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The Video Games

Fridge Brilliance

  • So there's this James Bond game for the Game Boy. In it, you spend some time in a black market, where you need to trade various items to various people until you finally end up with the item you need. One fellow, when spoken to, says "I could help you immensely if you could only find me a small red fish." I finished the level without finding said fish, but I thought it might be an optional item, of which the game has a few. I didn't spend much time expressly trying to find it, but I did ultimately explore every corner of that market (and also poked around the water a little in previous levels), and it didn't take me long to conclude that no such fish existed. It did, however, take me nine years to suddenly get the joke. A small red fish. It's a RED HERRING! -User:Hyper Z