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This page used to be what Category:Sword Tropes was called. Most of the wikilinks here seem to think it's a trope, but if that's not true please fix the link.

This trope is about characters who are really into swords, or at least the backlinks seem to think so. Might be related to I Call It "Vera", but doesn't seem to be about naming, just being a weapon fanatic (which is not Knife Nut at all).

I Like Swords/Quotes already has some content.

Examples of I Like Swords include:

Anime and Manga


Video Games

  • Tatsuya Sudou of "The Masked Four" in Persona 2

Web Comics

Yosuke Hanamura: "Hey! Guess what's sharper than a golf club!!" (later) "Hey, everybody! I love swords!"

Web Original

  • In the browser-based MMORPG Imperium Nova, Nagachika Houraisan of House Houraisan is a big-time sword aficionado.

Other Media

Real Life

  • According to several celebrity magazines (including Us Weekly and OK!) published in 2012 and 2013, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt (then age 7), daughter of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, allegedly had a $2 million collection of rare and vintage swords, assembled for her by her father because she loves swords. Whether or not she actually has such a collection, the number of photos of her carrying around toy swords certainly seems to confirm that she loves them.
    • This may be an inherited trait. When her mother Angelina Jolie went through her teenaged Goth phase, she collected an impressive array of swords according to the book Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography by Andrew Morton.
  • Isaiah Mustafa:

I'm a ninja! I like swords and knives and stuff like that.