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  • One of the most notable and hideous examples is the image of "Bloody Gir," which Nick Toons refused to publish. In response to this, the image has been hidden within a single frame in several episodes. The easiest to spot being the one hidden in the intro of "Mortos Der Soul Stealer"
  • The second most notable is the body count. Hamstergeddon being a good example, with at least one school bus being eaten, and two people being stomped on but totally not killed, or so Nick says. The writers know better.
    • 5 people die in "Attack of the Saucer Morons," according to the Invader Zim wiki.
    • According to the very same wiki, 70 people die in Hamstergeddon.
  • The computer used to evaluate the students' tests in Career Day? The POS 2000.
  • Also in the first episode, the call letters of the radio station that can be seen while Zim does the flyover of the planet? WTFU.
  • In "Battle of the Planets," the seat Dib's sitting on while piloting the butt on Mercury is in the very center of the butt.
  • In "Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom," when Dib manages to crawl through the portal in his head, for a brief moment his body is inside out, he hits a fence, and you can clearly see blood on it. And, you know, his organs. Very realistically and Squick-inducing too.
  • Dirty Chicken. That is all.
  • In "A Room with a Moose:" "I'm about to punch you in your wormhole!"
    • Zim threatens to send Dib to a dimension of "PURE DOOKIE"!!! We don't actually see the screen, but it emits a light that turns Dib and the whole room brown.
  • Right at the beginning of "Dark Harvest,"

ZIM after getting hit with a dodgeball: OW! MY SQUEEDLYSPOOTCH!
Dib: Did you hear that? He said squeedlyspootch. That's not a human organ!
Gaz: I have a squeedlyspootch.

  • Speaking of "Dark Harvest," that whole episode must have been slipped in under the radar. Way too much Body Horror for Nickelodeon.
    • At one point, Dib is looking at Gretchen with his x-ray goggles and sees that something in her lower abdomen has been replaced with a cat.
  • The episode "Plague of Babies" has Zim walking in on GIR blowing into a power amplifier. Unfortunately, it looks more like he's smoking a bong.
    • Since this episode has a large plot point taking place in a maternity ward, there is always a risk of The Talk coming up. Zim, of course, Lampshades it.