It's a small world after all (fanfic)

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It's a small world after all is a Hetalia Crack Fic written by troper, Bri Nara. Part of a series of crack fics named "Hetalia Crack Series". England tries an age reversing spell to get back to his glory days, but accidentally turns himself and several others into little kids (everyone constantly refers to them as "Chibis.")

So the nations that turned into chibis most be taken care of by the few remaining adult nations that know what's going on, so by default, America, Spain, and China. The babysitters often change because England ALWAYS messes up somehow when he tries to fix them. Since the plot was written by Rule of Funny anything goes. If it was requested or just a random thought the author could somehow convert into a joke it was thrown in.

The sequel has been named "It's Raining Women" as a Shout-Out to the song 'It's Raining Men'. More or less the same thing except with gender-bending, and pervy-ness.

A third fic named "Everybody Wants To Be a Cat" has been confirmed to be coming after "It's Raining Women". The same crack, with cats.

If you were looking for the trope, go here.

Actual fic is here. It's Raining Women can be found here.

Tropes used in It's a small world after all (fanfic) include:

It's Raining Women

America: ...what's a Fan Fiction?
Japan: A piece of fiction within a fandom utilizing characters and situations from a pre-existing work.
America: ...Huh?
Japan: Fangirl write story.
America: Oooh! Cool!

    • Also briefly used during the pirate battle:

Germany: They shattered the structure on the bottom of the port side.
Romano: Translation, potato-bastard?
Germany: The left side is broken. We might sink.

Spain: You see, there was this sad little kid who wanted some candy-
England: Alright, stop explaining.

    • Then:

Prussia: Let us finish! Since the kid wanted something sweet, I pulled out my wand-

    • And finished with:

France: Your wand is very easy to grab, Angleterre.