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Jasper Fforde is a British science-fiction, Fantasy, and detective mystery novelist, oftentimes all three at once. He's the mind behind such offbeat series as Thursday Next, Nursery Crime, and Shades of Grey, and famous for his humorous style, both silly and highly intellectual, playing quite liberally with meta-fictional concepts (And for the puns. Tons and tons of puns). Fforde is an aviation buff and enjoys flying, and before publishing his first book, The Eyre Affair, in 2001, he worked as a cameraman on such Hollywood productions as Goldeneye, Quills, and Entrapment. Recently Fforde has announced his entry into the young adult market with his novel, The Last Dragonslayer.

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Works written by Jasper Fforde include:

The Thursday Next Series:

  • The Eyre Affair
  • Lost in a Good Book
  • The Well of Lost Plots
  • Something Rotten
  • First Among Sequels
  • One of our Thursdays is Missing

The Nursery Crime Series:

  • The Big Over Easy
  • The Fourth Bear
  • The Last Great Tortoise Race (not yet released)

The Shades of Grey Series:

  • The Road to High Saffron
  • Painting by Numbers (not yet released)