesomeness is running rampant and unchecked

    Because we can't have such an untamed, concentrated form of awesome in an amoral female character without some way to keep her in check. Let's hope they don't take this to the logical extreme ...]]

    • Most people don't care as much about her strength as how she's a Jerk Sue who gets away with everything, is a massive bully, yet is still half of a very popular ship -- and the other half is the biggest target for her disgusting behaviour.
      • Her strength isn't what needs containing -- Nickelodeon isn't afraid of strong females. The problem is, if a girl on television isn't the epitome of moral rectitude and instead chooses to act up, (as teenager are wont to do), then she's automatically a bitch who must be humiliated before she can be redeemed, if that's even possible. Never mind that characters like Sam Puckett and Alex Russo are more interesting to watch than Hannah Montana and her ilk.... And as far as the shipping with Freddie goes, that's the viewers misinterpreting the fact that Sam and Freddie are (at best) Vitriolic Best Buds, especially in later episodes, where the fighting has decreased somewhat and they are slightly more comfortable around each other.
        • Am I the only one disturbed by how angry people are getting over something bad happen to Sam? She isn't the most awesome thing ever. She's just a jerk. It's nice to see some consequences from it, and I haven't seen any signs of character development from her.
        • You are not alone. It's Sam's behavior which made me give up on the show. Apparently it's okay for a girl to be a total bitch to all but a few people, especially if it's a boy who happens to be a nerd. Nevermind the backlash if it were the other way around. Sam and Freddie are Vitriolic Best Buds? A Curb Stomp Battle-equivalent, maybe (How the hell does what Freddie has done to Sam equivalent to her throwing him out of a treehouse) but definitely not best buds. If the likes of Sam Puckett and Alex Russo are really the epitome of "awesome female characters," then I'll stick with the likes of Hannah Montana. At least their behavior doesn't drive me to change the channel out of disgust.
        • Characters like Sam who earn the label of "awesome" do so because of (not just in spite of) the fact that they push things to the extreme and give less than a shit about likability. Sure, we wouldn't like someone like Sam (or Alex, or god forbid, Megan) in real life, but that's kinda the point: We live through them vicariously, on some level admiring their deplorable behavior because we know we couldn't get away with it and because they do it with none of the self-consciousness we ourselves are afflicted with in the real world. Even if (as illustrated above) you don't like these characters, you react to them strongly and are engaged nonetheless. Hence why characters like Hannah Montana don't strike as much of a chord: They ring false in some way, going in the opposite direction by embodying a kind of sugary sweetness and naivete that we, even on our best days, don't possess.
          • Poster of "just a jerk" comment: Actually, I really don't have any strong opinion on her. And, to be frank, I'm not even sure where Hannah Montana came in. It's not like you can only have one of two kinds of female characters. Hell, Carly herself is hardly "pure", but she's also far less "Awesome".
          • Hannah Montana? The epitome of moral rectitude? Seriously?

    Sam is Obfuscating Stupidity.

    Although Sam "obviously" doesn't try hard in school, she may just be pretending. She could be as smart as Melanie, who managed to get into a top school, seemingly. But, as with Obfuscating Stupidity, she may have held herself back for either laziness, or to be with Carly. Or maybe to keep on being able to insult Freddie. It's never given when Carly and Sam met Freddie, but it could have been before Melanie got to that school. Honestly I don't have pretty much no evidence, but she may be acting stupid to mess up the teachers. I remember twice she uses pretty advanced vocabulary words that most teens don't usually say casually. About Nevel - "Aughhhh. He's so conceited." And in the episode where she dates Jonah - "I know I'm a bit... abrasive." I don't hear a lot of teenagers saying that.

    • As Sam apparently got held back for the third grade (which could have been before Carly even moved to Seattle), the reason Freddie didn't know Melanie was probably that as she was moved ahead a year compared to Sam, she left for her private school a year before the girls met Freddie. So Freddie either met them in their last year of primary school, or their first year of middle school, depending on exactly which school their 6th grade was part of, so it's doubtful that her getting held back had anything to do with Freddie. Also, would I be the only one who wants to punch the wall if she turns out to be a genius as well as unrealistically strong AND gets away with everything?

    Alternatively, Sam is Brilliant but Lazy.

    See above.

    Sam is a stoner.

    Seriously. Why else is she always hungry, and always sleepy?

    • I, for one, love stoner characters, so thank you.
      • Her and Spencer totally get high together. Probably Socko too. If this results in Spencer/Socko man-love, hot Spencer/Sam love-making, or crazy OT3 is up to the reader.
      • Not to mention her some of her clothes, especially in the earlier season looks somewhat stoner/hippie like.
      • Her friends in iFence that try to get her away from reading her book, definitely look like stoners, and they aren't shown to be Carly or Freddie's type of crowd.
    • For that matter, Carly kinda seems like a stoner at times too. There are numerous occasions when she repeats a funny sounding word the gently laughs a la Beavis and Butthead. Aside from pranks, she writes most of the material on iCarly which is on the Main page as not being written with a clear head, I for one love stoner comedy and characters, but they are as close to a G-rated/Nickelodeon version of Female Beavis and Butthead expies as you can get. The writers and cast do a great job of not making Carly and Sam seem like airheads, but shows that they are far from being geniuses, but YMMV.

    Sam is a super powered mutant

    She beats up bullies twice her size, she wrestled a full grown man to the ground without working up a sweat, she rips chain locks off of doors and when she and Carly were hanging from that platform in "iQuit iCarly", even though she said she wasn't strong enough to pull her up, she did, with one arm! Plus that would explain why she's always hungry. She has to maintain her mutant metabolism.

    Sam is part-Fae

    Improbable events keep happening about her, fiercely loyal, inability to care about things that don't directly affect her, unnatural strength, large sprawling family, problems with human authority - so many things could be explained about her if she or one her ancestors was one of the Fair Folk. A clue might be in her last name of Puckett.

    Sam is Jewish and in the Witness Protection Program, hiding from her dad.

    An unholy mix of some of the above entries. Sam's father is a criminal, most likely with ties to organized crime. (She mentions a lot of family members in jail, she knows how to take care of herself, etc.) He did something so bdd that it got him put away for life and put his family in danger. So Sam and her mom went into the Witness Protection Program to protect themselves. Sam's mother hasn't really gotten over that event, which explains why Sam's crappy homelife. All the Jewish references that Sam makes are her slipping out of her the new "persona" she was given. The running gag that she loves meat (especially bacon) is her way of saying, "Oh no, I'm not Jewish at all."

    • If she got into witness protection, there is no way they would her old family talk with them.
      • Or be a popular face on a web show

    Sam's issues are all because she was a Pageant Kid.

    Sam is somehow related to Coco from Zoey 101

    Both are blond, both are in love with food, both are incompetent workers, and both live in the Dan Schneider universe. Somehow, they might be related or Sam will grow up to be Coco when she does a deed so terrible, she's chased out of the state and she starts a new life somewhere else with the name Coco. She will live as Zoey's Dorm advisor for the rest of her life, hiding from the police.

    Sam is somehow related to Drake from Drake and Josh.

    Think about it. Sam has a twin sister, who apparently goes to another school. She may have a brother, who could be Drake or some persona of him. They both fail academically. Maybe Melanie only got the smart genes. Plus, she keeps a picture of him in her locker.

    • Therefore, the tuna sandwich event that caused her and Carly's friendship was a way of seeing if Carly, with her eerily similar appearance to Megan, had the potential to act as an Expy for Megan.

    Sam will be the best driver of the quartette.

    Face it, we are inevitably going to get a "iDrive" episode in season 4 where the characters learn to drive, since they should all be 16 by now. Carly will fail, Freddie will be taught by his mom, causing a scene that would end up as a Crowning Moment of Funny, Gibby would not do well enough to pass or will choose not to because his girlfriend can drive, and Sam would end up acing the driving test completely. Everyone is completely confused and they are convinced that she cheated somehow, and for complete irony, it turns out she IS great at driving.

    • That's so predictable it could've rolled right off the desk of Dan himself. Bonus points if Sam runs Freddie over and still passes.
      • Alternately, it'll be a follow-up to the Yo Gabba Gabba! Kia commercial. Freddie'll have a moderate amount of difficulty Driving Stick for a first lesson; Sam (different car) will rev the car to the redline, pop the clutch, and lay rubber; and Carly (diff. car again) will just put it in "D".... Voiceover "The Kia Forte. Manual or automatic is just the beginning of your choices."

    There is no "Melanie."

    Either Freddie was right about her being a prank of Sam's, or she is (one of) Sam's alternate personalities.

    • Jossed, they appear in the same scene at the same time at the same place.
      • But not completely, however, Melanie could be a Literal Split Personality.
        • Carly acknowledges her presence in the elevator. Plus, neither Sam nor Carly pushed the button for the elevator, so how else would an empty elevator know to stop at that specific floor?

    Sam had been neglected by her parents in the past

    She clings onto such habits to this day, even after it's stopped. She's always hungry, her personality, behavior, etc. It could be innocent, or not...

      • Pretty much confirmed in iSam's Mom.

    Sam is a Self-Hating Jew

    This explains how all of the evidence for her being Jewish could be correct even though she out and out claimed that she wasn't Jewish.

    Sam is at least part monster and doesn't know it.

    Sam is the least moral of the main characters. She's way too strong to be human, and she has a lot of violent tendencies. And the way she constantly eats meat? She's holding off the Horror Hunger.

    Sam is a Slayer.

    It would explain her super strength, agility and general waifu. Plus, it's been shown that when they were younger, Carly was roughly as strong as her, being able to knock her to the floor. The reason she's always one step ahead of Freddy is because she receives prophetic visions in her sleep of his next move. She's most likely undiscovered and hasn't seen through The Masquerade yet.

    Sam doesn't have a Freudian Excuse for her behavior.

    She's just a cunt.

    Sam is a troll.

    iCarly is an Instant Web Hit because Sam could seriously screw up a forum disliking it. This might explain why Nevel's site hasn't been mentioned for a while, IIRC...

    Sam isn't technically Jewish...

    But her father was. That could explain why she has a lot of Ambiguously Jewish characteristics, while still not being Jewish, as children are only Jewish if their mother is.

    The only reason that Sam wanted to keep Cort in iCarly was that she was tired of waiting for someone (even Freddie) that she would think he would like her.

    Think about it... She might have feelings for Cort because of this reason. And probably this, because Sam knew that no one would love her and take Carly instead. Rewatch it. You'll get it.

    Alternatively, the only reason that Sam wanted to keep Cort in iCarly was that she was hiding the fact that she is a lesbian.

    Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

    Sam is secretly jealious of Freddy

    She picks on him because she's jealious he's so successful in school and has a loving mother when she does poorly and her mother doesn't care about her very much.

    Sam's eating habits are a result of her home life

    Sam suffers from a case of Parental Abandonment, so her home life is less than pleasant, hence the reason she stays at the Shays' loft so much. She gorges on food because she doesn't get fed properly at home.

    Sam was supposed to go to Hollywood Arts.

    In one episode, Sam mentions taking trombone lessons for years and even played a little on the show. She's also shown to have taken dance lessons (though that could have been just for pageants). Pam might have forced Sam into both of these hoping she would be a prodigy so she could get a scholarship, just like Melanie did. When Sam wasn't accepted (or didn't get a scholarship), Pam made her to enter pageants instead. Pam was dissappointed and began neglecting Sam and favoring Melanie, while Sam began to resent Pam and became jealous of Melanie.


    Spencer prefers underaged girls.

    There's been more than enough evidence that he and Sam have a non-serious thing for each other; and in another episode, he carries Carly up the steps to her bed like he's carrying her over the threshold... while she's in a suggestive outfit.

    • Eww... Oh, and in the Christmas special, he had a thing for Mrs. Benson, who's at least 15 years older than him.
    • He is shown to have trouble with girls his own age.
      • He's an adult. Even Sam is underage.
        • Not any more :D, well the actress isn't.
    • Spencer dated Gibby's mom, who is older than him.
    • At the end of iPyscho while they are sitting around a camp fire, the first thing Spencer asks is what does Nora look like. I'm sure at that point they fully explained to him what had happened to them while at Nora's house, but still, he wanted to know what she looked like.

    Spencer had a one-night stand with a woman

    And the girl from iSpace Out was his illegitimate daughter.

    Spencer died after the kids rolled him into the ocean in the Halloween Episode.

    While the kids roll the pumpkin he's hiding in out the door after telling Lewbert they're going to dump him into the ocean, he yells that he can't swim, so therefore, it's only natural he kicked the bucket. Each of his subsequent appearances has been his ghost wearing his mortal body's skin as a kind of suit.

    • ...Oh... oh, God! That's just...that's...ugh!
    • And that would explain his obituary

    Spencer is actually Carly's father.

    • But he hides it, since Carly would no doubt find it weird that her dad was 13 when she was born.

    Spencer is pyrokinetic mutant.

    If that can be called a 'guess.' He'll be taken away by The Government in the last episode to be... "analyzed", as part of the above mention Downer Ending.

    • Well he's either that or a firebender.
    • He's at least a pyromaniac, considering how much of his stuff has gone up in flames.
      • No, he's not a pyromaniac. They set stuff on fire intentionally. Since Spencer screams "WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING?!" and "HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!", it's anything but intentional.

    Spencer is a Time Lord.

    It would explain a lot, actually.

    Spencer is austistic, or some other condition.

    Carly's comments about Spencer not having a normal brain, coupled with some other comments about his weirdness, have a whole new context now. It also explains why Spencer is so sensitive about it, and why Carly immediately recognizes her mistake and apologizes.

    Spencer doesn't have a good relationship with his and Carly's father.

    It seems whenever the dad talks to them he is only interested in talking to Carly, usually brushing off Spencer or not even saying good-bye to him. When we first hear him call Spencer tries to talk to him about oystamato juice and is told 'I don't care'. Spencer also mentions embarrassing him on iCarly when he just helping his little sister with her show. This tension probably comes from the fact that their father basically left him to have to hold down a job, go to college (the dad still thinks he's going) and take care of his sister by himself.


    Gibby will hook up with the stupid female intern in iHire An Idiot.

    Gibby was added to main cast to get together with the remaining girl.

    This probably is the last season, as no kid live action show usually goes beyond the 4th season. Dan is getting things set to pair Freddie with one of the girls (and to see the shipping wars explode). That means he needs someone to hook up with the remainig girl. A shame since Gibby/Tasha is cute.

    Gibby was added to main cast to protect the show in the event that Sam or Freddie need to be Put on a Bus.

    As the 3 main actors age towards their late teens, speculation always starts up about how long the show can last, and if the actors want to continue playing their roles. This brought the end of Drake and Josh with the actors in their early 20's by the time it ended. The show itself can probably survive the removal of either Sam or Freddie from the cast, for example, if Jenette wished to continue her music career full-time and left. Gibby's actor is about 3 years younger, even though his character is the same age as the rest, and could be used to fill the gap in a future season.

      • As stated in a WMG below, iCarly only has a couple years left. It'll probably end in 2012 with the characters graduating, then Noah Munck and his little brother will end up in a Drake & Josh-esque show, hopefully with Ariana Grande, The girl that plays Wendy, Jerry Trainor, and some other "minor" characters from iCarly and Victorious too.

    In the final episode, Gibby will go Super Saiyan

    Gibby has a secret career ambition to be a Chippendale Dancer

    • This one shouldn't be too hard to see: He likes to take off his shirt and gyrate his hips suggestively.

    Spencer is Gibby's dad.

    Spencer is assumably 28 at this point in time. Gibby is 16. That leads us to age 12. Ms. Gibson (I believe that is their last name) is a tutor for Spencer, as his pranking got started around that age, although much more harmless. Of course, Spencer is curious and falls for said tutor. Bring in a moment alone. Ms. Gibson is done with her tutoring and goes off. She dyes her hair and gains a new lifestyle. She has Gibby. At perhaps 30 or so, Spencer might be around 20. Spencer doesn't remember her, since she looks really different and its been a while. Ms. Gibson gets married, has Gubby. Gibby and Gubby look alike,and she doesnt worry. Then we get to Spencer meeting her again. He recalls she looks familiar, and she points out that her son is Gibby, when really it's the fact that they've done things in the past. And Gibby likes to spend time with Spencer, assumably. Like a fatherly figure, say Gibby's step-dad is a traveler of some sort. Gibby might feel some sort of connection lthat is father-and-son, for obvious reasons.

    • Or an even more likely reason he doesn't remember her: he blocked out the memory. This can happen to some people when something traumatic happens to them.
    • 12 Year Old Spencer and A 20-something Ms. Gibson is Squick. Ew.

    In the end of the show, Gibby will point out that Sam is a lesbian.

    And Yuri Fans everywhere will rejoice. And everyone else will FLIP THE FUCK OUT.

    Before he started making regular appearances on iCarly, Gibby was depressed and possibly suicidal.

    The school psychologist noticed that iCarly was becoming very popular, and Sam and Carly with it, so he asked them to invite Gibby to make an appearance on their next show. Since then, Gibby found that the world wasn't nearly as bad as he thought and decided to give happiness another chance.

    Gibby is retarded.

    How else does it explain about him saying his name repeatedly?

    Gibby is a Wizard.

    I'm just sayin'.

    Mrs. Benson

    Mrs. Benson has Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and is aware of it.

    Maybe she has been formally diagnosed with it and is being treated for it.

    This is why she takes ridiculous steps regarding Freddie's physical safety and cleanliness in general (and ticks in particular), but has said nary a peep about his participating in a live webcast with a huge number of viewers or hanging around two girls so much with almost no supervision. They simply don't fire up her irrational side like ticks do.

    • To avoid ruining his life now that iCarly is such a major part of it, she could be making an effort to avoid You Can Panic Now news reports about Internet predators. The reason she has "all the good channels blocked" isn't so much to protect Freddie from them as to protect him from herself.
      • She probably figures that out of the trio of teens, the nerdy guy is in far less danger than the two hot girls.

    Mrs. Benson is TOTALLY BONKERS and, when Freddy starts to grow up for real, she will kill him and stuff his body.

    She thinks that Carly and Sam started his puberty. She is messed up; if she was real, then she would be put in a mental hospital. She started attacking Carly because Freddy saved her life. BEYOND INSANE.

    • Which is extra crazy that Mrs. Benson thinks that it's Carly's fault he started puberty, but it is either canon or strong fanon that she's a Nurse.

    Mrs. Benson's overprotection comes from abandonment issues.

    Mrs. Benson beat up the Shadow Hammer offscreen

    Freddy realized the guy had just come past their door and probably told her. Not satisfied by Spencer's trick, Mrs. Benson called the cops and proceeded to beat the tar out of the guy herself in a display of her Mama Bear side. After which he was arrested. What? It could happen!


    Sam, Shelby, Carly and Freddie killed Nevel at the end of iFight Shelby Marx.

    • He hasn't been seen since that episode, nor even spoken of iirc. I'd guess that after Sam and Shelby softened him up, Carly went to give him one big sucker punch as a final warning against messing with them again, but she hit him too hard or in a bad place, and it killed him. Gibby and Freddie disposed of the body to protect Carly.

    Whoever put the entry about Nevel being Camp Gay on the main show page is onto something.

    The reason Nevel wants a kiss from Carly is because he's young and confused and wants to know if kissing a girl will make him feel something. It hasn't happened yet because Dan Schneider is still trying to work out how to sneak a Coming Out Story onto Nickelodeon.

    • It seemed obvious after his mother remarked about Nevel "thinking girls were yucky" (and Nevel talking about his "changes"). The unseen way he got Carly to be his "girlfriend" during the Christmas episode was telling Carly of his problems and issues. (Without Sam around, it's believable that they might run in the same circles, and become friends first). Carly, being the caring person she is, decided to help him "try it out," so to speak.
      • Nevel seems to be more cultured than gay. That, and he's 11...and most likely more sheltered than Freddie. Freddie's and Nevel's mothers may have been friends at some point...how else would they have raised kids who happen to be geniuses (as far as the show's concerned) in such a sheltered way?
        • This is a Sitcom. Many sitcom writers appear to believe that, if a male of the species is truly cultured, then he must be either gay or insane. His age is a good point, but once he hits puberty (and he apparently has), his sexual orientation becomes a legit topic of discussion even if he's an early bloomer.
        • He was 11 at his first appearance (probably almost 12 based on size if nothing else; everyone's a year or so older in the "now" of new series episodes...

    Nevel has an allergy to something in animal fat.

    That's why he only gets vegetable products and guacamole dumped on him, and why he is so obsessed with roux.

    Nevel has bipolar disoder.

    This would explain why he overreacts everytime something gets him angry.

    Other Characters

    The Bagel Guy will figure into the plot somewhere down the line.

    Socko is a Time Lord

    And the Tardis is where he keeps all the things that he gives to Spencer.

    Socko is related to Fuzzy Slippers

    Think about it: Both are referred to constantly without ever being shown onscreen and both have names which seem to deal with comfortable footwear. It has to be!

    Socko is Spencer's alternate identity.

    He is never shown onscreen or even speaks once. Not even so much as an email over the internet.

      • Jossed

    Socko is seem for the first time on Iparty with victorious, he's only seen for a fraction of a second and its only his back but he is confirmed to exist (he was giving Spencer the keys to his car so they could drive to LA).

    Shane (from iSaw Him First) is an unwitting sexual surrogate for Carly and Sam

    Bear with me: A sexual surrogate is someone "safe" who forges a sexual connection between two people who, for whatever reason, can't have sex. Carly and Sam, savvy enough to realize that the censors won't allow them to be together on-screen, fight one another over Shane with far more passion than either of them seems to share with Shane. The "rivalry" is positively dripping with Les Yay and UST and the only thing that really seems to motivate them to seduce Shane is the knowledge that they will make one another jealous in the process. In fact, you could say that their fighting and arguing in that episode count as G-Rated Sex.

    • This is now canon to me.
      • The Les Yay and UST is even heavier in the episode with Missy.
      • Too true. The "rivalry" for who gets to be Carly's best friend is basically a love triangle, complete with Sam clearly willing to resort to drastic measures.

    Alternatively, Shane is a Shipper on Deck for Sam and Carly.

    Sam's mom will turn out to be a Complete Monster

    And it will lead to the biggest Woobie moment Sam has ever had.

    • If they remember Melanie, they'll probably have Sam's mom give Sam the classic Freudian Excuse "Why can't you be more like your sister".
      • Semi-confirmed. It probably wasn't too bad considering how they've played up the character when she was unseen, but she's still a horrible mother.

    Melanie exists, but it was Sam that went out with Freddie.

    She forced Melanie to not go, and went in her place to see what going out with the Dork would be like, maybe for kicks or potential teasing opportunities.

    That adorable little girl in iSpace Out was a deaf-mute

    She got onto the Shays' special elevator by accident, and that's why she never replied to Spencer: she couldn't understand him because she doesn't know how to read lips as well as sign-language. That's also why she kept running away from him and only screamed at him: She didn't know what he was going to do to her and couldn't give voice to her thoughts.

    The adorable little girl is Chuck's sister

    He's training her to be just as evil as him, and sent her to torment Spencer. The reason she wasn't with Chuck's family in iBeat the Heat was because she was already at a friend's house, for a sleepover or something.

    Wesley (the beatboxing boy) transferred to Hollywood Arts.

    He hasn't been around since series 1, and he spends all his free time beatboxing - kinda reminds you of Robbie always carrying Rex.

    Mandy from iAm Your Biggest Fan is a lesbian.

    She may or may not know her orientation yet, but she's not only obsessed with Carly - she's in love.

    Melanie's episode never happened

    It was a delusional dream of either Sam or Freddie in reaction to something they want.

    T-Bo's increase in popularity has to do with Tim Tebow

    • Also there will be an episode that features a pose called Tbo-ing.

    The Missing Parents

    Freddie's Father was abusive

    When Mrs. Benson and her husband first married and had Freddie, She was a normal non-crazy mother. When Fredie was around four or five, his father fell to alcoholism or drug abuse, and started physically abusing his wife and child. When Freddie was around ten, Mrs. Benson finally managed to finalize the divorce and they moved into Bushwell Plaza. They took Marrisa's maiden name to distance themselves from the man. However, Mrs. Benson was forever changed: Seeing her only child being constantly hurt made her overprotective. In iHurt Lewbert, it's mentioned that Freddie's mother always makes him wear belts, which Freddie doesn't like, the reasoning is that Freddie's father would belt him and Mrs. Benson wants him to get over his fear of them. Carly and Sam don't know, Freddie doesn't like to talk about it. Spencer know, though. Mrs. Benson decided it would be best to tell him as Freddie spent some much time in Spencer's home. Freddie's Father also happened to be Hispanic. The reason that Freddie has been using so many Spanish words and phrases lately is either because he's reconciled with his past or because he's trying to feel mentally close to relatives on his father's side who were kind to him, but his mom won't allow him to see anymore.

    • Or, on the flip side ...

    Mrs. Benson killed Freddie's dad.

    He could tell she was going off the deep end, so he was going to take Freddie away for safety. Nobody talks about it because then she'll kill them.

    A future episode will use a school "Family Tree" project establish what happened to Spencer & Carly's mother

    Namely that she died when Carly was really young, and that's the reason Spencer is an Adult Child -- He doesn't to grow up & deal with his mother's death.

    Carly was an unplanned baby.

    Carly is probably sixteen given the show's timeline, and since Spencer was in 9th grade 14 years ago, he'd be around 28 now. People with only two children tend not to space them out that far intentionally.

    Spencer was an unplanned baby.

    Spencer was unplanned, born when his parents were both very young, perhaps right after Steven joined the US military. He is an officer so he might have been part of those long-term deals where the military paid for and gave Steven his education, in exchange for a long-term commitment to the Air Force. Steven served for 10 or more years, and they eventually decided to have Carly. Then Carly's mom died somehow, and Steven got pulled back in by the military in the post-911 era or he couldn't cope with losing his wife and went back to work voluntarily.

    Both Spencer and Carly were unplanned.

    Again, following on from the above 2 WMG's. Spencer was born as above, unexpectedly, early on in their parents lives. They waited, or decided not to have another child, whilst Steven was in the military. Then 10 years or so later, they had an unplanned pregnancy with Carly.

    Carly's mother died giving birth to Carly.

    Pretty straightforward. Less straightforward might be how long Steven cared for Carly, as she confirmed in the iReunite With Missy episode that she'd lived at a military base in California for at least the first couple years of Grade School. Steven coped well enough, until she started growing up, and became the spitting image of her mother. This drove Steven Shay to despair, and he gave Carly to Spencer, and immersed himself in his military work as he couldn't bear the pain of Carly growing up, constantly reminding him that Carly was the cause of his beloved wife's death.

    Sam and Freddie's father are the same person.

    Wild wild guessing here, but hey, we've never heard or seen of either of them before, so who knows!

    • ...D8
      • ...8D
        • No, no...my friend, that means brother and sister would have already kissed. *shudder*

    Freddie's Father was a Native American.

    That's how he can afford all of that high-end tech equipment on the shit allowance his mother gives him: He recieves money as a registered member of the tribe.

    Spencer is Carly's half-brother.

    The fact that they have different mothers explains the age difference. It took their father a while to get over the death of Spencer's mother (or alternatively, the fact that she left). Eventually, he gets remarried, and Carly is born.

    Sam's mother is a Hermaphrodite.


    Spencer has a thing for Mrs. Benson. She may return those feelings, and they may be meant to be.

    Think about it. If Spencer was more mature, then Mrs. Benson and he would be together...and rather happy. When they interact, Mrs. Benson treats him like a child because she sees him as immature and in need of her care. Even so, she allows her son near a man who has nearly taken his own sister's head off by accident. Spencer has put up with her treating him this way even though he himself is an adult. Both Spencer and Mrs. Benson have a thing for each other, but their respective personalities prevent them from acting on it. (In Spencer's case, he knows and cares that Freddie likes Carly, and he doesn't wanna hurt him. Mrs. Benson can't imagine herself being with a man who's so childish, even if part of her wants it.) If they got together, they could level each other out...or drive each other crazy. It would still be nice.

    • Confirmed by the Christmas Special, in which Spencer grows up "normal," is a lawyer, and ends up getting married to Ms Benson.
      • Kinda confirmed, as it's an Alternate Universe with Spencer being normal, and not Spencer the fun loving wacky law school dropout.

    Carly and Nevel will hook up.

    After the iKiss episode, it seems obvious that Sam and Freddie will hook up, which leaves Carly open. During one of the season gaps, Nevel will grow into a handsome teenager, mature significantly, and stop obsessing over destroying Carly's web show. After a period of massive denial that Nevel was an ugly duckling all along, they'll hook up. It would be a great way to present the "people can change" aesop.

    • On a show run by the guy who kept Megan as a Demon Sue Creator's Pet for its entire run? Nevel is their only recurring "villain"! That said, if either Gibby or Nevel grow up fast and "hotter," like that guy from Drake and Josh or how Freddie changed from the pilot to the first series, and then from the first season to the second season (both Gibby's and Nevel's actors are 2 or 3 years younger than the main trio, so it might not be likely), it could easily happen. Especially if they use Slap Slap Kiss to hook up Sam and Freddie.
      • Actually, they do have one other recurring villain, Chuck Chambers.
        • Chuck won't be coming back since his actor is now contracted to Disney.

    The creator's genre savviness regarding the show's pairings will backfire later in the show.

    Think about it: How many "will they, won't they" shenanigans will the viewers be able to take? Dan, feeling the pressure from all sides (Creddie, Cam, Seddie, Spam, etc.), will crack and attempt to pair everyone off in an attempt to satisfy ALL the shippers. This will inevitably fail and probably result in the show's cancellation thanks to plummetting ratings. Alternately: This genre savviness will be the very thing to prevent the above scenario from happening. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

    • Dan has been doing this far too long to be influenced by the viewers. If he's going to do Creddie, it's easy enough to do without infringing on comedy. However, the huge fanbase Seddie grew into for season 2, made him decide to "postpone" it so to speak, towards the middle and end of Season 4 (which hasn't been filmed yet) and keep ship teasing both sides, it might keep being teased into Season 5, assuming 2 seasons of 20 eps, if they film for 10 months, they can easily get 40+ episodes made.
    • He needs to plant the following seeds: 1) Carly might like Freddie back (probably in iSaved Your Life). 2) Freddie might not stay obsessed with Carly (Early Season four with him getting a few more episodic love interests). 3) Sam might have a crush on Freddie (possibly done at the end of iSpeed Date). 4) A potential 'partner' for the left over girl (Sam if they do Creddie, Carly if Seddie). Gibby is probably a realistic option for Sam, but Carly might need another guy, maybe bringing back Griffin.
    • Cam and Spam will keep being vaguely hinted at; but it won't ever be overt, not on the basic Nick channel. Teen Nick, maybe, but it's not made for that channel.

    Seddie is going to be sunk in Season 4 with a Like Brother and Sister moment.

    Danwarp (the Word of God) has been content to write them how he's always written them as a meek brother, aggressive sister vibe. The end of iKiss was a 5 minute abberation in an episode which would have been as much if not more realistic if Carly had kissed him first. Dan will never allow himself to be pinned down to a definitive answer (preferring to rebound a rhetorical question back on the asker) on the Sam/Freddie topic, and the more he does it, the more it appears to be stringing those fans along for ratings. If you look at the Danwarp blog, there is not a single blog or question answer that tells the reader about that any specific scene was meant to be evidence or development of a Sam/Freddie relationship.

    Sam secretly likes Freddie and her actions are a Batman Gambit to get them together.

    Okay, so Freddie saves Carly's life and she "falls in love" with him. Freddie thinks that this is great. Sam, however, doesn't like it. To Freddie's quip of "Jealous?", she replies "Ew. Yuck."(Methink the lady doth protest too much...) In a panic, she plants a seed of doubt in Freddie's mind by saying that Carly is in love with his actions, rather than with him. (This is the gambit bit.) Sam's actions lead to Freddie ending the "relationship" with Carly before it even really starts.

    Why would Sam do this? She likes being in control of Freddie. She can dictate every aspect of their relationship. Most of the time, she's just in Slap Slap Kiss mode. But, as we saw during "iKiss", there's more to that relationship than meets the eye. She's already got him wrapped around her fingers; she's just waiting for the right time to strike....

    • Not saying it's going to be wrong or w/e, but how does Sam have him wrapped around her finger? iKiss was a long, long time ago, and if anything, it's extremely clear that Carly, if she chose to, has him by the balls so to speak. I mean, the guy would DIE for Carly. Sam isn't close to having that kind of control over Freddie.

    Sam lied to the world about not kissing a boy (esp Jonah) because she wanted to kiss Freddie

    • As per some Fridge Logic and Fridge Brilliance, I now present this in WMG form!
    • I agree that Sam lied about never kissing a boy, but I doubt that it was because she actually wanted to kiss Freddie. I think she did it by way of apology, so she could really make it up to Freddie and therefore redeem herself in Carly's eyes.
    • Conversely maybe she didn't kiss him because she was just using him as a beard to hide her attraction for who she really wants to kiss, Carly.

    Carly and Sam will end up together and Freddie will get together with Melanie.

    Sam is in love with Freddie

    • But she hides it because she knows her love would never be returned, and turns her sexual frustration into abuse directed towards the object of her affection.

    Freddie was asking Sam if she was jealous of him getting Carly's love, not if she was jealous of Carly getting his love.

    The idea that Sam secretly has romantic feelings for Carly was referred to in iSaved Your Life, with dialogue after Carly has left the scene. It appears ambiguous enough to sound like Freddie might mean jealous of him... but just look at the lines. Sam is talking about the love that Freddie gets from Carly, which means that Freddie has directly asked Sam if she's jealous of the love he's getting from Carly. Additionally, the bacon metaphor that follows could be supporting her friends to make the right decision, or trying to keep Carly and Freddie broken up so she can have one of them for herself.


    Sam: Savour the love, the Carly love...
    Freddie: Jealous?
    Sam: Gross.


    Carly knows Sam is in love with Freddie.

    Carly realizes that Freddie loves her (how could she not?), that Sam actually is very much in love with Freddie (and hides it underneath the attitude - and left hooks), and Carly is afraid of being a third wheel, so she deliberately plays them against one another.

    No pairings will ever become canon.

    No Creddie, no Seddie, no Cam, no nothing. The series will end with the biggest Ship Tease of all, but nothing will be canon.

    The show will resort to a Last-Minute Hookup or none at all

    Despite the Ship Tease that ignites more fanwars (and the attempt to handwave it), the show will still remain in the Status Quo Is God territory until they finally decide to pull the plug. Sam has a number of instances for giving Spencer her "attention" (iPranky, iDo, iStart a Fanwar) and has barely showed any real interest on Freddie. Carly's future flings will only be in one-shot episodes without proper characterization. In the end, it will all fall to Freddie being with Carly or Melanie (if she returns), or maybe they will all go their separate ways for college.

    Tenchi Solution.

    Happy now?

    Sam hates Freddie because she's in love with Carly

    And she knows that he has a much better chance of ending up with her than she does. (This could also go with the WMG about Freddie asking her if she was jealous of him being loved by Carly, not the other way around.)

    The Carly/Freddie/Sam Love Triangle is a Live Action rendition/mirror of the Ranka/Alto/Sheryl Love Triangle.

    I mean look at it: Carly and Sam are friends and rivals like Ranka and Sheryl, Freddie is the boy that both Carly and Sam compete on in the episode iQuit iCarly, like how Ranka and Sheryl competes for Alto in one episode, Both Carly and Ranka are Pettanko, Genki Girl and Girl Next Door type girls, both Sam and Sheryl are well endowed and sometimes berate the Male lead, Sam accidentally kissed Freddie in iOMG like how Sheryl gave Alto one, and so on. The only difference is Freddie likes Carly more than Sam, an opposite to Alto liking Sheryl more than Ranka in "The Wings of Goodbye" movie. If Freddie ends up with Carly in the end of the show, he has successfully averted Alto's choice.

    The entirety of iSpeed Date was orchestrated by T-Bo, because he is a Creddie shipper.

    His plan was thus:

    • 1. T-Bo conviced Rebecca Berkowitz to ask out Nate, thus preventing Carly from taking her ideal boy to the dance.
    • 2. T-Bo recommended the 10-second workout app to Spencer, which ensured that Spencer would be too distracted to send any boys from his speed-dating table to Carly.
    • 3. T-Bo set up Gibby and Tasha to keep Sam in a bad mood, thus preventing her from sending anyone to Carly's table either.
    • 4. T-Bo knew that Freddie wouldn't send anyone Carly would like to her table, so all he had to do was make sure all the best boys were sent to Spencer, Sam or Freddie's table, preventing Carly from choosing anyone she liked.
    • 5. T-Bo conspired with Austin, a fellow Creddie shipper, who agreed to annoy Carly throughout the evening, which would eventually leave her dateless.
    • 6. T-Bo had earlier set up Jamie and Ariana (the two girls that had asked Freddie to the dance) with different boys, and sent Magic Malika (also a Creddie shipper) to ask him out instead.
    • 7. After the dance, Austin and Malika both suggested going back to the Groovy Smoothy, at which point they secretly contacted T-Bo. He was then able to clear the shop by the time the group got there.
    • 8. Once the two dates had left, Carly and Freddie were left alone with the music T-Bo had chosen, and it was only a matter of waiting for the Creddie to begin.
      • Wow. That is brilliant. And it was obviously with the way he looked proud of Freddie that he's a Creddie shipper too!


    Jim Parson's character in "iLost my Mind" is really another universe version of Sheldon Cooper

    One where the the tests he had as a kid tuned positive for being crazy.

    • He might be our Sheldon, just Twenty Minutes Into the Future, after he lost his mind and had to be moved to a mental hospital far, far away from Cal Tech.

    Sam is a survivor of 511 Kinderheim

    See the WMG page for Drake & Josh. It makes sense, doesn't it?

    • By extension, Carly is simply a new alias for Megan, a la Johan, and Freddie is going to have to track them down, Dr. Tenma style, after they sadistically drive his mother to insanity and suicide.

    The iCarly universe eventually becomes the Idiocracy universe.

    Most of the characters in iCarly (and in Drake and Josh) are complete idiots with inane senses of humor. As someone pointed out above, the people seem to share some sort of Hive Mind - possibly explained by extreme susceptibility to peer pressure. Also, many of the web show's fans will do almost anything the show tells them to. It's not hard to imagine that after a few generations, there wouldn't be much intelligence left to go around.

    Socko is a cousin of Penny from The Big Bang Theory

    Penny Blossom's aren't the first thing she's made. She sends Penny-Tee's to Socko, who gives them to Spencer, Carly, Freddie and Sam.

    Carly is an American Haruhi Suzumiya.

    iChristmas shows what her life was like before she destroyed that world and created a fun, interesting world as a replacement. iChristmas was simply an appropriate time to show the differences between the 2 worlds. That 'boring Spencer' world still kept going until the events that caused Carly to destroy it.

    • Spencer was a boring lawyer, staid, straitlaced, who spends more time at work than with her, and keeps Carly locked up inside to study most of the time.
    • Carly has no best friend (neither Sam nor Freddie), as Spencer forbid Carly from becoming friends with Sam. Carly watches Sam grow lonely and start acting out, wishing that Spencer had let them become friends, and as such she tracked Sam's life knowing that maybe she could have helped Sam become a better person instead of a criminal.
    • Carly decisively shut down Freddie's crush/advances. Without Sam to mock him, leaving Carly free to occasionally gently refuse him, Freddie may have simply kept persisting, and as their friendship was still relatively new, Carly snapped, breaking Freddie down in such a harsh way that he no longer even considers her a friend, and never grew to love her like he does in the 'Fun Spencer' world. As they grow past the timeline of iChristmas, Carly watches him develop into a young man, and perhaps even falls in love with him from afar. Freddie never forgives Carly, and bitterly resents being forced to become part of her family when his mother marries Spencer.
    • Nevel still had his infatuation for Carly, he still stole a kiss, just in different circumstances. Carly agreed to become his boyfriend, because she was still reeling from losing Freddie as a friend. In the end, Carly breaks his heart as she never comes to like him back, and they break up.
    • Why did Carly create this new universe? Events still happen but the circumstances and people involved may change. Sam is in jail. Freddie wants nothing to do with her, Nevel and her had probably broken up, and Spencer would have been at work. Carly walks out into the street, doesn't see the taco truck coming. All alone, no-one is there to push her out of the way or warn her, she gets hit, and as she dies, she wishes for the world to change, not being able to accept the bleak, stark reality of her existing life and death. The change includes a brother who as an artist, can always be there for her, a friend who would fight for her and one who Carly can help, and a boy who becomes one of her best friends, falls in love with her, and would die to protect her. Nevel, and all the other random occurrences, are Carly wanting her, and her friends lives to be more interesting.
      • Oh my god, that actually makes a frightening amount of sense. Freddie is Kyon, then?
        • Yep, I'd put him as Kyon. Just a pretty normal kid, then bam, he moves to Seattle, and out of nowhere he basically falls in love with The Girl Next Door, gains a rival, a new fatherly mentor, and ends up in this crazy world where teachers can give people detention for being "too gibby" and it's cool to interrupt a funeral to look for a pie recipe. He also arguably gives Carly the idea itself for iCarly, just like how Kyon gave Haruhi the idea to make the SOS Brigade.
        • Sam would be Mikuru, except instead of being Moe she's basically a huge Tsundere (So it's basically an inverted Mikuru/Hariuhi). And Carly does seem to get pretty jealous when Sam gets Freddie's attention over her. Spencer is Yuki, and again, instead of being a Meganekko Human Alien he's a crazy artist. Gibby is Koizumi. Without the gay.

    Spencer is a former Kids Next Door operative turned teen spy who was never decommissioned.

    Gibby is in some way related to Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist.

    They share a love for taking their shirts off. For all we know, Armstrong could be Gibby's great-grandfather.

    A part of Freddie's camera, laptop or something on his tech cart is an Artifact.

    It's the reason why the webshow gets so so many viewers, and why people think it's so funny. It releases some kind of artifact pulse wave that generates 'happiness' and/or makes anything funny. It may be related to the artifact that caused so many people to die of asphyxiation from being unable to stop laughing. It was probably made by Alan Turing if it's inside or part of the laptop, or John Logie Baird if it's something to do with the camera.

    Steven Shay, Spencer and Carly's father, is based on the USS Jimmy Carter and is part of US Special Operations Command.

    Whilst Steven Shay has been confirmed to be in the Air Force, he is currently serving on board a submarine. There are only a handful of bases in Washington of either Air Force or Navy, and only one which has Submarines. Naval Base Kitsap, which was formed in 2004 from a merger of 2 other bases. Kitsap is the homeport for the US Navy's Ohio class Missile Submarines, an Aircraft Carrier as well as the 3 high-tech Seawolf class submarines. The USS Jimmy Carter was modified for highly classified and dangerous Special Operations missions, and is the only likely boat that Air Force personel would ever serve on. The 5/6 year absence of Steven from the Shay family also ties into the fact that the Jimmy Carter finished it's sea trials in 2004.

    Following on from this: == Steven Shay will be part of the human resistance after Judgment Day ==. As shown on The Sarah Connor Chronicles, the Jimmy Carter remains under human control. Steven Shay survives because he's on board the Jimmy Carter when it happens.

    Freddie has a Dark Passenger.

    In iSell Penny Tee's, he picks up a knife and seems to seriously contemplate hurting Sam with it. However, he calms himself down by reminding himself that bad thoughts lead to bad actions. Freddie developed his dark passenger when his father was murdered, and was taught the code by his mother. He surpresses his feelings against those who do not qualify for his sweet vigilante justice, and despite the daily beatings and insults from Sam, she has yet to cross the Moral Event Horizon by killing someone. It's why his mom tries to keep heavy control of him, such as in iFence. If Freddie gets too much pleasure from things like fighting or fencing, he might keep upping the ante by seeking it out more and more, and he might cross the line one day into killing an innocent.

    Freddie is the iCarly version of the Phoenix

    Mrs. Benson held Freddie in her womb for 11 months because she felt there is an ancient entity within her son. All her Control Freak and My Beloved Smother tendencies (esp. the GPS brain chip) all are a part of Marissa's plan to make this entity at bay. Her growing meanness toward Carly belies on her fear that Freddie's emotions on being rejected several times will break this latent power free. Unbeknowst to Mrs. Benson, it is Sam who is slowly wearing down Freddie with years' worth of abuse and insults. Now that Freddie begins to cross the line by holding a knife with a dark look towards Sam, one may wonder if this entity is waiting for the right time to show up and disintegrate Sam.

    The show will eventually reference That Guy With The Glasses and/or have someone from it featured.

    There is no denying that they are immensly popular. And they could have Doug, Lewis, Lindsay, Noah, or Joe show up at another internet convention. Or show off them in a plot episode. Or maybe even have Spencer/Ms Benson not like Carly/Freddie watching it and (s)he keeps watching anyway.

    • Probably not (at least, not by name.) According to Dan, some of the comments on his blog had to be removed because "danwarp" shows up at the end of each episode (not to mention in some episodes) and because kids could and would end up at his blog by googling it.... While a Channel Awesome vs. iCarly would be awesome, there's no way they'll allow it. Maybe they might reference it, but without names? (Would be epic if Noah or Doug or Lewis cameoed though.)
    • You know how much swearing and other adult content is in That Guy With The Glasses? They couldn't outright have it in a plot, Moral Guardians would freak.
    • Let's just remember that Good Burger is one of Schneider's known films (heck, he even has a role there!). And we all know what Doug did to that movie in his review.

    iCarly is an American teen comedy reimagining of Neon Genesis Evangelion

    Pick any character from iCarly, and you're sure to find grief, suffering and alienation under the pretense of light-hearted comedy. Just take a look at how Sam treats Freddie. What could pass as typical slapstick sociopathy is actually full-fledged physical and emotional abuse, with a sardonic laugh track mocking the character in question. Or, to point out something less central, the iCook episode where master cook Ricky Flame ruthlessly wrestles little kids and happily gloats over their defeat to deaden the pain over his loss in Food Fight. It's like Eversion, where you can see threads of sheer horror shining through the false happiness of mundane reality. That much for setting the mood. Now keep in mind that none of the iCarly kids live or interact with their parents on a standard basis. Sam!Asuka barely gets along with her mother (and we haven't met her father, so far), Freddie! Rei/Shinji has to put up with his overprotective mother, and Carly! Shinji/Rei has to deal with having an absent father, while we've never heard anything about her mother (Spencer got over the teenage wangst, since he's the Misato here). We should thus expect a downer ending, which will force certain groups of shippers (Cam or Seddie, depending on who the Shinji is) committing suicide after hearing Sam express her disgust.

    Spencer and Carly's parents are Drake and Megan's parents.

    Think about it. Spencer and Carly have a dad, Steven Shay, but a Missing Mom. Drake and Megan have a mom, Audrey Parker-Nichols, but a Disappeared Dad. See any similarities? Steven and Audrey could have been married sometime before both of the two series', and had Spencer, Drake, and Carly and Megan as twins (in that order). When they divorced for whatever reason, Steven could have gotten custody of Spencer and Carly, while Audrey got custody of Drake and Megan, making Carly and Megan twins who were Separated at Birth. Since Carly would be too young to remember all of this (along with Megan and/or Drake), Carly has two siblings that she doesn't even know about, along with a step-sibling (Josh).

    • You just blew my mind.
    • That could make Crazy Steve and Spencer twins also. Both have Adult Child mentalities. Crazy Steve could also be the one who is REALLY separated at birth and considering him being "extra polite" at Audrey on The Storm. Which makes her unaware that Steve is potentially her son...
    • I think I can elaborate, Steven and Audrey Shay had vastly different parenting styles. Steven implemented his miltary training to raise Spencer and Drake, horrifying the overly-lenient Audrey to the point that when she got pregnant with girls, she knew to protect them from a miserable exsistence, she had to divorce him. After a heated arguement a few years later, Steven agreed along these terms, they would each get one boy and one girl, and meet back every other year to compare results. Spencer, then a bookworm determined to be a lawyer to impress his father opted to stay with Steven, automaticaly giving Drake to Audrey. They decided that Carly, the more disiplined twin, even at three, would work better with Steven, So Audrey, with Drake and Megan in tow, moved to California. The sudden lack of disipline causes Drake and Megan to act out, becoming the children they are today. At the first of the biennial meetings, Steven is proven right and Audrey agrees to be a bit more strict, turning her in to the Audrey Parker of Drake and Josh. Drake evens out, but Megan, missing the days of leniency, goes underground with her unadulterated assult of pranks toward Drake. Catching on to this at the next meeting, Audrey asked Steven for a solution, and what Steven suggested was so harsh it triggered a fight so explosive it not only put an end to all further meetings, it gave Carly her last athsma attack, traumatized by nearly losing his daughter, Steven renounces his strict ways and becomes the beloved dad held fondly in Carly's memories. Carly lost memory of Audrey,Drake, Megan and her father's stricter persona after her attack, but Spencer remembers, which is why he never told Steven about his dropping out of law school. No one ever speaks of Audrey fearing either Stephen relapsing into Drill Sergeant Nasty or Carly's memories of her dad before shattering her image of him, driving her over the edge. They've seen her develop claustrophobia after 3 hours in a space pod, imagine Daddy's little girl remembering how mean daddy was

    Steven cheating with Carly is the manipulations of Marik

    Probably a viewer of the show, wanted to do it For the Evulz

    • This would also explain why Steven the Shay father is also away. He is being used as a footsoldier.

    Sam is somehow related to Jayne Cobb


    iCarly is an American teen comedy reimagining of Macross Frontier.

    No seriously. In fact some characters are expies of some characters: Carly as Ranka, Freddie as Alto, Sam as Sheryl, Spencer is Ozma and Michel combined and Gibby as Luca. Also, the show had a YMMV of Hilarious in Hindsight (For Seddie shippers) or Harsher in Hindsight (For Creddie shippers) in the form of the infamous part in the recent "The Wings of Goodbye" movie that Alto picked Sheryl than Ranka. Months after the movie aired, Sam and Freddie are a couple in recent episodes. The show indeed had some borrowed aspects from the anime right down to the character specifications:

    • Both Carly and Ranka are Pettanko Girls Next Door who loved the lead male but got rejected.
    • Both Freddie and Alto are the lead Bishonen who end up with the opposite busty girl.
    • Both Sam and Sheryl are big breasted girls who end up with the lead male despite both of them berating the lead male in the past.

    Stacy from Zoey 101 is actually Carly's sister.

    Perhaps Carly's Disappeared Mom didn't die - the Shays just got divorced, and it was very painful for all concerned (more for Carly, Spencer and the dad) so they simply don't mention her, even to one another. Mrs. Shay moved to California, remarried, and had Stacy right away (or even worse, was having an affair and got pregnant with Stacey, leading to the divorce - another reason Mrs. Shay is never mentioned). Eventually, Stacey learned who her sister and brother were - probably through her love of the iCarly webcast, and her mother eventually letting something slip. That would explain not only Stacy's obsession with the show, but why she either traveled all the way to Seattle just to audition for the unpaid intern's position on the show, or why she moved to Seattle in the first place (if she didn't make a special trip up to interview). She's desperate to know her family - her other family, Spencer (who's actually just as wacky as she is, but with a bit of maturity through age), and her insanely cool sister Carly.

    • Take pictures of Miranda Cosgrove and Abby Wilde, and put them side-by-side. Abby's only a half-inch taller, and they have very similar facial features... close enough that one could easily assume that they were related.
    • In her entry on the iCarly Wiki, it's mentions that Stacy likes making video clips of herself and placing them online - and if you go by the Nickverse timeline, was doing it before the first broadcast of iCarly. Also, Stacy loves playing the ukelele (and guess who else was established as playing that instrument), not to mention that she, like Spencer, is an artist infatuated with sculpting and making objects out of unusual materials?
    • Alternately, the divorce was so bad that the Shays simply regard her in a, "She may as well be dead" sort of manner. When Carly meets Stacey, her half sister of whom she is well aware, she turns her down immediately in order to keep her mother out of her life.
      • Another way of looking at that would be that the divorce happened when Carly was just a baby and Stacy was a toddler; because the divorce was so bad and Spencer would have no reason to suspect (not to mention that he's not always the first one to notice the obvious that Stacy is his other little sister. Stacy being taken away would also explain why he agreed in the first place to become Carly's guardian in the first place, actually watches over her so carefully, and treats her the way he sometimes does: because nobody's taking his other sister away, if he's actually able to take care of her.

    The mass Schneiderverse cross-over guess.

    The show that Carly and Spencer were watching in "iGet Pranky" was not Drake and Josh, it was "Drew and Jerry".

    In Drake and Josh, "Drew and Jerry" was shown to be a type 4 Show Within a Show. The show that Carly and Spencer were watching in "iGet Pranky" could have been "Drew and Jerry" not Drake and Josh. That way, both shows could exist in its own happy little universe (along with Zoey 101 and Victorious) without any contradictions.

    • Which would be an aversion or subversion of Celebrity Paradox, because the celebrity (Drake Bell), would exist in the same world as Drake Parker. I'm sure someone would've pointed out to Drake and Josh that they looked just like Those Two Guys from Nickelodeon. Wouldn't that also mean, for example, that there are:
      • Four that look like Miranda: Megan, Paige, Carly and herself.
      • Four of Jennette: Trisha, Sam, Melanie and herself.
      • Three of Nathan: Toplin, Freddie and himself.
      • Four girls who look like Victoria: Lola, Shelby, Tori and herself.
        • Might as well note that Victoria Justice has appeared on iCarly alone as Tori, Shelby, and herself(in webisode on iCarly.com, and it's not as Tori, they specify "Victoria Justice"). So if the video shorts on iCarly.com are canon, this is essentially confirmed for all of them but Lola
      • Four of Daniella: Rebecca, the popular girl Nora kissed, Trina and herself.
        • If any of the above 4 shows cross over with True Jackson VP we'll end up with five Jennette's, five Victoria Justice's, four Nathan's, four of Yvette Nicole Brown and god knows how many minor background characters.
    • Holy Crap. Maybe there is no Nickelodeon in their universe?
      • They have Dingo instead of Disney.. Nick would probably turn into Nickyradian or something.
        • Since Miranda Cosgrove appeared as herself on an episode of Big Time Rush, this also brings that show under the banner of the Drew And Jerry version of the universe. This doesn't really effect the amount of 'copies', but it does mean there are 3 versions of Erin Saunders, herself, Quinn and Camille.
        • Miranda Cosgrove also appeared as herself on an episode of The Naked Brothers Band, which means that show crosses over as well. This doesn't change any of the amount of people or copies who exist (because it's 'real life' and people show up as 'real people' for the most part, although that means a few people exist as their character but not their actor because some people were characters whilst others were 'real people'), although it does mean that Polly Draper is dead in that universe and alive in ours.

    iStart A Fan War

    iStart a Fan War will end in Cam

    Or at least nothing happens with Creddie or Seddie, but Carly and Sam act close to each other the entire episode as always.

    iStart a Fan War will end in Creddie

    It's been the main, if not only, ongoing story arc throughout the show (Can anyone think of another except maybe Nevel?). Started in Season 1, with Freddie's blatant crush. It had a brief lull in Season 2 after iKiss, but came back again late on with Freddie still liking Carly, and Carly seeming to become somewhat jealous. Season 3 had the obviously shippy episodes iSpeed Date and iSaved Your Life, and included a few moments in the rest of the season that seemed to show Carly wanting to get closer. Despite the vocal 'popularity' of Seddie, and the past the radar subversive Cam elements, neither would be a realistic way for the episode to turn based on the way the show itself has gone, and the way it's been building towards Creddie since the first episode.

    The question of what pairing is going to happen will be resolved, but the pairing itself won't happen in iStart A Fan War.

    Ie, something like an Unrequited Love Switcheroo, or Carly admitting to Sam she likes Freddie, but not being able to tell him.

    The title of iStart a Fan War refers to the meta effect it will cause.

    The episode will be filled to the brim with hints of both Seddie and Creddie. Near the end, both Carly and Sam will admit to having had TRU LUV for Freddie all along, and the episode ends with Freddie looking between the girls while "TO BE CONTINUED" flashes up in big red letters. Schneider and Co will then sit back with a couple of beers and watch the shipping gladiators duke it out. The next episode will air two months later, showing no continuity with the events of iStart a Fan War whatsoever. The same thing will apply to all subsequent episodes, save for a single offhand remark by Freddie about how he was once forced to choose between two girls.

    • Arguably true for the title, except now everyone hates Dan, but Jossed for the detail.

    iStart A Fan War will be an All Love Is Unrequited reveal.

    Carly likes Adam, Adam likes Sam, Sam likes Freddie, Freddie likes Carly.

    The twist in iSAFW is that Melanie is the one who likes Freddie.

    The in-correct use of Melanie in one of the promo's isn't a mistake, but in fact some kind of foreshadowing. Melanie turns up to Webicon, and tells Freddie that she's liked him since she came to visit. They may or may not make out.

    The twist in iSAFW is that Carly will tell Adam that Sam and Freddie are dating.

    It's right out of a fanfic, but Adam seems really concerned and jealous about their relationship, and Carly might blurt something out in the heat of the moment.

    The twist in iSAFW is that Adam is secretly a super-seddie fan, and once he gets Carly, will try to suggest to Freddie that he go out with Sam.

    This ep is insulting the fans, might as well take it as far as they logically can, and have the main characters get screwed over by one of them.

    The twist in iSAFW is that Spam will be slipped under the radar and Seddie will be sunk.

    Come on, Sam is clearly showing interest in Spencer throughout the most recent episodes (iGetPranky,'iDo) more than anything she has ever shown in Freddie, and Spencer is starting to become aware of it. This also ties in with the post above about Adam being a secret super seddie fan, and he says as much to Sam, who denies it, as her actions in most recent episodes show interest in Spencer, not Freddie, and she would probably be nonchalantly indifferent if someone told her that they are a fan of her and Freddie together. Not to mention that Sam is apparently a Creddie shipper herself, given her actions causing the Broken Base mentioned on the main page to flare up.

    The twist in iSAFW will be a not-so-subtle Cam

    At least subtle enough to get past the radar, maybe a touchy-touchy Romantic Two-Girl Friendship Double Entendre moment.

    • Jossed.
      • It still had Cam (and no ship sinking) though, so I was half right.

    iStart a Fan War will end with neither pairing

    And no new pairings, either. Just a Shaggy Dog Story. C'mon, it's pretty much a given.

    • Yep, it'll be another trolling event. Hell, you know what? end it with Cam becoming fully canon. It'd be perfect timing amongst all this anti-homosexual stuff that's been getting the spotlight lately. No reason to shelter younger kids from it. It's not "adult". Kids should know that some girls "like-like" other girls and some guys "like-like" other guys. Plus, come on, WBC getting mad at iCarly would be hilarious.

    Episode specific, or Future episode guesses.

    The two stupid interns from iHire An Idiot will hook up at the end.

    The titular pop star in the iFix a Popstar episode will be Lady Gaga

    The invitation to go into Space in iSpace Out will be fake.

    • The tests (including having to spend x amount of hours locked up together), are part of a Hidden Camera or Reality TV show.

    iBelieve In Bigfoot will have Carly+ Freddie and Sam+ Spencer each sharing a tent.

    • Spencer will want Sam with him to protect him if Bigfoot attacks them.
      • Not likely. They have to at least pretend this is a kids show. But of course this will just make the Cam and Speddie (or is it Fencer?) shippers go wild.
        • Fencer.
        • Jossed No tents were used. But I think the episode as a whole had a very Creddie/Spam vibe to it.

    There will be a Downer Ending.

    We will find out that Carly and Spencer's parents were dead to begin with. Sam and Freddie will hook up, if they haven't already by then, and that will be the most positive thing in the episode. We'll find out that Sam has an absolutely crappy home life a la above, and that's why she spends so much time with Carly. This will cause Social Services to come and make her move away, and for some reason she won't be able to contact Carly and Freddie. They will then have to cancel iCarly. At the very end, there will be a Parental Bonus Lampshade Hanging about how SitComs tend to have DownerEndings

    Dan has been just testing the waters

    • iPsycho was the peak of his Getting Crap Past the Radar peak, full of lesbian and bisexual subtext. They're going to do something big and controversial in a future episode.
      • May god have mercy on us all!
        • Thinking about it a bit more, I think if something like that is going to happen, it'll happen in Victorious.
      • With all this Carly/Sam subtext? Pff.
      • There's not a doubt in my mind there will be straight-up mentioning of a character being gay or lesbian. It shouldn't be so taboo anyway. People seem to act like homosexuality is something inappropriate that younger kids shouldn't know about. Carly/Sam is already extremely ambiguous, and to a lesser extent, Cat/Jade in Victorious.
        • There's Cat's uncles in Victorious, but that was only mentioned once in passing. I wouldn't be surprised if Cat turns out to be bisexual in a later episode, though.
        • To be fair, the "Petographers" in iMove Out seem to be a bit more than just Heterosexual Life Partners!
      • Nevel is the one who'll come out. Have you seen his actor OOC!?!

    iCarly will end with its final episode being "iGraduate".

    Carly, Sam, Freddie, and maybe Gibby should be in their junior year in season 4. Season 5 is totally inevitable, and would be the show's final season, with the quartette as seniors, and then a 1-hour "movie", or an actual TV movie like iGo To Japan, about their graduation, perhaps with a Downer Ending where Carly chooses to shut down iCarly so she can go to college. Then have a "flash forward" where she ended up as an Author Avatar of Dan Schneider where she has created extremely successful TV shows along with Sam, who could for all we know end up being her wife, and Freddie, who would help with tech stuff. And Gibby would end up being that universe's Arnold Schwarzanegger, and he's now an extremely muscular action movie star who then shows up on Carly's show to work for her, and it shows it just like the old times.

      • In Fact, Arnold could play an adult Gibby, which would be hilarious.

    Some what Jossed although it was recently confirmed that season 5 will be shooting at some point in the near future, Cosgrove stated in an interview that she'll 'keep making Icarly as long as people want to watch it' suggesting that the show will run past season 5. That doesn't discount the above theory but it does change when the final episode will happen.

    The episode iHave My Principals is a metaphor for the Soviet Union.

    Think about it. Principal Franklin (the Tsar) has a great life and has lots of fun running the school (Russia) while the teachers (the proletariat) suffer under Sam (Capitalism, the class system). Eventually, Briggs [note that her hair is RED] and Howard (Lenin and Stalin) decide they have had enough of this and after Franklin has way too much fun on the iCarly webshow, have a revolution against Franklin, who leaves the school after being fired by the superintendent (the Bolsheviks). Briggs and Franklin seize control of the school, making everyone exactly the same, wearing the same clothes and having to obey what the principals say (Communism). Anyone who says they don't like the new regime is taken away and given 'detention'. World War Two and the Cold War are merged into one in scenes of people wanting Franklin back, only Franklin now represents capitalism. A chaotic sequence emerges in which Briggs and Howard can't handle the children holding a small party in the middle of the hall. The Superintendent is placed on a bucking bull (America) and thrown off (the collapse of Communism) and the chaos continues (the destruction of the Berlin Wall). Briggs and Howard leave power (Briggs would have been killed off à la Lenin but they needed to keep her character) and finally, Franklin is reinstated (now taking the symbol of Capitalism). However, Briggs and Howard stay at the school, illustrating how Communism could one day make a comeback...

    • I see it more as a parody/shout-out to 1984 and Big Brother.

    Steven Shay's appearance will mark the end of iCarly

    There's a reason Carly and Spencer's dad is referenced but never shown. His only appearance on the show will be at the iCarly finale. He'll appear unexpectedly at the apartment and will either (A) want to take Carly to live with him or (B) give her good reason to attend a college off-state. Either way, the webshow will be forced to end. The final scene will include Sam and Freddie barely making it at the airport and saying their farewells to Carly.

      • Jossed
      • Maybe, according to press releases iMeet The First Lady has the iCarly crew trying to illegally get in touch with their dad Steven Shay, which prompts Michelle Obama to visit them personally and tell them that whilst they meant well it wasnt the responsible thing to do, then promote a charity she's involved with (in the real world). Dan Also gave a pretty major hint on his blog that we might get to meet Mr Shay ALSO… guess WHO ELSE makes a little cameo appearance in iMeet The First Lady. Can you guess? Hint: It's the FIRST time it's ever happened on iCarly. ;)

    Caleb from "iLost My Mind" is a super-valium-induced-high Sheldon

    We've seen Sheldon on valium before. And it would make perfect sense that Sheldon and Caleb are played by Jim Parsons. And... maybe the guys took a road trip to Seattle, and to keep Sheldon calm, they gave him valium, and when they got Seattle, Sheldon wondered off. Then, he stumbled across the mental institution, and hearing him ramble about being from the future, they took him in. And the reason it lasted longer there is because the aids decided to keep him controlled by giving him more.

    There will be an episode about internet safety, and it will involve one of the characters being seriously injured/kidnapped, or coming close to either.

    Three teens hosting a webshow that gets hundreds of thousands of views, they make absolutely no attempt to hide where they live to the point where people can come straight to their studio to ask for a service (pet photography buisness), and they invite people over to the studio/apartment with no thought given towards danger (Mandy, and sort of Freddie's girlfriend who was using him). They bring people close to them on the show (including two school workers), openly annoucne that their father's in the military, and (I'm not sure on this one) throw each other's names around carelessly, all of which is information that can be used to track them. They're just asking to be dragged off by a lunatic!

    General, Webshow or WMG's about the iCarly universe

    The entire iCarly webcast is a front...

    A front in association with Chris Hansen and various 'To catch a predator' cop groups. The iCarly girls are 25, hired because they look so much younger. This explains the severe lack of adult supervision.

    • Remember, even if there are no more Dateline "To Catch a Predator" shows (the odds do seem to have gone down now that Jay Leno is about to hit primetime), the anti-predator sting operations the cops are running will still be running.

    There is a private area of the in-universe iCarly website...

    Which only Carly, Spencer and their dad have access to (possibly Freddie as well if it's a technical necessity) for private family conversations. Everyone agrees that Sam knowing about it would be a bad idea.

    • And it's hidden under the iSongs portion of the website; that's why Spencer is so upset when Freddie spills a smoothie on the server and breaks it. (Seen on the real-world iCarly website.)

    All of the generic characters are a Hive Mind

    Groupthink is prominent in almost every Nickelodeon tween Sitcom, but it's disgusting here. When they promote faulty shoes, EVERYONE threatens to stop watching their show. When Freddie pisses off Fred, EVERYBODY hates him for it.

    • Perhaps the worst example to date is when it is broadcast that Freddie has never kissed a girl. EVERYONE - boy, girl, and third grader - is ready to insult him the second he shows his face. It's just incredible how they can make such unanimous decisions on stuff like this.

    Briarwood was a Hive Mind in disguise, and the reason Carly didn't go there was because she'd be assimilated.

    Continuing on from the above theory, but with a different school this time. Watch the episode where Carly gets a Briarwood scholarship. Specifically, her dream where she goes there. It's even worse there than at Carly's school, because it's so bad that everyone speaks in sync, has a Creepy Monotone, and blank expressions. There is no way those are normal kids.

    • And that's why Carly didn't go there. If she went there, she would've lost her individuality and joined the Hive Mind.

    Dan really is playing up the Cam

    iGet Pranky made me notice this. It's all radar passers. He canonically has Sam liking Carly, but knows it is not possible to say outright unless he blogs it after the finale, so he's pushing Nick's limits.

    An explicit Cam reference will be stated soon

    All the build up, and Victorious got away with an explicit gay reference. iCarly referenced to ephebophile reference just recently, which is equally controversial as anything lesbian (if not more).

    Ridgeway's Middle School feeds into other High Schools besides itself.

    This would take a somewhat unusual educational arrangement and make it very highly unusual, but it is the simplest explanation for there being so much Chuck Cunningham Syndrome between the first season or so and the later episodes.

    The show will eventually reference a meme.

    The internet references in iSAFW were increasingly more accurate, with 'pwn' and 'FTW' and seems to have abandoned the Totally Radical 'LOL' and 'OMG' of earlier days. If it continues to get better, this is obviously the next step.

    • Gibby did turn the stink Up to Eleven in iOMG
    • Going along with this, the in universe iCarly webshow will eventually get its own page on the in universe TV Tropes, a whole episode will be devoted to one character (probably Spencer) getting addicted to TV Tropes. The episode will be called iBecome a Troper. Subsequent episodes will feature lots of Conversational Troping and eventually the main cast will become Genre Savvy enough to realize that they're in a Kid Com, break The Fourth Wall, and end the series. This will all happen over the course of one or two seasons though, so it'll be gradual enough that the audience won't notice until the last episode.

    Real World Mass Guessing

    An actor or actress from the show will get their own show in the future.

    • Not really about the show itself but..The Amanda Show had Drake and Josh who eventually got their own show. Miranda played Megan on that show, Nathan appeared as Toplin and Jerry as "Crazy Steve". They star in their own show which is a Spiritual Successor to Drake and Josh.
      • Probably be Gibby. He's younger than the rest of the cast, by at least 2/3 years, so he'd be right in the age to be cast as part of whatever Dan makes up to replace iCarly.
        • Yea, Noah is only thirteen going onto fourteen while the others are sixteen - seventeen.
        • Now that I think about it, the kid who plays Nevel is about the same age (even though his age on the show got a small retcon upwards), so they both could appear. Jerry would probably cross over as well. I wouldn't be surprised if one of Dave and Fleck were tapped up as well.
        • I also suggest, for the better of men everywhere, that the girl who plays Wendy gets given a starring role.
      • The chain goes back further than that: Amanda Bynes was on All That before she got her own show. This is sort of like a Master Apprentice Chain, should we make a new trope about it?
        • Quite a few shows came out of All That actually.
      • I think the next show will star the Munck Brothers with the girl that played Missy and Ariana Grande in starring roles as their sisters, with Jerry Trainor as a single father.

    The entire show is specifically made for YouTube Poop

    Think about it - iCarly consists entirely of completely random occurrences, with very few real jokes - ideal fodder for YouTube Poop. And they get copious amounts of crap past the radar.

      • Freddie's mom holding up a baggie full of asparagus that looks like a baggie of pot on a regular non-HD TV set, let alone a video upload sealed that for this troper.

    Dan Schneider is just a front for the real producer, Quentin Tarentino

    Think about it. The amoral attitude of the show, the high (for a kids show) rate of violence, the Comedic Sociopathy of Sam (and Megan before her) and the Foot Focus, my gods, the Foot Focus.

    Dan Schneider is the Orochimaru of Avoirdupois.

    He's fat and always has been, and no boy who's ever worked with him has remained overweight throughout the time they've worked with Dan. Josh Peck started out pear-shaped and ended up skinny, Reed ("Nevel") Alexander has had to do the rounds of talk shows with "cooking light" as a cover, and Noah Munck is considerably less round in the fourth season than he was in the first. Clearly, Dan is stealing their fat to add to his own body.

    • I can't believe I'm typing this, in this WMG of all WMG's.. but Jossed as this picture [dead link] of the cast celebrating Noah's 15th birthday on set.

    iOMG and the Sam/Freddie arc in the first 4 episodes of Season 5

    The 'sway' doesn't happen in iOMG, but instead happens in the iParty With Victorious cross-over.

    iOMG could be a red herring, or only is a Ship Sinking against Seddie. Leaving Creddie unresolved. The last episode to be aired will be the crossover. It involves Carly chasing a guy down to LA. Carly could get dumped or realises the guy is a jerk, and finally look back towards the one guy she knows would die for her. Freddie.

    • Jossed, the crossover doesn't fit with the current continuity, and it's the first episode of next season that follows up iOMG.

    The 'sway' for iOMG is Creddie.

    Creddie is the Official Couple. Miranda Cosgrove is the star. Creddie has been teased, flirted with, hooked up and broken up without Ship Sinking for 70+ episodes and they keep playing and touching each other all the damn time now. There are so many negatives and questions that a Sam/Freddie hookup would bring such as Freddie appearing mentally unstable after Sam has beat the crap out of him for 70+ episodes, making it look like Stockholm Syndrome, make Sam look like a rebound, make her look like a complete bitch for treating him that way whilst hiding 'secret feelings' and has the potential to ruin the increasingly weak comedic side of the show in an effort for a cheap ratings stunt to pacify the online fans that only end up being a 0.01% of the actual viewer numbers. Sam also has a canon Precocious Crush on Spencer.

    • Jossed. But still possible for the follow up episode.

    The 'sway' for iOMG is Seddie.

    Sam is just a crazy Tsundere bitch who is in love with Freddie and that's how she rolls. Freddie just wants someone to fuck after whatever causes a Creddie Ship Sinking, and Sam does have a fucked up family life so her Daddy Issues will probably mean she'll put out once she thinks she's in love with Freddie. Okay, it might not happen like that, but Seddie could be done in a textbook/cliche Belligerent Sexual Tension manner even if it hasn't been planned at all, and it's fans would just consider all the abuse as 'proof' that she was doing it because she was jealous/secretly liked Freddie. As for Freddie, maybe the tennis racquet damaged part of his brain.

    • This is explanation enough if you take it at face value.
    • Confirmed. Sam kisses Freddie. That is a sway. Freddie doesn't reciprocate, but the episode leaves on a cliff-hanger.

    The 'sway' for iOMG is Cam.

    Even though it probably won't be made explicit, they'll do a Ship Sinking on Creddie and Seddie, and Carly and Sam will end the episode together whilst Freddie is off on his own.

    The 'sway' for iOMG is Creddie. But it happens by Ship Sinking Seddie.

    Sam and Freddie end up alone. After Carly tells Sam she should want a nice boyfriend and to 'take a shot', and Freddie tells her about how you sometimes need to go for it even if you don't know what the other person will do, Sam mistakenly sees this as a signal and takes a shot at Freddie. Freddie pulls away, gives her a Like Brother and Sister moment and/or a reminder that he's in love with Carly. This is a 'sway' that is compatible with the plot of the last episode which is the Victorious cross-over.

    • Semi-Jossed. Doesn't happen in iOMG. But it doesn't confirm Seddie either.

    The reason for the Sam and Freddie going on a date/ending up alone together.

    • Carly going on a Double Date with Sam, when Sam's date backs out forcing Freddie to step into the hole.
    • Sam and Freddie pulling an Operation: Jealousy.
    • Sam pulling a Prank Date on Freddie. Sam tricks Freddie into believing Carly/another girl wants to go on a date with him, then she doesn't show up. She feels sorry for him and they end up having the date he was supposed to have with Carly.
    • Blind Date setup by Carly.
    • Not a Date. The group arrange a dinner at a fancy restaurant.. but Carly and Spencer have to back out.. and for whatever reason it's already been paid for. Sam and Freddie go alone.

    Melanie is involved.

    And it's not revealed until late in the episode.

    There's a sway, but only to enable a fully blown Love Triangle to develop.

    Sam admits to liking Freddie. Maybe even tries to kiss him, but he's unsure, maybe even mentions Carly and about being unsure because of her.

    • Confirmed, but only as far as the kiss. It's left on a cliffhanger after Freddie doesn't reciprocate the kiss.

    Sam is in love with Gibby, Brad or Spencer, or is rejected by one of them and moves on to Freddie.

    Even if iOMG is the the Big Seddie Episode Sam and Freddie will go right back to hating each other in the next episode.

    Remember what happened to Creddie in iSaved Your Life? It didn't last, did it?

    • Jossed. A 5-episode Seddie arc will come after that episode, and Status Quo Is God will resume by the end of the arc.

    The bacon metaphor decoded.

    Bolivian bacon is what brought Sam and Eric "Noseby" Mosby together. Sam always threatened Noseby Mosby but "fell in love" with him because of the bacon magazines he gave her every month. As Sam claims, Bolivian bacon "changes you". Sam is in love with the bacon, not Noseby Mosby.

    Carly is who brought Sam and Freddie together. Sam always insults Freddie but grew in love with him also because of his neverending support of her friendship with Carly. Carly is the Morality Chain who changed Sam and sees the value in her as a person.

    To conclude: Freddie IS Noseby Mosby. Carly IS Sam's Bolivian Bacon. History Repeats.

    Freddie will simply say 'no' to Sam.

    Freddie has no obligation to like Sam back, it makes Sam realise she can't always get what she wants giving her the chance to have some badly needed character development, friendship development and depending on how it's handled, introduce a little drama involving Carly.

    Freddie and Sam will date or go out but it won't work out.

    • And Carly will try to watch and be happy but it'll tear her up inside.
      • Which in turn will lead to something that could happen to Carly that could trigger Freddie's "returning the favor" heroism, ala iSaved Your Life: round 2.
      • Confirmed. They break up in iLove You.

    Sam and Freddie will have an early hook-up, but the Love Triangle aspect will follow the footsteps of Choujin Sentai Jetman

    The iCarly main trio accurately depicts three of the five protagonists of Jetman: Girly Girl Kaori had always been pining around The Hero Ryu (who shrugs her off), wherein The Lancer Gai had an affection for Kaori and tensions arise between the two males. Like in the show, past episodes will be revisited after Carly's discovery of the truth. She steps out of the way to give chance to her best friends while she herself reconsiders how she took Freddie for granted far too long. Sam and Freddie will date as part of the story arc (as Gai and Kaori did), while Carly will still have her occassional flings. However, the entire "opposites attract" philosophy doesn't work well between Sam and Freddie as personal differences kick in and they nevertheless break up. Carly then realizes that even with her recent relationships, nothing was better than with Freddie and overcomes the entire "hero worship" thing, to which Sam then supported till the very end without hard feelings between them. The Triang Relations is retained well without straining the friendship, as it did in Jetman.

    • So that means: Carly is Ryu, Freddie is Kaori and Sam is Gai? That means Dan could have bumped in reading Jetman's plot and then using it as a starting point for Creddiam, then.
      • So far it's working up to the point where Gai and Kaori break up.

    Sam's love for Freddie is actually a crush.

    And will be revealed so when next season airs. There are so many examples of this show using the word "love" when it really meant crush, and this could be another one. Especially if some Ship Sinking happens, to keep the integrity of the show then there won't be the kind of reaction you'd expect when it's really 'love' and not just another crush being called love.

    • Confirmed. She wasn't really in love with Freddie, she was just forcing the issue because of it's intensity. If anything, her love for Freddie is platonic as shown in iLove You. Just like many of the other so called 'loves', it fades away as soon as the episode ends.

    Sam's actions towards Freddie are the result of feeling inadequate when compared to Carly.

    Ok, bear with me here. So, as of iOMG, it's safe to assume that yes, Sam loves Freddie. However, this doesn't explain why she acts the way she does to him, when compared to other boys she's liked in the series (Shane, Jonah, Pete), in which she acts more or less normal. Why? Well, let's break this down:

    • Jonah used her as the basis to get to Carly. Any person could probably feel inadequate in such a situation, and caused a bruised ego..
    • Considering what happened with Jonah, by the time she was in competition for Shane, her pride may have been why she fought so hard to "win" against Carly. Considering this competition was never really resolved, it didn't help to resolve any jealousy or feelings of inferiority.
    • Now, it seems she was successful with Pete...for the episode he was in. Yes, this show focuses on Status Quo Is God, but Jonah and Shane had reasons for leaving in their episodes. Similarly, so did Griffin, and it's implied that Spencer's flings are more or less one-night-stands. So, it's safe to assume that at some point not long after the episode, it doesn't work out. Now, we don't know who-dumped-who, or if it was mutual, but the episode did bring up the point that: yes, Pete did like Sam how she was, but did also like the improvements Carly made. Even still, she made it clear, she felt the need to be more like Carly to get the guy. And if they break-up shortly after the episode, it doesn't exactly seem like she had been wrong to feel that way.
      • Jossed. Sam doesn't 'love' Freddie, she 'likes' him and somehow still 'hates' him at the same time. Nothing about being inadequate compared to Carly is brought up, and Sam's feelings based on the evidence appear to start between iPity The Nevel and iOMG.

    Megan Parker spends iOMG masquerading as Carly.

    Seriously, the experiments on Spencer? That is not a Carly thing to do. That's very much a Megan thing to do.

    The arc will wind up being a Take That to Seddie shippers...

    With Dan Schenieder's intention being to show just why Seddie won't work long term. Sam & Freddie hooking up serves as a Pet the Dog moment, by giving the shippers several episodes with Seddie together.

    • The second episode iDate Sam & Freddie definitely has this feel. Carly as the audience surrogate comes out directly and tells the pair they shouldn't be dating after they spend an entire episode constantly starting annoying fights with each other.
      • Semi-confirmed. The list of Ship Sinking reasons is quite long, but it never reaches the point of a Take That.

    Freddie will end iCan't Take It without patching up whatever it is that Gibby and Carly tell him that hurts the Sam/Freddie relationship.

    None of the promo for the episode show him happy, and he looks positively angry at several points including one where Carly forces them to kiss. Just like the end of iDate Sam & Freddie, the show won't resolve the actual issue, and carry it into the final episode.

    • Jossed. They fix the issue in the episode itself.

    The final episode of the arc (iLove You) will end with Sam and Freddie breaking up.

    Freddie has been shown in what little preview footage there is to be nervous and anxious when around Sam's family in prison, and is visibly worried when one of them brings up the idea of treating Sam right. This If You Ever Hurt Her trope will make Freddie be scared of breaking up with Sam. He eventually talks to Carly who tells him he needs to be honest with Sam regardless of the consequences.

    • Confirmed. They love each other as platonic friends, but forced a romantic connection where none existed.

    The final episode of the arc (iLove You) will end with Sam and Freddie staying together.

    The plot will revolve around Freddie's nervousness around her family invoking the If You Ever Hurt Her trope, but eventually he decides Sam is worth the risk of death and they stay together.

    The final episode, iLove You will result in Freddie revealing he still loves Carly.

    He breaks up with Sam, when she gets mad and asks why, he spills the beans that he hasn't got over Carly. He might even say that he feels like Sam is the sister he never had, or that they are Better as Friends, but he knows inside he doesn't love Sam like he loves Carly.

    • Jossed. The entire Creddie relationship isn't even referenced.

    The name iLove You will be a Title Drop for Sam and Freddie breaking up

    After a discussion about their friendship, and about how Freddie doesn't feel they should stay together, he says "I love you, but I'm not in love with you."

    • Confirmed. They break up. Freddie says "I love you" to Sam and it's after a long list of reasons why they don't work as a couple, and they break up and stay broken up.

    iLove You will feature THAT scene with Carly & Freddie

    • You know the one, the "Are you in love with her?" scene which Dan had previously teased on his blog.


    Dan Schneider might repeat the same mistake Michael Poryes did with Moliver.

    Remember the ending of iOMG? Some would say that the surprise kiss came out of nowhere, like Lilly and Oliver being Boyfriend/Girlfriend out of nowhere UNTIL THE END, ruining and destroying Moliver for good. If Dan repeats said "No development relationship until the show's finale", there could be a bad chance that Creddie would end up like Moliver, but here's hoping Dan won't repeat Michael's mistake with his show's characters, or he could face the wrath if he continued or repeated the mistake again.

    Seddie will happen for most of the season, but the writers won't resist the idea of breaking them up and having Creddie happen.

    The writers don't seem to care too much about existing characterization, this 5 arc 'block' will probably be a ratings winner (Or not, that will depend on the ratings)... what better way to follow that up by doing it all over again at the end of the season + the first 3 or 4 episodes of Season 5. They might go so far as to do Seddie, then Creddie, then break both pairings for good in time for the finale to be a 'friendship' finale that let's everyone continue the ship war for the next 40 years.

    • It better happen properly, because viewers will cry foul and have it branded as "Hannah Montana 2.0" (Remember Loliver? That'll be the reason) if Seddie isn't destroyed by that season. Or a last minute Creddie, ala Lizzie McGuire's last episode.
      • Jossed for now, they have broken up.

    Socko and his "family" are a cult.

    Socko makes socks. Issac is an optometrist. Rob is a known thief. Tyler makes ties. Taylor is a tailor. Penny makes Penny tees. Otto sells cars.* Coincidence? Don't believe it. Not for a moment. Born to a hardworking, bitter man who prophecized the downfall of civilization due to mankind's laziness, Socko decided early on to give everything to his career. And he did so! He poured everything he had into a job he had as a teenager (making socks), but that got him nowhere. Even in his obsession, he could see that he wasn't going to be promoted anytime soon. Thanks to his upbringing, Socko felt that he wasn't moving up because he wasn't working hard enough. In an effort to eliminate the "distractions" in his life, Socko rid himself of his own identity. It was then that he became Socko, the perfect sockmaker. Then he got fired (he looked down on the other workers for their destructive, immoral "slacking off").

    While one might think this firing got him to reconsider his position, it didn't. He simply thought his bosses were crazy and had messed up priorities. Further, he knew that he could continue to make socks on his own. By now, he knew the whole process. He started up a business and grew to be somewhat successful (while not cheap, his socks are of incredibly high quality, and he makes custom ones!). This made him happy for a while, but he still saw laziness everywhere. Setting an example for these people wasn't enough! He would have to recruit people to his side. He would learn how to interact with people, how to charm them into listening to his righteous philosophies. He knew he'd have to sacrifice a little of the space in his brain that would normally be devoted to sock-making for this, but it had to be done. Indeed, this incredible evil was for the greater good.

    It is then that he began to gather "relatives" to his side. Just as Socko became Socko, the devoted car salesman became "Otto". After they were inducted into the cult, Socko gave them ranks that coincided with how close to the ideal of the perfect artisan (Socko himself) they were. Thus, the most devoted and skilled is his "brother" Tyler. The less devoted are typically called "cousins", though some are called "Uncles" due to their age (Socko's dad always taught him to respect his elders). Unbeknownst to Spencer, his friend Socko is really a deranged cultist attempting to induct him into "The Craftsmen." The gifts, the happy conversation, all are an effort to push Spencer towards becoming "Art". =P

    Nora will become the Big Bad now that Nevel has had his Heel Face Turn

    Nora is set to reappear in iStill Psycho, Never is no longer a bad guy and was pretty much the Big Bad, so now the position is open. She'll reappear in iStill Psycho, after the Saddie Story Arc ends and become the main recurring villain. After all, iPsycho was one of the most popular episode of the show by far, so it'd make sense to make the special Big Bad a Breakout Villain.

    Socko's last name is Suzumiya

    Because really, who else but a relative Haruhi Suzumiya would think to make socks with built in neon lights?

    Principal Franklin is a serial killer.

    He's the reason why every season school characters vanish and never return. Brad, Jeremy, Tareen, Jonah, Valerie, Missy, Jake, Pete and Reuben have all been murdered by him.

    Sam spanks Freddie regularly.

    When Sam pulled Freddie on to the couch to spank him in iSell Penny Tees, Freddie exclaimed, "Oh, it's happening", as if she had warned him that this would happen. Alluded to in iCan't Take It with this exchange:


    Carly: So, things are going good with you and Freddie?
    Sam: Yeah, way better. Only 3 fights this week.
    Carly: And you haven't hit him?
    Sam: Not in the face...


    Sam and Freddie getting together is due to Executive Meddling.

    It's been mentioned that neither Jennette McCurdy nor Nathan Kress aren't hot on the paring and iStart a Fan War seems to be writers telling fans not to get too caught up in the shipping mania. So maybe it's Nick Execs.

    • Well, they didn't end up together, but that doesn't really change. The idea Nick pushed Dan into doing a 4 or 5 episode arc for Seddie is quite plausible, Dan clearly expected the ratings to be astronomical (thinking iOMG would beat the 12 million for iSaved Your Life), and Nick could have wanted to tap into what seemed like a huge fandom for Seddie.

    The second safe from iQ contained...

    ...an even smaller safe. Just to mess with Spencer.

    The 'twist' in iPear Store is that Carly likes Freddie.

    So 'iPear Store apparently has a twist that involves Carly's character. Her plot is said to be about a sweet nerdy guy who is clueless to her advances. In the last couple of episodes the plot seed that Freddie has his crush on Carly again was planted, this might be the fruition. Who is sweet and nerdy? Freddie.

      • Jossed, it's actually another geeky guy named Trey, he flirts with Carly, who is initially reluctant, but later she invites him over to her apartment, but then when he tries to kiss her, she gets freaked out by the sudden change and Spencer throw him out.

    The 'twist' in iPear Store is that the nerdy guy Carly likes is actually gay.

    Carly is usually pretty straight-forward when she likes a guy, so this guy might not realize that she's hitting on him.