I Am Tim

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    I Am Tim is a comedy/horror mockumentary webseries set in York, Northern England. Documentary Filmmaker Richard Timmons and his expendable production crew (from Redshirt Productions) follow the adventures of Tim Helsing, the last known decendent of Victor Van Helsing, as he fights monsters and generally makes York a safer place.

    The show is Trope Overdosed to the max, generally lampshading or lampooning horror tropes, but not shying away from other genres.

    Tropes used in I Am Tim include:
    • Action Girl: Anna frequently kicks vampire ass, and even gave Old Tim a run for his money in 2.5!
    • Buffy-Speak: "I'm going to eat you! ...IN THE FACE!"
    • Crosses the Line Twice: with that awesome little victory dance he does when he finally gets his carnage.
    • Moral Event Horizon: around the time Richard Timmons got the nickname 'The Red Reaper' for all the Redshirts he lead to their deaths, and enjoyed it. Alternatively, his reaction to the death of the Redhaired Redshirt in 2.1, which also:
    • Non-Action Guy: Timmons, and, less obviously, the film crew, none of whom ever seem to get it into their heads to fight back.
    • The Nth Doctor: Tim dies at the end of series 1, to be replaced by a new actor.
    • Once Per Episode: Redshirts eaten by monsters. There's even a 'series death count' meter at the bottom of the screen.
    • Only Sane Man: frequently an Only Sane Woman in the shape of Tim's girlfriend Anna.
    • Punch Clock Hero: Tim works at an office in series one, and has to fit his heroics into his spare time.
    • Red Shirts: Obviously, as the entire film crew is made up of them.
    • Stylistic Suck: the camera is often deliberately shaky, and the crew deliberately in shot, because what we are watching is the whole story involving the filmmakers as well, not the finished documentary.
    • Throw It In: too many times to count, adding to the rough, documentary feel of the series.
    • Token Evil Teammate: sure, the heroes don't exactly like Timmons, for good guys they are curiously indifferent to the gratuitous slaughter he inflicts (by employing them) on innocent production staff.